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Three hours of sleep.

Thats how much sleep I had gotten and they where fitful at best. Dreams of him stroking me, touching me, kissing me. Needless to say I woke up groggy and pissed as hell. I stomped around the house making as much noise as possible. If I woke him up so the fuck what.

I was still so angry from their conversation I wanted to just smash something. Now to top it off I couldn't sleep and had a test that ( couldn't even study for last night. Even Josh was annoying me. He texted me five times this morning just asking how I was etc being nice- but even though text he didn't seem to get the memo I was irritated after I told him how tierd I was.

With bags under my eyes I slammed the door as I headed out of the house- only to see Josh standing there akwardly with two cups of coffee. "S-sorry I didn't ask I just thought this might help since you said you where tierd. I was about to knock..." He trailed off looking nervous.

Just like that my day felt fractionally better and my thoughts of Xane dissipated.


"No thank you, I'm sorry I was so cranky over text."

"Well three hours of sleep yeah I can see where that's an issue. Insomnia episode?" He asked handing me my coffee.

It was sickly sweet. I hated it it. I didn't say so though. "Yeah, I need to get to class though."

"I'll walk you." He said- even though the only thing I wanted to do was listen to music and walk alone.

Supressing a sigh I nodded with a strained smile and walked with him. I wasn't in the mood for company, so I stayed silent sipping on my coffee.

Josh attempted to make small talk about the weather, and our professors but after a few attempts he got the memo and stayed quiet as we walked. Once we arrived at my class he gave me a small wave. "Well I'll see you later."

He looked sad and upset- so taking pity on him I gave him a small kiss on the cheek. It wasn't his fault I was grumpy afterall.

By the time I was finished with class I headed back home thuroughly exausted with the worst migraine. Lack of sleep had my head pounding and the coffee Josh had brought me had my stomach churining uncomfortably.

As I slumped in the door I smelled food, making my stomach clench uncomfortably. Xane was home still? What in the seventh circle of hell? The smell was coming from the ktichen, and it smelled fantastic.

There was a large plate of noodles, shrimp that had been fried, soft dumpling buns- and Xane in an apron frying off some won tons. I blinked at him shocked, he was dressed and cooking. Usually I cooked for him, I didn't even know he could cook.

"If you're going to stare at me, at least tell me I'm pretty." Xane said not even looking up from his cooking before he slid his eyes over to mine and gave me a wink.

My cheeks pinked as I gave him a weak smile. "Sorry I just haven't ever seen you cook before."

"Well I knew you didn't get much sleep and I saw that b- I mean Josh... bring you some coffee. Knowing the typical male idiot he probably got something sweet as hell which made your stomach upset. Which is probably about the equivlent of a killer hang over after a test."

"How... did you know about my test. Or-"

"Well first of." He said whisking the rest of the food off the burner. "You like tea over coffee, and when you have coffee you have it black with two sugars. The typical idiotic boy would assume as most guys do that you like your coffee sweet- which sucks on an empty stomach. Second I heard you tossing and turning all night which also kept me up. Third- you're orginoized as hell." he said pointing at the calander in the kitchen- which had in big bold red letters test.

"Oh-" I said lamely.

"Sit, eat. Then go take a nap you look like a wreck."

Akwardly I sat down and Xane dished me up a plate. This was.... nice. Weird but nice. Would this end if I stopped seeing Josh?

"Xane can I... Talk to you? Like really talk? Will you listen?"

Xane began to dish me up a plate not meeting my eyes before he dished himself up one as well sitting down next to me at mini bar we had in subsitute of a table. "I'm listening." He said after getting comfortable.

I took a deep breath taking a bite of food as I considered my choice of words. "Why are you being nice to me? And... The um... Other stuff?'

His eyes darkened- smoldering as he looked at me making me blush and take another large bite of food. "Didn't you like it?"

Knowing I turned scarlet i took a giant bite of food- his eyes watching me closely... Waiting. It took me three tries to swallow it all before I could finally get it all down. 'That isn't the point."

"I see..." He stated not really eating just watching me as I took another bite- and then another.

"Look I just-" I cleared my throat. "If you think Im going to continue to do stuff for you you're wrong."

"So you want me to.... Move out."

"What!? No! I just mean like... Josh or no Josh Im done like.... Doing your laundry and-"

"You haven't done my laundry in over a week." Xane said smiling.

"Yes and your out of shirts! Its maddening."

"Which is why you usually do them." He pointed out smiling.

"Yeah BECAUSE you wouldnt be able to go back to class moron!"

"Yes but I mean you chose to of your own free will."

I growled in annoyance. This conversation getting us nowhere."My point Xane is that I'm not going to stop doing things for you just because a guy finally shows some interest in me."

Xane didnt say anything as I finished eating pushing my plate away. "But you did..." He muttered like a sullen child.

"I forgot dinner one time!"

"Twice." He said pouting.

"Xane you wernt normally home. Do you know how many times I've been late or not home because you're normally out?" He didn't say anything. "Look." I sighed rubbing my temples. "I like you I always have that's not a secret but I'm not going anywhere yet. Can you please just stop with all the-"

The words died on my lips as he looked at me with heated eyes licking his fingers from his food- slowly; deliberately.

"What if I don't want to?" His voice purred.

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