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Xane sat there clutching his stomach looking after her- she had one hell of a jab. Sometimes he forgot that her dad was a military commander. Then agian she took orders so well- maybe that was half of what caused their relationship to be like this in the first place. But now-

God she was like a fiery red headed goddess yelling at him with her cheeks flushed and her eyes sparkling with anger.

It made him hard as hell for her despite the pain in his gut and foot.

He never realized that he made her feel that way, she was the one that always listened to him. To be fair he never really made the effort, but now he wanted to. Not only was she finally fighting back but she put up with his shit. Almost every girl he had brought around her hadn't lasted more than a week or two before he was annoied as hell with them. None of them ever truely listened to him or put up with his behavior.

Granted he knew he was kind of an asshole but surely there was someone that could put up with him. Most of it was sarcasam it wasn't anything inentional... but even she didn't see through his sarcasam. That's what caused them to be in this situation.

But. She did put up with his shit better than anyone.

Getting up he grabbed his mug and took out the tea bag placing the mug back into the cabnet and tossing the tea bag. He hadn't really came in here for tea- he just wanted her company. Maybe tease her more. See if it would lead to more.

God that had backfired.

The thought made him laugh a bit.

Normally refusal was something he wasn't use to. If he had a mind to toy with a girl, normally they'd end up fucking on the kitchen counter or something. Actually he hadn't done it in a kitchen yet he mused. Maybe Trish would like that.

He wanted to fuck her eariler- he had had full intentions of her sucking him off but she was so sweet and smelled so good. The only thing he wanted was to feel her, be inside her and the only way to do that without hurting her had been using his fingers. God she had been so fucking tight. Even when one of the many string of girls had texted him asking him to come to a party he had ignored it. He couldn't get Trish out of his mind and staying home to torture her was one of the best plans he could think of to try and get her under him.

To make her forget about the asshole trying to take what was his.

The plan seemed to be backfiring quickly though. He would need to step up his game, but how? She wasn't his regular easy lay and he also didn't want her running for the hills afterwards like all the other women. Unlike the others he actually liked having her around.

Not that he had feelings for her.

She was just convient to have around. Why not use her body for his own pleasure as well? Make them both happy.

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