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After texting Josh i threw my hair up into a quick bun rubbing my eyes. Class in two hours- but otherwise a fairly free day in the library with Josh after class.

I was excited

Xane had no scheduled classes today or tomorrow- likely I wouldn't even see him since he rarely came home when he didn't have class the next day. Humming to myself I turned my phone on to some music as i started around the kitchen making breakfast, making lunch. As soon as my phone dinged my face lit up.


Do you like Italian?

I cocked my head curiously at the text confused.


I went back to hummimg mixing my eggs in a bowl.


Italian, like the food?

I stared at the text for a moment wondering if he was asking me on a date. I didn't want to assume anything.

Yeah. Why?

No response for a moment so i set back down my phone turning to throw my eggs in the hot pan. Of course the moment I did- a ping. I scrambled them quickly throwing them on a plate putting the pan back on a cold burner before turning around-


With my phone in his hands- a smug look on his face. "Italian? Seriously? What kind of idiot thinks pizza is considered Itlalian."

I snatched my phone from him. "It IS Italian idiot." Cool maybe we can grab some pizza on the way back. My treat.

I smiled at the text. Awe thank you. You dont have to.

"Seriously? You're gushing over pizza? That wasn't even how you ask a girl out properly."

Xane was making my mood sour- he was already walking away so use to one sided conversations. I was pissed. Normally id mumble under my breath.

But if I ever wanted to stop being his little secretary it was time to talk back. "At least he bothers to take a girl out. Most of the girls you bring back are intoxicated to the point of it hardly being consensual!"

He froze in the door way- i expected him to be mad; instead he had the cockiest smile as he turned around leaning on the door frame of the kitchen; his toplessness making him look that much more tempting.

"At least I can get laid. No wonder you're still a virgin. You're kind of a terrible kisser." He said with a laugh in a non chalant way.

My jaw dropped as he spun on his heel and left. His words stinging more than they should. I was no longer hungry...

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