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Rude awakening

I rubbed her eyes stretching- my senses filled with the smell of Xane all around me. I was a woman now- it felt...


A small laugh escaped my lips- he didn't usually allow women to sleep in his bed. If they did get the privilage of staying over typically it was on the couch they slept.

One small feat... Though part of me knew this wouldn't last. That's why cancelling on Josh wasn't going to happen. Xane could leave at a drop of a hat.

The knowledge and thought alone sobered me from my little fantasy of them ever doing that ever again. He had been my first and that was the best memory I might ever have of him. That and cooking me lunch. With a small sigh I began to retrieve my cloths- unsurprisingly he had bailed as soon as I passed out. I heard the TV on. Football Sunday.

Not surprising he'd abandon her for the game.

My room and the kitchen where in direct sight of the living room if I left in just underwear and my shirt it would leave my legs and ass bare since it was just a pink thong.

I considered grabbing a shirt of his- but all of them where on the floor in one heep or another. After opening several empty drawers I found three pairs of boxers.


Underwear for men- shorts for a girl around the house.

I opened his bedroom door and headed to the kitchen to find my pants. They where neatly folded on a stool and all the food had been cleaned up.

The hell? Xane didn't fold and the creases where perfectly lined up like I folded-

I froze as I heard the noise in the livingroom ducking down behind the bar.

Oh shit oh shit oh SHIT

My dad.



All in the livingroom while I was in Xanes boxers!?

None of them had seen me to wrapped up in their game. Trying not to fumble I tugged on my pants shoving the boxers down into the pants. Once I finally got them buttoned I tried to think of an excuse. Josh may not be smart enough to realize I came out of Xanes room but my dad is military.

He probably knows.... He found my pants. What did Xane say?

How the hell did my first time end up like this?

"I'm going to grab another soda." I heard Josh say.


Oh Fuck


What was I going to say?

"Oh don't trouble yourself I'll get it." Xane said moments before I heard footsteps in the kitchen.

My heart pounded as I peeked around the corner only to flinch back- Xane was bent down his face inches from mine. I held back a squeak covering my mouth with a hand making him chuckle softly.

"What are you doing?" He whispered.

"Finding my pants- why the hell did you let them all in?" I hissed quietly.

Xane shrugged a mischievous grin on his face. "Bonding?"

Oh this asshole...

He probably planned this just to embarrass me! Punishment for...

What exactly?

I frowned. Xane was a lot of things but not cruel. He was harsh and direct and yes a manipulative asshole but he didnt do malace just because he enjoyed it.

"Very funny." I muttered standing up and going to the fridge to grab two sodas.

As I was shutting it Xane grabbed my butt shoving me ageinst the fridge slightly his mouth on my neck and behind my ear. "It just happened and I'm happy to say I have your dad's consent." He murmmered his breath hot in my ear.

I shivered- my nipples puckering and rubbing against my shirt from the contrast of cold air and his warm body.

My dad called from the living room. "Xane grab me one too buddy!" As Josh swore- someone must have scored.

With a swift kiss on my cheek Xane gabbed both sodas from my hands and headed back to the livingroom.

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