Shades of blue

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Makeout story

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Woman of the night

She walks alone to help support her abd her girl friend....who are poor and desperate but dont wanted to work. Claudia was out working the streets

Thinking that her firl friend most be either really lazy or a female pimp.

Except for her tight and revealing clothing she looked like a good college student..... not the type would be dating a pierced tattooed freak of nature who wouldnt walk the streets with her. This freak of nature was named passion. And passion didnt do anything but watch the x files and porn. There something about passion and aliens and 69ing that only made passion wake up.

Claudia thought that passion didnt lover her when a car pulled up to her....another fucking pervert. I really should be aware of my surroundings.

Put she took a double take at the car.

It was a cruiser was she under arrest she thought or needed to questions.

But the officer...bob, just asked for her time and love.

She wanted to spite passion royally so she said free of charge to make out with him

Deal bob said as he opened the back door.

If i make out with some with a job in front of our shitty house it get her ass in gear.

So she told him where to go and book....passions lane way.

There she planned on talking and making out with this dude.

She was no king Kelly....she was a shy for the oldest profession on earth.

When they got there she took of her panties and climbed on top of Bob and kissed him reminding him free of charge. She kissed him deepersas he held her unbuttoning her blouse. He tasted like candy...looked like it too. She planned on kissing and tasting his mouth all night long.

As he unbutton that one button her breasts came semi out and he massaged them as he kissed her.

Claudia or claudi as Bob called her he becomeing hard and but no that big... but enough for her to notice and ride...should she chose.

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