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Xane and i had never had that kind of relationship. I always thought he looked at me as... Well certainly not a woman. Was it the fact I didn't make breakfast? Or because I kissed someone? I never had anyone in my life previously but that was because no one wanted a girlfriend that was obsessed with someone else.

At least thats what I heard from the whispers around school. The few friends that hung out with me back then didn't like him. I didn't want him to get mad so i stopped hanging out with most of them.

Josh was the first guy to ever take an intrest in me- and beings i was nineteen and still a virgin I was dying for male attention. Attention that NEVER came from Xane.

Maybe he was just a manipulative bastard trying to confuse me so id just keep doing stuff for him. So id make breakfast for him. Help him study instead of sleep... Keep me from ever having sex so id be his personal assistant while he fucked every woman he decided he wanted that wasn't me.

Fuck him.

I was trembling ageinst the wall aroused and pissed off knowing what I needed to do.

I texted Josh immediately.

Had fun studying... See you tomorrow?

I stared at my phone waiting holding my breath.

I had fun too. You're a great kisser btw. Im glad you let me. ;)

My jaw dropped and I hugged my phone to my chest.

I'm glad you did.

I'll see you tomorrow. Same time?

I smiled Same place I responded kissing my phone.

Fuck Xane. I needed to be done with him. Josh was the remedy I needed.

The next morning I woke up to a text from Josh. Can't wait to see you. Maybe- another kiss?

Half asleep I rubbed my eyes thinking out my dreams. Kissing sounded nice. My dreams where nice. His hot breath on my neck... My breasts. Flicking his tongue around my nipple.

I groaned putting down my phone snaking a hand down into my shorts rubbing my clit in soft slow motions.

My body was on fire and aching unsatisfied as i thought about my dream. His eyes looking at me, tongue roaming, moving down there. A small moan left my lips as i began to move my hips in ernist my fingers going faster and faster.

His cock pressed ageinst me so close- so close to pushing into me as his silver eyes flicked up to mine.

I came hard moaning freely knowing no one could hear me panting at the after math a feeling of shame washing over me.

Silver eyes.

Not brown.

Fucking Xane...

I needed him out of my head and now apperently my dreams. Another kiss would be amazing. ;) I replied my fingers still wet as i poked at the screen trying to keep my fluids off my phone as i texted him back. I was angry... And determined to finally be a woman.

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