The Pearl

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Pearl & Laken walked hand in hand to the social area.

They looked like the power couple of goths, similar leather jackets, tight denim Jean's and black tops with black Dr Martens. Pearl felt fierce. She felt like a new woman, ready to take on anyone- especially with the guy who had the worst rep in school. She wasn't necessarily proud of his rep, he had explained to her what was false, exaggerated & they found it to be humorous towards the end.

She was hoping to get his name cleared on a lot if things, Laken was grateful that finally someone believed him and was going to be by his side. His Goth Queen by his side.

The social area went silent when they appeared and they both smirked at each other knowingly. Lyla waved them down to a part of the corner sofa and they headed over. Eyes peeling them from all different cliques, whispers and open jaws.

"Fucking legendary Sharon & Ozzy!" Lyla said when they approached with a laugh that broke the tension in the room. Normality soon continued but with some very odd stares.

"What's the game plan?" Said Laken, one arm draped around Pearl.

"What ammo have we got?"Pearl said quietly as she looked up at Laken. His grey eyes were beyond beautiful.

"I've got screen shots from when we were together, I say we share them to everyone." Laken looked at Pearl "you're not gonna like them but we gotta make this work"

Pearl nodded "we could start off with embarrassment, then head for the ball crunchers." She shrugged "build it up, over the day make it painful. Ultimately she needs to be punished for breaking the law-but the drawn out process will make it worth while. She may even come forward on her own terms which would benefit everyone. She would have admitted guilt, for your sake this would be the best option." Pearl looked at Laken, closure would be best for him now- then he could move on fully with her. Pearl smiled to herself, she was thinking about a future she had never known could exist.

"Let's start with the screen shots you got Pearl about the rabbit & bj." Lyla said, interrupting her train of thought. "We can do it off of this phone I brought with, I will be suspected the least - plus not ma phone!" She said laughing at the pair of them as she pulled out an old iPhone. "Brothers old phone, may as well do something good with it!" Lyla smiled at them both.

"We really appreciate your help Lyla, we don't want to get you in trouble so if we get caught you have no part of this do you understand?" Laken said looking straight into her eyes.

" Roger that!" She signaled her sir sign and then started to click away. Lyla was acquainted with everyone so knew what would be best to get the message out.

"Okay screen shot 1. Text about no BJ tonight- being snapchatted to three core groups in this school. Popular sschhlaggs, Popular knobheads and the AmDram lot. You want word out- these are your peeps." She held up the snap chat to Laken and Pearl. "We ready team?" She said quietly and bit her lip nervously. Pearl's palms started to sweat, she knew Chase would be onto her straight away but thought A. fuck it. B. She's got Laken & this shit was getting real.

Laken leant forward and pressed the send button. They all looked at each other shocked and started to nervously giggle. "Fuck it, ready or not here we come." He said as he leant back casually. He pulled Pearl's chin up to him and kissed her hard on the lips. She let out a tiny moan, aware of her surroundings but couldn't resist his taste. His tongue was invading her mouth and she felt heat all over her body spread like a fire. He pulled her in and moved his other hand over her hips, fingers slightly grasping her bum cheeks.

Lyla coughed and put her hands up in the air "that's great guys, forget I'm here- fucking ace." She was half joking, half annoyed at their behaviour. Both turned around and mouthed sorrys at her, before noticing that half the social area was also watching this heated, sexy, hormonal exchange.

Within a flash a squeal was heard across the room. Students started to move together, huddle around phones & giggle, whispering to each other. Phones started to be passed around.

The snap chat had started its work, with Lylas caption "Mr Freely enjoys being tortured by Miss Richard's." Planting the pair of them right into the mix. The sender was simply called Cyclone Gossip-no picture, no bio, nothing to implicate them.

The buzz around the social area began to grow and they prepared the next chat for the next hour. Every hour one would be sent and they prepped them earlier to double check and get it right.

"No going back now" said Pearl.

The bell rang interrupting the chatter and laughter. First class was media, luckily with Lyla. Laken hugged them both and kissed Pearl quickly, his plan was any form of interaction with either Chase or Cheryl he had to record.

They all separated off joining the whispering, laughing crowd all glued to their phones.


Second snap chat came and went, using again Pearl's screen shots all about Miss Richards and her rabbit. The school hadn't picked up on anything yet, but talk was beginning to grow amongst the students. The dos and don'ts the rights and wrongs this was, Pearl and Lyla prepared the 3rd message.

This was going to be the next step that would explode it all. Pearl was shocked when she read through some of the messages that Cheryl had sent to Laken. She was his fucking teacher & this was outrageous behaviour, she should be somebody you can trust. Not a sadistic, emotional torturer.

Pearl hadn't seen Chase either, she was courtious to let Lyla walk in front so she could react and hide Pearl if they saw him.

"Message 3 locked and loaded" Lyla said quietly. This one was a biggy and you could feel the nervous tension between them, they weren't bad girls- they wanted what was right. They didn't want to get Miss Richard's in trouble, this shit is life changing but they also knew that they had to say something. The school didn't listen to them the first time Laken had his issues, this would be no different.

