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Xane... To say it was a crush is an understatement. It was love at first sight. The problem? Zero interest in me. Years! YEARS! I spent doting on him, carrying his books, doing his chores, filling out his scholarship applications, submitting essays for them! Eventually a girl has to move on... But he won't let me.

Erotica / Romance
Alex Fox
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My name is Patricia. I know lame name... Everyone usually just calls me Trish-

Ugh i suck at openings. Anyways-

Here's my story.





He is beyond what one would call dreamy. He has a body most guys would kill for- and he doesn't even go to the gym! Ok so he does have morning jogs, he started that a year after i met him. After I saw how tired he was getting up to try and talk himself into it I started leaving him coffee.

Not in a stalkerish watch him outside my windows with binoculars kind of way. Oh god now I sound creepy. No please get that image out of your head.




Seriously get it out! NOW!

No. I am what you would call a closet nerd who so happens to have a sergeant major for a dad. So early mornings to study or geek out in chatrooms online was a thing before school and on weekends.

Every morning I was expected to get up. Shower. Go for inspection which is my dad's way of saying if what i was wearing was ok or not- he usually never had an issue unless he knew it might rain or such, make lunches while he did breakfast. Conversation for twenty to thirty minutes before we said goodbye to one another. Other than that I was mostly home alone and didn't have a curfuw. Dad trusted me.

Dont get me wrong Xane is H-O-T hot and my obsession with him became unhealthy in a i hope he'll take notice of me kind of way- not that I realized that for a long time. I just...

wanted to please him.

But at that point in my life when it first started- was ment as a friendly helpful gesture. I didn't expect it to continue. I didn't expect to hope he'd look at me as more, i didn't expect it to hurt so much after three years of waiting ending up still being his little maid in collage come year four.

I had met him in school a year prior our sophmore year when he had transferred. Hormones and hot guy. I wasn't the only one that noticed him every time he was around hoping for him to just look at them and lock eyes to get that electric shock of being aknowlaged even just for a second from someone you like.


Anyways beyond that we had never even really spoken. I heard him cussing from my window every morning for two weeks when he started trying to go for a morning jog. It wasnt until careful observation in the first and fith period we shared togeather I realized the issue.

He was utterly exausted because he wasn't used to getting up so early. The bags under his eyes with the giant energy drink he drank at our final period togeather at 2:30 every day likely only served to keep him up at night. Which in turn began the vicious cycle. That's why caffeine is for the morning.

So thats when it started; as a new legal driving sophomore with a car I went and grabbed coffee and breakfast fifteen minutes after my dad left once the coffee shop was open. Nothing to heavy just a crossont with egg and a latte with an extra shot. I pulled up home just as he was in the middle of his fit.

He was my neighbor and our driveway right next to his. I was pretty sure they rented since there was some exterior issues with the house from blue peeling paint and the drain on the roof no longer thatched properly. My window over looked the driveways.

"You should try coffee." I called out. He turned to me angry; god he was angry.

"Are you trying to be a cunt or did you bring me coffee?" His words where a sarcastic whip.

They made me angry.

"Actually smart ass- yes i did bring you coffee."

He was suprised, grabbed his drink and food; and dug right in. Something about seeing someone eat knowing you nourished their bodies was oddly pleasing. Or it was that attraction thing.

"Cool, add carmel to the latte tomorrow." He said. Turning to walk away he paused giving me a small crooked smile. "Thanks"

Ah my heart melted...

I was a pink puddle of bubble gum flavored goo.

Until I realized he used me. "Fuck!"


I had to see him tomorrow? What if I didn't show? Would he be mad? Would he show up at my door? Would he compleatly ignore me!?

Safe to say... I showed up the next day....

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