The Pearl

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The situation was intense. Had they gone too far? Thought Pearl, but quickly brushed aside all worries when the severity of the situation outweighed them all.

This was teacher, student shit and that stuff was very wrong. Messed up for everyone involved, Laken had gained the worst rep from his parents, teachers all because he was taken advantage of.

The head master approached the stage addressing all the students.

"I'm aware of messages going around, accusing staff of inappropriate conduct. Whomever is sending these messages needs to come forward properly, until then these will not be noted as allegations instead defamation or character."

The hall murmured with apprehension and whispers.

"If you come forward you will not be in trouble, it will be investigated properly. I expect better from you all than childish gossip." He continued.

The murmurs started to louden, Pearl desperately tried to gain eye contact from Laken but could feel Chases eyes burning through her skull.

A tentative hand raised from the crowd. Students peered to see who it was, Jamison Brown a small boy, geeky but not easily intimated spoke quietly " so just to confirm sir, you're not going to take these seriously when there is proof?"

The crowd started to giggle and talk, he had called out the headmaster and all wanted to see where this was headed.

"I never said that Jamison, I am asking the culprit to come forward properly so matters can be taken into the schools hands." He said slightly startled.

"But we all know who it is, it's not that hard" he shrugged.

The crowd started to get louder, giggles and cheers heard.

Laken finally spotted Pearl and raised his eyebrows, leaning back into his chair. All were curious to see the scene unfold.

"Jamison, if you wish to file allegations then do so accordingly otherwise as i have said these types of blackmail will not work well in the culprits favour and will become punishable"

This time the crowd started to angrily moan, "oh so it is punishable" said Jamison sarcastically. "Well fuck me, someone calls out something wrong, yet they're the one in trouble... sure." He shrugged and flapped his arms around defiantly.

"Jamison Brown, it appears you may have something to do with this by your defending attitude. " the headmaster accused.

Gasps were heard, Pearl looked at Lyla who was keeping her head down. Her eyes started to jolt, she couldn't let an innocent guy take this fall. Laken motioned to her with his hand to sit down.

Chase edged closer to her and leant into her whispering threatening "you really wanna go through with this?"

Pearl started to panic, her breathing quickening.

"No- it wasn't me but when Miss Richards gives half the footie team unreasonable detentions and none of them complain, then you know you wonder to yourself what's that about?"

The hall gasped simultaneously, the footie team started to shuffle and point at each other. Some smiled knowingly, others kept their head down.

"Not just the footie team either really, I've always been a bit offended it was never me even when I did do something wrong- but Scott, Tyson, Laken, Bernard they all know what I'm talking about as well." He said nonchalantly pointing around to individuals.

Laken smirked, having been named by someone else. The crowd had ERUPTED, giggles, shouts, cheering, wooping.

The Headmaster looked shocked, appalled and defeated.

"Jamison office now, all names individuals to the office now. I want no more speak of this from anyone. Do you all hear! DISMISSED!" He roared.

Teachers looked dumbfounded, shocked and a few laughed- clearly admitting they knew and had wanted this vengeance for a while.

The crowd began to stand before Jamison yelled finally "sorry Mr Freely, but reputation goes on a long while of gossiping." He said slyly. Hinting at the fact that he was also implicated.

One more cheer and laugh from the crowd occured before it was dispersed quickly, Pearl desperately tried to reach Laken before he was taken to the headmasters office, but couldn't find him the crowd.

An arm grabbed her elbow leading her into the library backwards and into the photocopying room.

Chase slammed his body against Pearls and snarled "you see what you've fucking done?"

"Get out of me Chase, at least now you could be broken up, you know like you promised." She spat back. "You can't prove it was me unless you wanna admit to trying to fuck a student in the photography room." She whispered back with venom whilst raising an eye brow.

He groaned and ran his fingers through his hair, "her career is done you know that" he said.

"Lakens life was done, does that not matter? And now theres even more! Life over career I would say outweighs the other." She shot at him.

He moved quickly closer to her, lips inches apart "I suppose I'm free now." He said pressing himself into her. She could feel his growing member pushing into her. Her lust started to take over all inhibitions lost.

He slid his hand over her panties, she winced momentarily.

"You're swollen" he said "you keep letting him touch you, but you won't even give me a chance."

His emotional blackmail hit Pearl to her core, he was now a free man but she had found someone who provided her with no drama and respect.

"Are you free tonight?" He asked still cupping her, feeling the warmth from his hand she started to become wet.

"I can be" she replied dryly, confused and worried.

"7pm- I'll be there" he said before walking away and opening the door.

Pearl leant forward and clutched her chest.

She was confused and sad, guilty yet so turned on.

The rest of the day was a blur, no one concentrated and she barely saw Laken and Lyla.

She texted Laken to make sure he was okay, but it was left unread.

Heading home she felt dread but quickly decided that this was all his game and she wasn't taking anymore of his shit. She wanted Laken and this was final.


7pm chimed on the clock, still no word from Laken and Pearl was worried- she wanted him to turn up and stop Chase but also didnt want to hound him with messages.

She sent a final text saying "love you, thinking of you, this is our world now P X." Before noticing Chases car pull up.

She felt sick and started to shake. Fuck knows what she was in store for.

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