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Xane was furious.

First the stupid little bitch forgot breakfast; now she wasn't even taking notice of him the moment he entered the room. No she was so wrapped up in scrambling eggs and looking for her phone for that gangliy looking cock.

Trisha was his.

He never looked at her like a woman. The first time he told her to come back tomorrow he was being a dick- it was ment to be playful even. He hadn't expected her to show. Then hoping she'd bite back he had made another request. The next day she was back. No matter what he asked or needed she was obedient. She even paid for his dates.

Why she listened to him he couldn't fathom; but why not? He was poor, he couldn't afford coffee or new backpacks or dates and it beat the fast food job he had for a month back in highschool.

She was useful- if it wasn't for her he knew he would have been to lazy to fill out the scollarships. He had a full ride all thanks to his little slave.

That's what made him see red though. Was that for the first time in nearly four years the first time she defied him it wasn't of her own will. But because someone else was trying to take his property.

When he saw that gangly asshole kiss her reaching around to try and grope her ass before he thought better of it- He decided to show her a fucking lesson. Remind her who she was obsessed with. Part of him also wanting to fuck her, to break her, ruin her for any other man; but that's just because of his dry spell the last few weeks.

Having him wake up to her sighs and moans finger fucking herself hadn't helped; but at least he knew she was likely thinking about him.


He was the one she was obsessed with. There was no way some gangly brown haired freak could erase him let alone compare to his steamy onslaught he had done to her mouth.

Yet- she continued to talk to him. Smiling!

He'd have to do something drastic. She had talked back to him this morning. Xane even bet she'd skip coming home tonight since it was a night he usually went to one of the weekly frat parties.

He'd fix this; maybe he'd even gift her with being her first.

Ha probably not. But having her suck him off would probably get her back to being obsessed of her own free will.

And he wouldn't be as frustraited.

It would depend how much she pissed him off when she finally came home.

He kind of hoped she'd be late.

He had a lot of fun ideas all of a sudden.

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