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He trails open mouthed kisses down my stomach, before slipping his fingers back into the waistband of my shorts. His fingers felt large and rough, but his touch was so soft it made me shudder.

"Fuck, Aubri," he mutters, as I arch my body to help him drag my shorts down. I worry about feeling exposed, but I soon forget anything like that when his fingers hook into the sides of my panties, sliding them down roughly. He kisses my thighs, as I slam my head back into the pillow, years of being a reader and avid film watcher preparing me for what he was about to do next.

His hot breath is the first thing I feel, before his tongue slides against my clit, making my legs clench around his broad shoulders. His hands slip under my ass then, and he tugs me towards him, burying his mouth against me as I begin to moan. My hands are in his hair, my teeth sinking into my lip painfully as I feel a course of excitement running through my veins. His tongue is on a mission its clearly familiar with, and I try not to wonder where he learned how to do this. His finger circles my hole as his tongue dances with my clit, my body buckling and reacting in ways I'd never known was possible.

"You taste so fucking good," he mutters, as I snap my head up to see why he had stopped.

"Milton! Don't stop," I beg, aware a smile is playing at his mouth. He gets up, tugging his clothes off so quickly I barely have time to register how big he is. Between my legs, a pool of heat is collecting, and I wonder if he is going to resume the deliciousness that he had abandoned so suddenly.

Suddenly his mouth is on mine, and I'm startled by the taste of myself on his tongue. Strangely I'm not disgusted as I thought I would be, I'm enjoying it. I hear him rip open a wrapper, effortlessly sliding it on to his scarily large cock.

He shifts me so the tip is positioned at my entrance, his mouth on mine once again as I lose myself to his expertise. He hoists my legs up, breaking away briefly to check that I'm ok.

"Do you want me inside of you?"

I barely find my voice, so I nod enthusiastically, suddenly remembering I hadn't told him the vital information of my virginity. He pushed himself into me, cursing when it seemed to refuse to fit. I began to move my hips, desperately trying to accommodate him, feeling a tearing pain as it finally broke through the barrier that was my innocence.

I let out a cry, and he frowned, stopping instantly as I used my thighs to drag him further into me.

"Fuck!" he hissed, as I let out another cry. The pain was intense, and when he started to move inside of me I almost asked him to stop- but when I heard him moan against me, I felt delirious. This man was so fucking delectable, I couldn't stop this if I wanted to. After a few thrusts, the pain subsided, and I found myself sinking my teeth into his shoulder, before he suddenly withdrew, turning me over and pulling my hips towards him so my feet were on the ground. I barely took a breath before he entered me again, this time it was much deeper than before.

I heard him say my name, his fingers moving around me so he could rub my clit once again. I tried to stay upright, but the force of my sudden orgasm made my knees buckle as I began to shudder and buck against him. He released my clit, his hands holding my hips as he drove into me repeatedly, harder and faster than before.

"Oh fuck!" I managed to gasp, as he moved one hand to my shoulder for leverage as he slammed into me, my senses going wild when he suddenly let out a growl, the thrusts picking up speed as he seemed to cum inside of me. He slowed, before he kissed my back, falling to the bed beside me as he turned me onto my side.

"Wow, Aubri. Fucking, wow."

I laughed, still trying to catch my breath in this event of firsts.

"I'm just gonna take it out," he murmured easing himself from me slowly before discarding of the condom. My eyes were closed when he joined me back on the bed, his tongue lapping up what I could only assume were my juices. The pain I'd felt prior to the pleasure returned, and I winced when he parted my legs once again.

"Let me clean you up, baby."

I certainly wasn't going to argue with this God among men.

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