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"What if I don't want to?" He asked again getting off the stool. "What if I decided I want you Trish?" He leaned down his face inches from mine "As a woman?"

I could feel the flush in my cheeks, the desire pooling in my stomach. "Xane." I said in a warning tone.

"Trish." He replied in a teasing tone. His hand went to my ass in a flash pulling me off the stool to bring me closer.

My lips parted with a gasp trying to reel in my thoughts and desires. This was Xane for crying out loud! If we did this...

If we did this he would leave. Not me.

What better way to get rid of him?

No. Part of my mind rationlized. He will still expect you to cater to him. Plus then you'll be hurt.

Yeah but it would feel really REALLY good.

Before I could finish my internal battle his mouth was on mine. The kiss was light- yet stole my breath all the same. All to soon he was pulling away and I couldn't help but make a noise of protest, my hands moving to around his neck trying to pull him back.

It made him chuckle- which made me furiously change my mind until his teeth nipped at my bottom lip. "My greedy little virgin."

I flushed scarlet but before I could protest his mouth was on mine again, hot and hungry as his tongue stroked mine in a dance. His hand pulled me flush ageinst him; stroking my ass.

A moan escaped me- he made a noise of appreciation before he pushed me ageinst the counter, his mouth leaving only momentarily while his hands pulled at my shirt removing it with a florish.

His mouth was back on my throat- my breasts. Xanes tongue brushed and lapped at my skin; his hands everywhere before suddenly my bra came unclasped and he removed that as well.

"X-Xane." I gasped as his breath hit a puckered nipple my hands running through his hair as one of his groped and plucked at a nipple while his other hand roamed lower undoing the buttons to my jeans.

"I'm going to have you Trish, I'm going to make love to your body the way you always wanted; the way you always deserved." He murmmered before his mouth was on my nipple sucking and nibbling- his other hand slowly working my pants down my hips.

I gasped my breath coming in shallow pants; I could feel how slippery I was with my desire for him and all I could think about was having him, feeling him. "Xane." I groaned as my head lolled back, the noise a small protest.

I didn't want to do it here.

Not for my first time.

Xane paused pulling my nipple out of his mouth with a small wet sucking noise before he stopped all togeather taking my hand and stepping back to look at me- my jeans now halfway down my legs. All I wore where my lacy pink underwear while he was fully clothed. I instantly felt emberessed.

He smiled. "You're beautiful." He assured me before tugging on my hand as if reading my thoughts to lead me out of the kitchen. "Now's your chance to say no. Once we're in my bedroom, you won't come out a virgin."

Biting my lip I took a moment to consider it- or pretend to consider it. All I felt was my burning need for him, the ache between my legs. This was probably a stupid thing to do.

That's what college is for though right? Mistakes?

I quickly used my other hand to take off my pants using his for support before I began to follow him to his room; my heart pounding.

He lead me in first letting go of my hand and as the door shut behind me I covered my breasts feeling akward. God his room was a stye. He hadn't let me clean in here in weeks. I pursed my lips about to tell him off when I felt him come uo behind me; his warm hands on my stomach.

Xane was naked.

I could feel his skin ageinst my back, his hot thobbing cock ageinst my lower back and ass. Just from what I could feel I felt panicked. "X-xane." I said unsure once more.

"I told you, once you where in here you won't leave a virgin." He said the warning in his voice as he brushed back my hair and tucked it around my ear.

"M-maybe we should work up to it?" I said hesitantly. One of his warm hands dipped below my panty line- teasing me just below making me clench.

"Are you wet Trish?" He whispered in my ear.

I made a strangled half moan sound trying to focus once more. "Y-yes." I said my voice a warbled whisper.

"Then we've already worked up to it." He whispered chuckling.

"P-please. I-"

"Shhh. Trust me." He whispered in my ear before his teeth began tugging at my earlobe his fingers trailing down, down... Down.


I gasped my body bucking forward as his fingers ran over my sensitive nub. "Mmmm wet for me indeed. Take your panties off for me." He asked continuing to rub me in small soft circles.

I made a distressed noise in the back of my throat, my thumbs hooking into my panties moving them down slightly before he'd remove his hand so I could bend over and take them off all the way. He didn't say anything as I stood, he didn't touch me. As I was about to turn around his voice made me stop. "Lay on the bed for me."

I bit my lip looking at his half tumbled bed- not even made. Bending over I folded the blankets back down to lay down.

His hands where on my hips the moment I put it into place- his cock hot and hard ageinst my ass as his fingers dug into my hips. "I told you to lay down." His voice hard and almost- angry?

"B-but the bed." I said trying to defend myself- but I knew Xane; the real Xane. He hated excuses- so I typically did what he asked. That was our relationship- until now. Even now...

