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Xane and I started dating. To say there wasn't a hic up or two is an understatement. I made the mistake of thinking he was cheating on me and we broke up for a month. He got a text from Candice making sude they where still on for today.

I told him to fuck off. Yes I grew a backbone and blew him off even at every romantic gesture to win me back. He lived in his car. I took pity on him when I finally looked up Dr.Candice.

His very male therapist.


But it was the first time I ever successfully shoved him out of my life. Every minute sucked...

Josh wouldn't speak to me after that. He actually ended up hooking up with a goth asian girl. I dont know where they went after graduation.

I didn't make it to graduation. I barely finished my associates.

"I love you." Xane told me smiling softly at me holding little wrinkly baby Wendy in my arms.

"I love you too- husband dearest." I said giggling.

He rolled his eyes. He hated the name. The moment he found out I was pregnant with Wendy though he was over joyed- where as I had contemplated abortion. I was scared. I expected him to be angry.

He told me seeing me grow with the baby he put there made him feel extremely accomplished. I didn't understand it. But I was glad he wasn't angry.

Though he was deathly afraid of my dad. So he went to get his blessing- and proposed. Now we lived together as Xane continued school.

It's funny how life goes... When you want someone bad enough.

*** Note from author***

Sorry that was so short guys- this was never meant to be a complete writing more to try out the sight.

I am currently working on a full complete novel called Sharing Delilah; and hopefully it has an ending you're looking for.

Be sure to check it out I try to update at minimum once a week. Thank you for all the support and comments <3 it's what keeps me writing.

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