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Xane looked down at Trish on a propped arm. She had fallen asleep so quickly- had responded so well. He couldn't get enough of her. This must of been what his therapist had been getting at.

Trish was a topic Dr. Cassandra had been getting at. The man constantly tried to drag her into a conversation every time a relationship issue came up. That and his mom.

Now he understood... He was clearly dependent on Trish in a way he never could be on another woman. It also explained why any girl he had dated disliked Trish. Also why he tended to dump them the moment they made a mean comment about her.

Who knew it wasnt something he'd realize until another guy came into her life? Now that he had her he didn't want to lose her.

Maybe admittedly he went a bit far... The desire to posses her had been so strong that for the first time in his life he decided to forego the condom.


Well... They where both adults, plus Trish came from wealth. On top of all that getting pregnant the very first time you had sex was incredibly rare. He'd just have to use protection after this or pursway her to get birth control.

A knock sounded at the door.

Xane was reluctent to leave- but he didn't want them waking Trish. Pulling on some sweats he went to awnser the door his hand running over his face.

Of all people Xane had expected- it hadn't been Trish's dad. "Afternoon Sir."

"Xane." Her father said- he was in his dress blues. Or at least that's what Xane was pretty sure they where called- regardless he looked very snazzy making Xame feel under dressed.

"Come in Sir." Xane said opening the door wider. He nodded walking in- Xane headed to the kitchen to clean up- Trish's dad following.

"How's my girl doing? You taking good care of her?"

Xane gave him a smile. "Of course sir, just as I promised." After being threatened... Trish had begged him to keep her out of the dorms and have Xane move in with her so he could afford housing saying it was safer. Her father had reluctantly agreed. But not until he talked to Xane alone in his garage.

The thought made him want to shudder.

As Xane was putting away food her dad didnt repond until he turned around. Trish's pants him his hands. "So I take it this was why she wanted to move in with you?" He asked bluntly.



"Ah well... Not initially." Xane said- he regretted his voice cracked. "It just sort of happened."

Her father surprisingly threw them to the floor and sat on the stool his hands folded. "Just remember what I said son. If you hurt her- I can make you dissapear."

The Sagrent wasn't someone you wanted to dissapoint. He didn't understand our relationship in high school but maybe he wasn't suprised it lead to this? Xane swallowed hard. "Yes sir."

"I take it she's resting?"

"Yes sir."

"What are your intentions with my daughter? Are you using protection."

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

It literally had just happened. He had no idea how to respond to that. "Uh..."

The Trish's dad waited patiently his mouth set into a grim line- when suddenly the door bell rang.

Saved by the damned bell.

Xane thought holding up a finger. "Hold that thought sir I need to awnser the door."

As he considered what he needed to awnser he opened the door to see none other than Josh.

Fucking hell.

"Is Trisha here?"


"She's resting." Xane said bluntly. He wanted to slam the door on his face.

"Oh, do you mind if I wait till she's up? I have one of the books she was looking for class."


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