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Three naughty shorts

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Love for sensei

I was just eighteen years old when i a started in karate. And as i excelled in the art. I saw the side that wasnt tough or yakuza from my sensei. He was being kind to me even in front of the other students. I was told infront of everyone that i was a prodigy in the marital arts.

He made me a instructor and would wink and flirt with me. But i knew better than to be with a tattooed Japanese man.....yakuza. my other sensei said that all yakuza were psychopaths who were off their meds. But fuck it this girl loves crazy.

When Shogun that was his name said that class was over and that i was to get my sweat red head ass up to his place up stairs above the dojo.

The place was is a small but nice apartment full of expensive martial weapson some from i guess from the Tokugawa era. He called me to his queen side bed.

"I have been stroking ever since i took over the dojo and as you blossomed to a beautiful black belt. I want to be with you," shogun said.

He kissed me this 50 year old yakuza. This was the first kiss that i ever shared with anyone. It was nice and some what romantic in that semi dark apartment.

Shogun soon easied me down on his bed. He took off my karate pants and teased, kisseded and eat me. His toung going in and out was driving me into a frenzy.

I held his head he said said that good students get special kisses. Which he kept doing. I wanted sprend the prink and fuck as he kissed my pussy.

He hated that word and that femalwe martial artists where supposed to be more proper. So i said "sorry and that i meant woman hood."

I started to cum and he wasn't just kidsing and eating but drinking me. Smelling my fishy fumes as i came.

"He said that he loved the smell and taste of me. I kissed him tenderly and let his cum filled toung into my mouth as we were making love to GZA, wu tang clan and RZA. That music was romantic with him.

When we slowed sown

I said teasing his nipple woth my index finger and told him thst i wanyed yo livr with him.

"This fine with me," he said kissing me.

I let his tounge into my mouth as he traced my lips and our tounges danced as well.

I want you to know that i was a virgin before meeting shogun. He said he wanted me to live with him in Japan where she would teach his eougher students and his crime family and that we would make love constantly.

This was going to be a tough yet loving life style. When we were in Japan and i was teaching his mostly male tough students he tackled me and took my pants off and started to thrust into me as we kissed infront the tough guys. The feel of shoguns length made moan to the point where i screamed with pleasure. I was afraid of shogun lossing respect or i from his student. But when his students saying that he congratulated him on finding a woman and not a trannie i was surprised.

That night i asked if he was with trannies.

"Against my well, i would think they were really women and then when the came to fucking that i found dick. And it would end up in my mouth or ass. I hated it."

"Oh," i said that i never had it with a trannie."i bet that would be hot."

Shogun agreed to the threesome and we got a "woman" i to our bedroom. I was fucking shogun vaginally while the trannie fucked my ass and licked me ear.

"Now this i dont mind," my sensei said as he came in me.

If i wasn't kissing the woman i would have been kissing him.

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