Fantasy X Vol. 2

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Fantasy X Sequel! The world is infertile in this cyberpunk age, and we need to get breeding to save it. Hardcore themes inc. 18+ | BDSM | Scifi-Fantasy | Polyamory | Erotica.

Erotica / Romance
C. Swallow
4.6 18 reviews
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This story is 18+ with hardcore over the top themes. It is not intended to reflect safe or realistic sex scenes, so please don’t read this story if you don’t want a very intense erotic thrill ride. It will inc. BDSM, Slave/Master, Polyamory, Degradation, Humiliation themes, etc.

Fantasy X Vol. 2 is better understood if you read the whole Frankincense City [FC] series first. Check out the reading order below!

Frankincense City [Vol. 1] w 3 seasons [free to read on Inkitt and Radish Fiction]

[Fantasy X Vol. 1 is a prequel]

Season 1⊳The Diamond Spy

Season 2⊳Princess of the Shadows

Season 3⊳Ultimate Underworld

Frankincense City [Vol. 2] w 4 seasons [wait-to-unlock on Radish Fiction exclusively]

Season 1⊳Reigning Shadows

Season 2⊳A.R.M.Y

Season 3⊳Kitten

Season 4⊳K.R.WH0R3

Frankincense City [Vol. 3] w 3 seasons [free to read on Inkitt and Radish Fiction]

Season 1⊳Andromeda

Season 2⊳Diamonds in the Dark

Season 3⊳[Fantasy X Vol. 2 is a prequel] Kings of Hell [coming soon]

Note: on Radish Fiction, the FC series appears as volumes, but on Inkitt, the series appears as the season titles which are the book titles. Fantasy X Vol. 2 will appear seperate on Inkitt from Kings of Hell, but on Radish Fiction, I will be adding Fantasy X Vol. 2 to the start of the Kings of Hell release as FXV2 chapters.

Also side note for FC freaks / any die hard fans.

If you are an FC freak - some of the themes in this particular book may annoy y’all if you value loyalty... between lovers. This book is set 1 year AFTER Diamonds in the Dark, but it’s also technically a story all on its own. If you think you’ll have major issues with the ‘sharing’ aspects, don’t worry too much, as it won't effect the plot involving the usual FC relationship dynamics in any way whatsoever, the erotica is simply heightened way up for the Fantasy X themes, like an extra R + rated version of FC. Fantasy X, is all about the... taboo, yah know, yah hear, okay, enjoy :) x

Now that these notes are all out of the way, read on :)

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