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We need to talk

We waved goodbye to my dad not even twenty minutes after he was glad we where "togeather"

Xane was grinning ear tp ear waving him goodbye like he was the good boyfriend or newly appointed son in law.




As soon as the door was closed I rounded on him glowering. "What the hell Xane!?" I hissed poking him in the chest. "Dating!? Defending me? Vouching for me? Are you just born to be an asshole!?"

He eyed me still smiling making me lift a hand to smack his chest. GAH he frustrated me! Before I could land the blow though he caught my wrist. "You're incredibly sexy when you're angry with me." He purred.

I scowled at him trying to snatch my hand back. "I. Am. Not- let go of my hand." I growled continuing to tug at my hand.

He did as I asked, but then proceeded to lift me over his shoulder. I screamed. "Let me down! Put me down damnit! Xane!"

He smacked my ass making me suck in a breath. "Hush." He said calmly taking me to- the bathroom?

"Xane! What the hell! Ah!" He dumped me onto the floor and looked down at me with his head tilted as I glared at him.

"How about a shower?" He purred.

"Why the hell would I want a shower?"

"Because you probably still have blood on your thighs and I still have it on my dick. Plus I want to see you naked." He replied casually stripping off his shirt.

God he was hot.

Was I salivating?


"Xane we need to talk." I hissed trying to keep my resolve.

"Shower first, talk later. That or wait for me." He said casually stripping off his sweats. I looked away emberessed trying to cover my eyes.

"Xane look- we both know you don't go a day past sleeping with anyone so just cut the bullshit-"

Xane peeled back my hand his face angry as he crouched over me. "I said talk after- and that's a load of bullshit." He leaned in kissing me forcefully holding the back of my head tangling his fingers in my hair before pulling me back with my hair roughly. "Now do I need to strip you down? Or are you going to be a good girl and do it for me?"

I wanted to smack him- but another part of me... I was wet at the prospect. With a flush on my cheeks I avoided eye contact as he stared at me intently.

"I-I'll... Get undressed." I murmmered.

Xane kissed the top of my head. "Good girl." He said before getting up and flipping on thw water. Once he was in I stood up shakily and akwardly stripped. I hadn't showered with a man since I was probably like five? Something like this?

My heart was beating uncomfortably fast. Once I was done I slipped in through the curtain- Xane immediately pulled me into his warm wet arms. "Xane-" I protested.

"I've never shared a shower." He said stroking my hair. "I thought I'd share a first with you."

I didn't want that to make me melt- to resist him charm. But damn it a part of me was now puddy as he ran his lips down my neck making a small moan escape my lips.

Before suddenly he pulled me under the spray to drown making me pull back sputtering. He was looking down at me laughing.

I glared at him picking up the soap bottle of my shampoo and squirting it at him. He looked at me in shock. "I'm covered in flowery smelling crap!"

I laughed moving my hands forward to rub it into his stomach. "Here let me help you wash yourself!"

He pulled down the shower head to try and ward me off laughing. "Back woman, back!"

By the time our play fight was over he smelled like lavander and roses while I smelled like phoenix axe body wash. We where cuddled on the floor staring at the ceiling- me in a towel and him naked after he followed me out tickling me.

How did we end up like this? I wondered.

You grew a backbone.

I sighed, wishing I had figured that out sooner. But this was only temporary.

Only temporary felt so good though- or maybe that was his lips trailing down my stomach.

I looked down at him- a smile on his lips. "Are you ready to again?" I flushed opening my mouth to awnser before suddenly the feeling of a finger slipping into me made me squeak. "Oh that was clearly rhetorical- you feel so ready for me."

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