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Secret lovers

When i went to karate classes i was excepting to see the sensei whom i have known since age 5. So i knew of his strange and mysterious past through complaints of the other students and parents ovr the years of being taught and teaching under his shadow. He was a perfectly kind and gentle person but just had an intimidating demeanor and aura around him.

These are the things i was sick off hearing:

He's a yakuza

He hits on the younger female black belts

He is into tantra

He should be locked up.

What thst fuck is this Japan, here he is seen as a human first and a what they say he was second unless proven other wise. Yugioh Oda was nothing like is evil ancestors Nobonaga.

In fact he was hevwas go with kids and when i want teaching for him he did one and one with me.

Tonight was going to be one of those one and one with yugioh. I dare not look at him in the face... but he said its ok to look at him as we stretched. I rose my head and saw his face not that i have seen it. But it still frightens me to this day.

Yugioh oda looked like the Dalai Lama but with short black buzz cut and a scar over his left and a cloudy cornea from the scar tissue so he was blind in that eye. But he was very skilled.

When i looked him in the eyes he stopped the lession and kissed me on the lips which where pierced to hell and back. Actually my whole face with a mohawk to boot.

As he kiss me my mouth open and he slipped his tounge in my mouth and the pully me closer to him.

Omg i am going to lose my virginity to my sensei i thought. I was only twenty and a street punk.

He gently pushed me to the floor, pulled down my pants and panties and then inserted himself in and started to thrust into me.

"Your so beautiful, " he said. "I had always loved you, but had to wait to expressed until your were this age."

This guy was my father figure anx now my lover as he thrusted hhimself into my womanhood.

We kissed sloppy and passionately as he made love to me.

"I know you have nowhere to go so you can be with me, so i can love you."

Then as automatically as breathing i said, "i love you and want to be with you."

"Thank you Claudia-chan."

We spent the whole night doing this loving making.

He took of the top part of his uniform and revealed his asian tattoos.

"Yes i am a yakuza, but i am gentle," yugioh said as he started to give me oral. "Please no swearing in the dojo."

So i could swear but moaning and curling of toes was allowed.

If i aas dying tomorrow this is how i want to spenx it.

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