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lils life changes one she meet louise

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When i was 29 i may have been a young woman but i was still an angery little pisser. That was when i was matched up with who would be a wonderful woman about 10 years my senior maybe 15 years, curvey and cute woth two piecings with an asian tattoo on her back like lady snow blood.

At the time she was just my reiki master and a friend.

For the most part we went shopping and laughing. But then around october when i started not just having ptsd related flashback but a past life flash back which was worse than i PTSD flash back. It was avout Tibet the flash back. And the freaky part was that i was a lesbian in this life and in that life i straight and was banging a old monk.

That was when things started to fuck up royally between us.

We started to talk about tantric sex and kamasutra. What she told me was bang out to with what was going on in my past life.

She mentuoned that she was a monks whore in her past life and that her son in that life was killed. So we bonded of that. I still remember that as if it were yesterday.

I learned that she hated men and had a mental health problems too because of her daughter reckless behavior. I didnt know it but i was falling in love with her at the time....a fucking fem yakuza reiki master.

I wanted to be just like her, so i actually started to read up on the same things as her and giving my adittude a face life to the point where my mom noticed.

And this all started with a bunch of fucking stones and crystals.

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