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Xane had to return to his room. Return because she had said stop- but he had her so close he had to finish her. Feel her clench and shatter around his fingers as he streched her sweet tight pussy.

It took everything he had not to fuck her right then and there. His cock was still throbbing as the shower started up.

She had tasted so fucking good. He could still smell her sweet little virgin pussy on his fingers.


Grabbing the lube he began to jack off smelling her on his fingers, imagining her naked in the shower. Her beautiful natural red hair- he wondered if her pubes matched like a small sprinkle of red before he spread her lips to paridise.

Fucking her ageinst the door, in the shower, her sucking him. God that had been the plan. Fuck her face until he came down her throat.

He came faster than expected with a loud grunt into one of his shirts he snatched off the floor.

Fuck he needed to get laid. He didnt want her doing his laundry when his shirts where full of spunk. So he hadnt worn a shirt all day. The idiot hasn't minded.

What the hell did she see in him?

Whatever he needed to take a leek. Without a second thought be pounded on the door. She was covered in just a towel as she exited. He kept his eyes firmly glued ahead.

If he looked at her- they would fuck. He'd know exactly what her public hair would look like. The face she made as his cock was burried in her. He was already growing hard as he shut the door behind him.

Get a grip.

Xane, pissed took several deep breaths. Why the hell was the little virgin suddenly such a cock tease?

Opening the door his expression darkened. She hadn't gotten dressed. She wasn't remotely afraid of him after his assault. That was good. Because he wanted more-

Then he saw the phone in her hands. Her smile. She hadn't gotten dressed to text that gangly fuck.

After HE made her cum.

She had to be kidding. Maybe she was doing it in purpose. Maybe she knew just how pissed off it made him. Maybe she hoped for more.

Horny little virgin.

Alright. He thought as she shut the door. We can play that game. He already had the advantage. He would make sure next time that ugly fuck was the farthest thing from her mind.

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