Dark Desires

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He startled her when his hand gripped her waist. "I will give you two options" he smirked, "Don't fight me.....and you will receive only pleasure. Or...Second option...." he paused and looked at her. "Fight me and watch me ruin you!" he laughed wickedly, seeing her face pale. Adrian is a young and dangerous mafia who loves nothing but challenges in his life. Killing, fucking and fighting were his only hobbies. His handsome looks were just the false facade for his dark life. But what happens when he meets the innocent Alyssa who is clueless about the cruelty he was going to impose her to? Alyssa, a beautiful young girl who was brought up in a conservative family, knew nothing about the world outside her small house. Young guys hunted her like a prey while girls hated her for her beauty. Poverty was her only flaw and beauty was her only threat. Her entire life changes when she falls in the eyes of the dangerous Mafia. Warning: Dark content such as rape, Harsh language and violence. Please do not read if you're uncomfortable.

Erotica / Action
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Chapter 1

“Ahhh Adrian please.... Oh my god, faster... Ahhhh.... Yeaaa.. Ouhhhh” she moaned as he pounded inside her mercilessly.

He had no worries or regret as he choked her while deeply thrusting inside her tight hole. She dug her fingers in his shoulders while her legs started feeling numb from his ruthless fucking. But he didn’t care about what she was feeling. Her loud gasps and moans echoed around the mansion as he kept fucking her fiercely on the bed.

“You like that, don’t you?” he smirked as he held her thighs and roughly fucked her. Slapping her ass a few times, he grabbed her hair and made her face him.

“Look at my bloody eyes.... Look” he cupped her jaws harshly and made her face him. Her eyes slowly displayed fear, making him smile sinisterly.

“Ad-drian....I am cumming” she screamed as she climaxed again.

Without a word, he turned her around and positioned his member against her ass. Her eyes went wide as she couldn’t believe how many rounds, he was making her go for. It had already been four rounds back to back without a break. Now fifth?

She knew she couldn’t go on.

“Adrian please...... Enough... It hurts. I can’t...” she panted, trying to turn around. But he immediately held her neck and pushed her back harshly on the bed.

“You don’t have a fucking say in this bitch” he grunted and thrusted himself hardly. Amelia gasped as she felt a sharp pain shoot up her spine.

Without any mercy, he kept fucking her till she could see black spots. As usual, she wasn’t allowed to say or do anything. She was sold to him five years ago....and till today, she still couldn’t get used to his sick desires.

“Ahhhh Adrian slow down please...” she gasped, but his speed never decreased.

It was again one of his usual ‘pets’ who was forced to please him that night. A night filled with groaning and girls crying wasn’t new in that place. It was an ordinary happening.

The servants there went dumb to those noises. It didn’t make any difference to them anymore as they knew about their boss’s sickening attitude.

After all, Adrian was the king of the Mansion. A man with great looks but no heart. He was the devil in disguise. A monster in the mask of a prince charming. People who didn’t know about him would usually get deceived by his false looks. However, he was not like how he presented himself to the business world.

He was a greatly respected businessman to the world. He was highly influential as he had close contacts with many government officials. No one knew about his work and power behind the closed curtains.

In the underground world, he was the youngest Mafia boss. Killing, kidnapping and drug business was his job. Even the servants in his own house feared to face him. He would punish anyone or anything which he disapproves. Killing people was as normal as having a meal for him.

He would literally get anything he wanted at his feet. Money, woman and fame were part of his lavishing lifestyle. Fucking woman was his daily need. His sexual drive was always high. He needed a girl to warm his bed almost every single night to relieve his frustrations.

Women threw themselves on him while the others feared for the way he used them. He would usually buy his slaves or paid for the whores to be sent to his house. The rest of the days, he would just spend time in his private club, fucking different woman on his bed.

He was never lenient to the girls in bed. He treated them like an object. His roughness and force would usually leave most of the woman with ugly bruises. But they will have no choice but to accept it. If anyone resisted him, he would either kill them or punish them until they become numb from insides.

Either way, if he wanted someone then he would get them by hook or crook.


Sniffing his cigarette, he looked at the worn-out woman in his bed. He tried to feel sorry for her, but he couldn’t. His bringing up was such.... He was never taught to feel sorry for others.

Whenever Amelia screamed, it only irritated him. He was surprised that he still hadn’t killed her. He had started growing sick of the same kind of girls moaning in the bed. It didn’t give him the same pleasure anymore. Something was missing during the sex.

Girls willingly throwing themselves at him was such a turn off. he took another puff from the cigarette and faced the poor girl.

Every time he fucked her against her will, it gave him a different type of pleasure. It turned him on badly and he couldn’t seem to point out the reason. Five years ago, fucking someone against their will was not even acceptable for him......But now, everything had changed. Forcing a girl gave him a sadistic pleasure.

He tried to think about it multiple times and yes.... the conclusion was, fucking them the usual ways didn’t please him any longer.

Now he had to think of new ways and positions....

Smiling at his thoughts, he saw Amelia shuffling through the silky sheets. Her eyes were red as she blinked at him with horror. She couldn’t even remember when she passed out. Her eyes displayed fear as she stared at him apprehensively. Placing the cigarette down, he turned and took a stack of money from his desk. Throwing it at her face, he glared at her with a cold look.

“Take the money and get the fuck out.” he commanded in a harsh tone.

Without a word, Amelia ran out of the room after collecting her belongings. She knew that this was one of her luckiest days where he sent her back in the middle of the nights. The other days, he would just fuck her till sunrise and wouldn’t care if she was unwell or not.

Adrian sighed and opened his laptop.

“Another bloody fucker!” he cursed as he saw a new case popping up in his windows. Taking his gun out from the drawers, he started to load them.

It was time for another new mission!


“Alyssa darling, please get some butter for me on your way!!!” Jessica shouted as she saw her daughter getting down the stairs.

“Yea MOM” she smiled as she quickly took an apple and rushed out to her university.

Alyssa was everything a girl would desire to be. Beautiful, intelligent and humble. She was five foot seven, with brunette waves and brown orbs. She had the kind of face which would make people smile for no reason. Elegance and grace were the words which described her character the most.

She was always cheerful about life and never faced a single heartbreak all these years. She always planned her life ahead of her. She kept herself controlled and disciplined in every stage of life. Although her family had their ups and downs, Alyssa believed in seeing positivity in every single thing. She was the kind who believed in forgiveness and love.

Guys in her college desired her while girls always threw daggers at the way she used to carry herself confidently. But there was always that huge innocence in her heart which couldn’t be separated from her.

Her innocence was the most beautiful thing about her.

She wasn’t fully exposed to the world outside her house. It has always been her home or school. She seldom hung-out with her friends outside college due to her strict curfews. Alyssa’s father was a conservative man and he didn’t believe in giving her much freedom. He used to monitor Alyssa’s timetable like a strict school teacher. Therefore, Alyssa’s life was as boring as a one year old.

But finally....... One fine day, everything was about to change.

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