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Josh was waiting for me when I arrived. I had tried not to rush but I was so nervous; I wasn't even sure if he'd show. So by the time I got to our spot by the window I was flushed and out of breath.

As soon as I arrived his face lit up; but i couldn't help but notice he didn't have any books with him. "A-Arnt we studying?" I asked him out of breath.

His face fell slightly. "Ah well I thought we where going on a date..." He trailed off rubbing his neck pausing as he took in my flustered appearance. "Are you ok?"

"Uh yeah, stairs." I lied; I had taken the elevator and practically ran here. "Sorry I didn't realize it was a date I would have um... Dressed up more." I said laughing nervously. "I didn't want to assume."

"Hey to assume is to make an ass out of yourself." Josh said smiling and standing up. "Do you want me to hold that while we walk?" He asked gesturing to my book bag crammed full.

I was in awe- no one had ever offered to carry my things. Xane typically didn't even ask before he had me hold his books. "S-sure." I said trying not to flush.

We headed to the pizza place; it was tucked in a small little plaza off campus. When we walked in I was shocked; it was more of an arcade then a pizza joint. It was a pleasant suprise.

Josh pointed to the air hocky table- and man he was in for a treat. Xane loved air hocky; among other games he had me help him practice with. All those parties; he wanted to look good.

I was about as good as he was; if not better.

5-0 games Josh was stunned. "You have fire."

I laughed as he pulled me to another game. By the time we left I had beat him at the majority of the arcade for any player vs player games save for shooting hoops.

My face was all smiles as he walked me home with the sun setting.

"So uh- do you want to like Netflix and chill?" He asked as we walked back with my house in sight.

I laughed. "Isn't that like code for sex?"

"Pissh no." He said- yet his ears turned red.

I wasn't ready to have sex, as nice as Josh was. I noticed he was kind of a sore loser which was kind of a turn off and I wasn't super attracted to him. But he was nice- and a movie, maybe more kissing would be nice.

Easing the tension I grabbed his hand while we walked. "We can watch a movie. And maybe I'll let you kiss me again." I said teasing him.

He perked up his eyes lit up. "Sounds like a plan."

I was all smiles as we came to my door, reaching for my key to unlock it. Unfortunately as i went to turn the lock I realized something- it wasn't locked.

Xane was home.

My scalp prickled with guilt unsure of what to do. Bring in Josh? Say goodbye?

"You ok?" Josh asked confused.

Fuck him. He brought over whores before.

"Yeah sorry, I guess my roomie is home."

"Oh you have a roommate?" He asked as i opened the door. "Is she going to be upset if we use the living room?"

"Ah he-" I saw Josh's face start to fall into one of suspicion. "But no my cousin shouldn't be bothered."

"I thought you said he was your roomie?" Josh asked confused.

"Cousin- by marriage." Came Xanes voice from the stairs making me freeze. What was with the bastard not wearing a shirt lately? He came down and offered a hand to Josh. "Xane."

"Josh." They shook hand firmly dead locking eyes; I could feel a weird tension in the room; or maybe it was just me. Xane had lied for me- when was he ever nice? He must have an end game.

"Josh and I where going to watch a movie- if you want the living room though we can watch something in my room."

I notice that made Josh's face lighten considerably- even though the thought made me a bit uncomfortable the moment it came out of my mouth.

Xane streched- fuck the bastard had a fine body. Josh was looking at me as I rolled my eyes. "I'm actually about to watch something else well. Have either of you seen the new Godzilla?"

"You have it?" Josh asked his eyes full of excitement.

I let out an internal groan. Xane new I had already seen it twelve times with him- not from inviting. He put it on so many times while I studied and had me get popcorn for him that I had it memorized like I had the circumference of a cylinder memorized.

"Oh yeah man I got it yesterday- I'm dying to see it!" Xane said putting an arm around him.

Fucking liar- but I couldn't call him out. He just covered for the cousin thing.

Fuck me...

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