"Oh Trish." He'd sigh running his fingers over my ass, his other hand shoving my front to the bed keeping me down making me make a small noise of protest. "You know I like things done a certain way- why do you defy me even now? That's what got us into this mess."

That's when it clicked. He liked me defying him- it was a turn on that lead to this. Was that a sexual thing with all women? Or just.... me?

I groaned my thoughts fleeing as his hand wandered to my sex his fingers diving within me, my pussy making wet noises making me hide my face in emberessment. He hummed excited as one of his fingers went inside me- then after a few strokes two; streching me. I moaned his fingers thrusting into me slowly. "I like you like this, you're so ready for me."

Before I knew it he pulled out his fingers and then I felt him pressed ageinst me, his hot throbbing member ageinst my lips, moving. The tip of him was soft and hot as it probed, moving up and down; across my clitoris once; twice- a moan realsing from my throat of need and frustraiton.

"Do you want this?" He whispered.

"Y-yes." I whispered, my face red with emberessment; I was almost glad he couldn't see my face this was so much.... MORE then I ever expected. Even in this position I felt so exposed I wanted to hide under the blankets.

He pressed the tip ageinst my hole- streching it just slightly the sensation already making me want to thrust ageinst him, my knees weak. "Are you sure?"

"P-please!" I wailed thuroughly frustraited trying to push back ageinst him.

He gave a strained laugh before pushing in slightly- just the tip making me gasp. More- I wanted more; it wasn't enough. He moved the tip in and out slowly, gliding easily from my need for him; I didn't feel any pain. After a moment he pulled out- a sob pulling out of my throat as he stopped pulling away.

"Wait- no." I pleaded.

He pulled me up turning me in his arms and kissing me. I wanted to cry. He was rejecting me? After all that? As he pulled back from the kiss he pushed back my hair caressing my face. "I want to see you when I make you cum."



My eyes widdened and I'm certain I turned tomato red; but I nodded as he moved past me to crawl on the bed- patting it for me to lay down on as he sat there on his knees- his member rock hard. My eyes flicked down to it with concern as I laid down. I hadn't actually ever laid eyes on it.


Oh god I was worried.

How the fuck was that supposed to fit?

He kissed up my body, his teeth scraping up my neck making most of my thoughts flee. "Don't worry." He murmmered; he must of seen my panic. "There's a lot larger things ment to come out of there, it won't hurt much once we get going." He moved pressing back ageinst my entrence once again.

I shifted my hips pushing him in slightly the feeling amazing, his cock hot and hard filling the emptiness that seemed to swollow me whole. "Please, please." I begged trying to thrust my hips, he was looking at me- his gaze devouring me.

"As you wish." He whispered- a line from my faviorate movie; Princess Bride. Holding me close he gave one full thrust hitting home.

I cried out in pain, gasping at the unfamilar. I felt so full, and the pinch was still there; but I could also feel him throbbing inside me. Deep inside me. Streching and filling me to the core. He stayed still watching me; waiting. After a few moments I let out a strangled noise.

"Are you ok?"

I nodded trying to shift my hips and move him. "I-"

"I know." He murmmered pulling out and thrusting in again. I moaned; the pain pretty much gone.

Then he thrust again... and again.... and again.... each time hitting my most intimate parts. Already I felt on the brink of Orgasm- only it was like one I had never had before. "Xane."

"Just cum baby, we're far from over." He whispered. "I want to see your first orgasm around me."

I gasped as he picked up the pace, thrusting and grinding, my body holding him like a vice until-

"Ah!" I cried out clutching him my head thrown back as I felt my body explode, clenching around his hard member, my legs weak and my head dizzy.

"Yes, just like that." He'd gasp thrusting harder- faster-

"N-no." I gasped still cumming yet- yet he was bringing me higher all of a sudden, my head dizzy as he thrusted in, harder and harder, deeper then I thought possible, again, again, again, again.

"Let go, feel me. I'm going to cum in you Trish, I'm going to cum deep inside you." He panted out his voice strained.

It was enough to bring me over the edge again, my legs twisting over the back of his calves of their own accord as I screamed, tears pricking my eyes as he continued to fuck me. Shortly after though I heard him grunt and groan through my screams; I felt a rush of liquid hot heat deep within me as the last bit of my orgasm was ringed out from my body leaving me feeling like jello.

I groaned as he pulled out- the feeling slightly painful before he pulled me into his arms. I curled into him; the feeling entirely natural feeling sore, diffrent and all togeather groggy.

"Sleep you need your rest." He murmmered tucking back some hair behind my ear again.

I hummed in agreement; three hours of sleep and then that? I was already feeling as if I was passing out. I breifly recognized him pulling blankets over us; and then after that?

I was sound asleep in his arms.

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