Tantric kiss

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a 20 year old does aomwthing she will regret but also enjoy

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Yoko and oren

Yoko met oren in mind of naughty intentions. She always likes a boy that was more feminine so she can have sex with him in lingerie and heal..... she had that fantasy since she learn about paraphila ( strange love.) Thats when she knew she had a term for her odd bizzaro fantasies. But that feak her out so she stoped going to school.

She dropted out ashamed abd joined the yakuza to get money for her parents kicked her out of only home. They didnt want a girl loved sissy boys and screw anyone with 23 pairs. So she moved in with oren and his family.

He knew that she was into guys in lingerie and heals when it come to kinks. And he did not mind. Yoko was a tough girl who was a black belt in 5 different martial arts,seductive yet a good girl. He thought that she was being misunderstood like most fem yakuzas.

If she couldnt stay in her house noir was he....they were 20 anx high school sweet hearts. He had seen how abusive yokos parents were to her because of him.

He bought her an apartment that wasnt the best but it had to do and along with her he joing the mob.

Yoko was a beautiful conservative traditional Japanese girl who was taught the martial and womanly arts. Thats what attracked him to her tough and beautiful, delicate. Like him but he couldnt hurt a fly in less it was in a scrapp out. Not martial arts.

When yoko realized that he joined the yakuza for her shd realized this was beyound a fantasy.....this was fucking love.

This was a relation ship. The naughtiness was still there but she was touched. When the were finished their initiation they both got matching tattoos since they couldnt get married for a while. Oren become a foot soldier and she became a body good and consort. That means she had to be with the boy at the same time as oren. But hey it payed. They were able tk get a posh appartment and for oren..... so some lingerie to wear while yoko make love to him. It was no bizarre to him like to her.

The celebrated at the club on their on and made love in the mens bathroom. Where they thought it was two women abd not guy and woman.

Yakuzas one guy scoffed at them.

He said he was wanted to do tantric sex in the bathroom. Not just making love.

This guy is wonderful for her yoko said while she said while siting facing him. She immediately got off.

The bathroom was dark dank and stank. But to two freaks oc nature it was romantic.

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