Lyla showed Pearl for the third time, she leant forward and hit send quickly.

They leant back and breathed out a sigh of worry and relief.

"HOLY SHIT BALLS - YOU GOTTA SEE THIS" a group of the Popular guys shouted out across the social area, gathering a crowd around them one of them read it aloud. It sounded horrific when read out by a 17 year old wannabe footballer.

"Come by at 3.30pm today, classroom will be empty- I've already organised you a detention you bad boy. I cannot wait to ride you on my desk, you've been a tease all day and I cannot wait to punish my student."

Titled "I thought she had a fiancee #students #underrageboys #breakingthelaw".

There was carnage in the social area, screams, shouting "I knew it! I knew she loved us!" Yelled some of the football crowd. Others looked horrified, silent and some headed to the head of 6th forms office.

Laken sat down next to Pearl and watched the jungle and its animals all react differently.

"I love you." He whispered in Pearl's ear.

"I love you to." She whispered back, neither made eye contact- just stared across the chaos.

She felt his hand lead her up and away, she followed still transfixed on the anarchy of the social area when she felt Laken push her out of the area and into a small music cupboard.

He took out a key and locked them both in. Pearl looked up at him as if awakening from a day dream, Laken grinned at her with a devilish look in his eye.

They manicley locked lips pulling at each others clothes. He pushed her into the wall and slid his hand over her pussy and pressed into her lips, spreading them and pushing his finger tip against her clit. Pearl gasped with the pleasure that flew through her. Her hands were in his hair and over his neck holding him tight to her.

"How badly do you want me snow?" He growled at her.

"Fuck yes" she replied in a breath, he was pushing on her clit hard making her body ache for me- physically hurting she wanted him that badly.

"Not the answer" he said and moved two fingers inside her, pushing with force and no warning.

"Ouuh" Pearl couldn't release her breath she was so shocked by his power move. "I want you so much and I want to cum for you." She licked his neck and held tightly.

Laken kept his fingers inside Pearl and pushed her hand towards his throbbing cock. She quickly undid his trousers and pulled him out, stood to attention. She licked her palm and quickly began to grind his member. He tilted his head back in complete bliss and bit his lip. He pushed his body against hers and began to move his fingers, rough, fast and deep inside her dripping pussy. Pearl could feel her orgasm building, it was so quick but the danger of being in a locked school cupboard had heightened their senses.

She leant into his neck gently biting, whilst trying to concentrate on pumping him. He moved her hand off his cock and knelt down. He tugged her trousers down to her thighs and placed one hand around on her bum. Pulling her hips forward she felt his tongue begin to delve around her clit. His fingers still working her, but his tongue drove her wild. His pace was fast and tongue flicked quickly over her clit matching his fingers. Her legs started to buckle and she stood on her tip toes, with one hand wrapped in his hair.

"Don't....fucking...stop" she said breathlessly while her orgasm ripped through her and her juices flowed heavily around Lakens mouth. He gripped onto her thights tightly, reminding her to be quiet but also holding her in place while she shook with the vibrations.

She met him on her knees, giving way to her limp body and kissed him roughly. Tasting her juices. She pushed him backwards laying on the ground and moved in between his legs. His cock was stood proudly, upright and ripe with pre cum leaking out. Neither spoke, she opened her mouth and tucked in to him. She had little, if any gag reflex and took him in easily. She felt Lakens body jolt and his hands grab her hair.

"Fuck yes Snow," he moaned while she quickly mouth fucked him. She began to feel him tense and his cock twitching in her mouth, he grabbed her head held her and began to thrust into her throat. Her eyes began to stream, he was going further down her throat truly making her gag now. She could feel his balls slapping her face, moisture from her mouth was beginning drip and his body began to convulse. He held her head clamped to the entirety of his member while he came, gushing down her throat. He relaxed his grip and she quickly pulled herself off taking in deep breaths and wiping her mouth and eyes.

Laken sat up and knelt forward "did I hurt you?" He said guilty. "No, baby and if you do- I'll kill you." Pearl whispered back to him with a smile - her lips brushing his with a final suck of his bottom lip.

They both stood up, readjusted each other and exited the cupboard hand in hand.

The school was silent. There were no students, it was like everyone had vanished.

"You two- get to the main hall NOW!" screamed a TA that neither of them recognised.

"Why? What's going on?" Pearl shouted back across the hall.

"Emergency 6th form meeting, I'm not repeating myself GO!" the TA shouted back panicked.

Pearl and Laken made their way to the main hall and it was filled with students & teachers.

Pearl slid into a chair at the back, there wasn't many seats left so they couldn't sit next to each other. Each row a teacher stood hovering, surrounding them all. The hall was quiet and as she looked up, the corner of her eye stood Chase. Arms folded glaring at the row of students, especially Pearl. She sank down into her seat and tried to make eye contact with Lyla or Laken. Neither could see her and she could feel his anger vibrating through her.

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