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I let out a shuddering breath as I felt my body clench around his finger- wet noises filling the room as he moved his finger in and out of me slowly making me cheeks flame with embarrassment. "Xane." I whined in protest.

It only made him move his finger faster though. I groaned in response, his mouth on my nipple as his thumb brushed my clitoris. "Does that feel good Trish? Or maybe..." He slipped another finger inside making my body bow in response, the sensation almost making me cum around his fingers.

"Xane." I pleaded my hand coming up to run though his hair.

"Mmmmm- Trish." He responded before giving my nipple a long hearty suck; his fingers moving faster- the noises wet and sloppy as I felt my desire begin to drip down my ass.

"P-please." I whimpered my legs shaking. I was so close- right on the edge- I-

He stopped abruptly rubbing his stubble over my other breast his fingers teasing the outside of my lips. "Please what Trish? What do you want?"

"Please." I whined trying to wrap my thighs around his hand and force it in- instead he curled his fingers pressing against the outside of me.

"Tell me- what you want." He asked again in a deep commanding whisper before his teeth found my nipple making me cry out. A groan came out of my throat as I bit my lip. I didn't want to say it- it was embarrassing; but I was dying to have him.

"L-let me cum." I begged, my voice breaking in a half sob.

He slipped both fingers back inside me- unmoving. I tried to pump and grind against them, another small sob in the back of my throat as my body tried to find release. "Xane!" I protested.

"Tell me exactly how you want to cum Trish- do you want my fingers?" He'd flex them inside me making me groan and shake so close to the edge. "Or do you want something else?"

I tried to speak but my voice came out as a hoarse screech making me try to clear my throat, focus; but it was extremely hard. He was massaging me from the inside not quite thrusting but enough to make me lose my mind. "S-sex again?" I asked confused; or was I asking? Did it matter?

Fuck me, fill me, get inside me, make me cum, let me cum. All those words flooded my mind as I continued to try to strain and move my hips around his fingers- I almost wanted to sob. I was so fucking close.

"Oh Trish you are so so needy for me aren't you." He whispered lifting his body over mine on his arm his fingers removing from my pussy as he licked, kissed and sucked his way up my neck- rubbing the tip of himself up my leg. His precum scorching me and making me clench at the thought of him being inside me once again before he rested the tip of it; throbbing against my wet outer lips. "Tell me you want me."

"I do." I sobbed- half with frustration and need, but also because I did want him, I didn't want this to end. It was the only reason I let it continue because I wanted all those beautiful lies he told to be true. The tears gathering in my eyes where from both as he kissed me brushing his thumb over my cheek. I could smell myself on it, and feel the dampness on my face.

Slowly I felt him fill me; but this time there wasn't an ounce of pain and I was so wet I was filled before I knew it. My eyes going wide as I looked up at him meeting his heated gaze. I let out a shuddering breath; another whimper building as he sat there deep within me. I could feel him pulse and lengthen as he grew harder inside me. I wanted; no I needed him to move. It was agonizing.

"Xane." I pleaded, pinned in place.

He smiled slightly unmoving. "Do you love me Trish?"

Love? I didn't know how to answer that. Thankfully he didn't wait for an answer.

"Because I think I've been in love with you since the moment you brought me coffee." He grunted pulling out slightly before thrusting back in. "I just didn't realize it." He groaned- another deep thrust.

I held on to him wrapping my legs around his calves as I did my best to thrust back. After a moment though he pulled out and roughly flipped me over making me squeel in protest. What was he doing!?

Pulling up on my stomach I realized he was putting me on all fours before sliding back in. I gasped- the full feeling so much MORE somehow bringing me near the edge. He ran his hands down my back before placing a hand on my hip while the other moved around to rub my clitoris. My thighs shook as I cried out- coming around him immediately without him even thrusting.

Xane chuckled biting my shoulder. "I'm not done yet princess." He growled before beginning to thrust into me despite my orgasm continuing. My arms and legs felt like jell-o and suddenly I felt it building again. Deep within me hitting home again and again. My breath coming in shallow pants.

I couldn't do it, it was to much- "X-xane." I pleaded, the fear in my voice, my nipples beading as they brushed the carpet and he began to pump into me with earnest deep and hard over and over again. "Xane!" I cried out with a half sob.

"Let go baby, let go." He growled giving my ass a solid smack making my pussy clench- and suddenly I was spiraling; falling as my body came hard ageinst his over and over. With a few more hard thrusts he groaned splashing his cum deep within me. I could feel each jet before he shuddered finally- still within me before he'd slowly pull out.

I lay there panting seeing stars for a moment as he slid up next to me brushing back my hair from my eyes. "Are you... ok?" He asked hesitantly.

With a small groan I faced forward burring my head in my arms letting my hair fall forward. "I think you broke me."

Xane laughed making me peak up from my hair and smile up at him. "So I guess you're not done with me?" I asked curious- cautious. I felt so relaxed though; I had to know. Here. Now. Did he really-

"I love you Trish- I'm sorry I didn't realize it sooner. You are.... exquisite." he murmured running a finger down my back. "I meant every word I've said since the moment your dad walked through that door."

"And Josh?" I asked softly. It was a non issue I knew but I had to know...

Xane frowned. "If you really want him instead..." He said hesitating before rolling his eyes and grinning. "But I mean we both know I'm better in bed."

I laughed picking up the towel from the floor throwing it at him. "You're such an ass!"

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