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Coming clean

I was stunned watching Xane walk back into the livingroom nonchalantly. Normally after he's had his way with a girl he wasn't so-

Well at least since he got here. He hadn't had a girlfriend since we moved he just slept around a lot. The thought made my cringe internally for a moment wondering if I should get checked.

I mean we hadn't used a condom.

Thankfully I already took birth control for my acne so that wasn't an issue. If this continued we would need to discuss specifics that much was certain.

I heard them all begin to yell at the TV. My que to slip into my room- none of them noticed. Hastily I changed- folding Xanes boxers and shoving them in my underwear drawer. Brushing out my hair and fixing my face with minimal make up I came out to face the music.

Josh was scowling at the TV. My dad and Xane where grinning like fools. They must be rooting for the same team.


Josh spied me his face lightening up instantly. Which made me feel like a steaming pile of crap. I never ment to string him along I had genuinely liked him but now I just felt bad. "Hey sleepy head. Sorry we woke you. That coffee not help this morning?"

"It was fine maybe not strong enough." I lied. I had dumped that sweet monstrosity in the trash the moment I entered class. My dad caught my eye- making me smile. "Hey dad."

"Hi cupcake. I hope you don't mind I came for a suprise lunch date- instead I ended up hanging out with these two since you where asleep."

"N-not at all." I said with a small laugh.

"If I knew we rooted for the same team I would have invited you over ages ago Xane."

Xane laughed rubbing his neck. "Well from now on your welcome to I love the company."

I rolled my eyes at the two as Josh hastely unzipped his bag. "I got you that book you wanted- I found it in a used book store." Josh said pulling out a thick green book.

"Oh thank you- you remembered." I said smiling. He smiled back.

"Does your dad root for the same team?" My dad asked Xane continuing their conversation.

"No he's not really into sports anymore since my mom left." Xane said casually.

"Ah, well maybe I can con him into it- do the friendly neighbor thing since I'm hardly ever home." My dad said casually.

Josh's face fell turning his head to look at my dad. "Neighbors?"

"Yeah Xane and his family moved in a few years back. Patricia and him have been thick as theives for what... Four years now? He's like a son in law to me already- right champ?" My dad said slinging an arm around Xane.

My dad wasn't actually being kind. He was getting rid of Josh while pushing on a pressure point in Xanes neck. He had done it to me as a kid. Fuck. Xane laughed nervously.

Josh suddenly looked green. "I uh have to go..." He muttered scramblimg up and out of the house. I didn't even bother to follow or explain myself. My dad was pissed.

I slipped the book on the coffee table and sat down. My dad shoved Xane into the sofa.

"When the hell did you become so dishonest?" My dad asked quietly.

"I'm not dishonest daddy." I said softly.

"How long have you been with Xane?" He demanded.

"We arnt really-"

Xane hopped up and sat next to me holding on to my hand facing him head on. "Today. We started dating today." He said firmly. "It wasn't intentional- she never lied."

"Can it Xane." My dad shouted. "When?"

I bowed my head slightly. "We only slept togeather today it was fast. We arnt even dating." I muttered.

"We are now." Xane said slipping his hand into mine making my cheeks flush. I didn't know if he ment it. He knew how harsh my dad could be.

"Did you string along that otber young man? Was he your boyfriend?" Xane snorted and my dad gave him a death glare.

"No daddy. At least I didn't mean to." I said honestly trying not to cry.

My dad let out a huge breath visibly relaxing. "Well..." He said after a few moments of silence. "Took you two long enough."

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