Thugs in dresses

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this is the story of yakuza mistress who is ruthless with her crime family yet loving to her girlfriend. this thug in a dress is not only a mistress but all a boss who is plagued with untreated PTSD and is bent on revenge for her boss's/lover's murder which she wintnessed before her very eyes at younger age. still young she is blood thrusty and hate ful the even her girlfriend still in love and attracted is afraid of her yakuza lover.

Erotica / Horror
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Thugs in dresses

Strawberries cherries and an angel's kiss in spring

My summer wine is really made from all these things

When my father gave me something as a teenager it was a picture of his parents anx of him as a kid. He made me promise that i wouldn't lose it. I have kept that promise to this day. I become a yakuza a few years later on his exact birthday and was taught karate by the same man i called oyabun (father or boss). I also came to be a black belt as i was very a tive in tournaments and events. He tought me something that one a father figure would teach me as that the day after my father gave me those pictures he was shoot by a stray bullet.......wrong place. Thats why i took up karate and the yakuza life style.

Thouggt of my boss/sensei as mor than that as i turned twenty that i started having fantasies oc kissing him or sleeping with him...but at that time there were that fantasies.

Every time that he corrected my stance or technique in karate or asked me to help out in the syndicate i could see that look and spark in his eyrs i knew where loved.

A little about me as i lost my father mom in herit his gambling debt and tried to sell me to some creepy guy. I didnt go to the police but went into karate class.

Over the greiving period i found that grieving had similar post traumatic stress disorder at the worst of times. I actually saw my father go down as if an animal.

I had nightmares and the odd flashbacks isnt that what PTSD is. But i left it untreated....go for the yakuza but no good for your mind.

Over the course i found out thst not all thugs wear skirts.....some thugs wear dresses, kimonos and lingerie. Especially dresses.

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