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After about 2 hours of Godzilla- with me alone on the recliner and the boys geeking out on the couch I felt like my date had been thoroughly sabatoged into a boys night.

Fucking Xane.

He wasn't even supposed to be here!

Josh stood up to strech after the movie. "Well I gotta go hit the hay I have class at 6."

I stood up as well and followed him to the door. Before he opened it he turned and smiled at me. "I had a really great time tonight. How about we have another date say... Wednesday? Eight? Are you free?"

"Yeah sure." I said suprised.

He smiled. "I'll text you." A small chaste kiss was all I got before the door was shut.

I thought the date had gone horribly. As I locked the door I let out a sigh of relief resting my forehead ageinst it. "Thank god." I muttered. As lifted my head off the door two hands where planted by my head- Xanes body pinning me in place, his hot breath in my ear.

"Hello cousin." He purred.


"Bringing over a guy, skipping my breakfast again, lying." He whispered each of my indiscretions one by one.

My heart hammered in my chest as I felt his lips brush my ear. "You woke me up this morning. I heard you. Who where you thinking about? When you came? Hmm?"

I was frozen, my lips parted as I tried to comprehend what he was saying. Despite my better instinct I felt myself grow hot, an ache in my legs.

What the hell.

When the fuck did he care? Why the hell was I suddenly a target. "Let me go Xane." I meant to say it forecfully, strong. Instead it came out as a half whimper.

One of his hands moved to my hip, his throbbing cock nestled between the cheeks of my ass making my core clench. His scent was everywhere caging me as he kept me in place my hands on the door almost pinning me- giving me the choice to either move forward in that small few inch gap to be flush ageinst the door and off balance- or suffer as I felt him ageinst me.

"I thought you liked me though Trisha."

"Trish." I growled- which turned into a gasp as he ground himself against me.

"Whatever you say cousin."

"It was just-" I couldn't defend myself; not really. I lied to make Josh feel more comfortable about me living with a guy. "He was upset."

"You don't lie to me when I'm upset." Xane said as the hand on my hip began to roam up my side. "You fix it."

"Xane-" I said- a small tinge of fear in my voice as his thumb brushed the underside of my breast.

He had never once touched me like this until that kiss. Now this? Why now? Because I suddenly decided to stop being his gofer? I had done everything purely because I wanted to.

Did he... Was he afraid I'd stop? So he was giving me what he thought I wanted?

His teeth tugged at my ear sending a shiver down my spine. "Yes?"

I took a deep breath steeling myself making my words clear. "I don't want this- not like this."

He stiffened before flipping me around roughly banging me ageinst the door his forehead on mine. "What do you mean you don't want this? I thought you've wanted me for over four years. Thats why you follow me around like a fucking trained dog. You want that gangly looking freak instead!?" His words where harsh before he moved his hips to pin me up ageinst the door on my tip toes; his cock was being shoved between my legs- our cloths didn't feel like much of a barrier. I could feel it pulse and throb.

I was almost certain he could tell how damp I was. I wore a thong with my leggings- and i could feel how wet they where between my thighs. "N-no I-" his mouth was on my neck now as I tried to talk- my voice cracking as his teeth grazed me. "Xane please-" I begged; what for I wasn't entirely sure. To stop? To give me more?

Why the hell was my head so foggy; why wasn't I more angry?

"You won't leave me for that gangly fuck- understand?"

"He's n-nice to me."

Xane paused again his hands on my ass gripping it tight; his thumb grazing my bare skin before one of his hands moved into my leggings making me gasp. "W-wait-"

"Tell me to stop Trish, tell me to stop and I will. Tell me that little twerp is all you dreamed of amd that all those years waiting for me was wasted." He growled, his hand inching lower and lower, running over my thigh, my small tuff of pubic hair to-

"Ah!" I cried out my hands lifting to hold onto his shoulders of their own accord. His middle finger rubbed my throbbing clitoris; soaked in my sudden desire I couldn't control.

"Tell me to stop." He said again rubbing it slowly making high pitched noises leave my throat.

I couldn't think- I had masterbated many tines before but this? "Xane! Stop! Stop!" I begged- I was so close it was painful. I wasn't sure i wanted this- I couldnt-

His two fingers plunged into me, the palm of his hand still rubbing my clitoris. I gave a hoarse cry, shattering, cumming around his fingers.

All to soon his fingers where removed leaving me dazed as I stood weakly ageinst the door trembling.

Xane looked at me, his eyes dark as he licked my juices off his fingers. "You can lie to him all you want princess. At the end of the day. You'll still be mine."

And then?

The fucker walked back to his room slamming the door.

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