The kissing games

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two young 20 somethings challange eachother to see who can kiss the most statues

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Harlequin masks 1

As my girl friend, shawn lea and i make out for what is a long period of time she said she has something to show me. It was a fetish of hers.

She took of her normal paint and put a two way fakey on that would penetrate her as wellas i . Other wise it was a normal g string thong.

She handed a mask to wear that hopes for the mouth and nose.... it was like a geisha masha but harlequin mask instead.

She told me to put the decorative mask on which i did. She put a came next to the bed where she would later make homemade tantric porn i found out.

With record on she ran to the bed took my hips and thrusted the fakey in my pussy slowly and forcefullu then sped up as she began to kiss me with the mask on.

I could feel her tounge come into the mouth hole and i accept and kissed her tounge. Soon i was in her mouth. We were just a couple of fucking horny girls trying new things. Well new to me.

I never made out with a harlequin mask on

I never made love with a fakey

But i guess there was a first for everything.

Our tounges danced she she hah her mouth on my massk's mouth. Then she licked and the masks mouth and plunged her tounge into my mouth while slowly and gently thrusting into me. While she did so she massaged my ass cheek with one hand and my breast with another and then her mouth.

Buy this point i moaning. Behgibg for that fakey again. But she lickey me until i was horny and wet.

I took of the mask and she her fakey and we just planned kissed. I was 21 she 25 and she accomplished some much.

As we lay there taking this wonderful lover whom i just meet had one ao much. All though she snow white like me she had spoken hindi,sherpa, Tibetan and bhutanese and ladakh. She climbed three of the highest peeks in the world, everest , k2 and a third.

I would see pictures until the morning has it was fucking mid night.

"Lisa la you know would turn me on, if you made out with decorative masks, busts and statues as i watch," she suggested.

Really i thought you that kinky.

"Ok" i said ....unknowling agreeing to a game.

Would i enjoy this.

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