The Pearl

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She opened the door and Chase stood there, sad but confident.

They headed upstairs to her room, it was comforting and quiet. Her parents were nowhere to be seen, night shifts etc so she wasn't worried about being interrupted.

He sat on the bed and took her hand guiding her towards him. She hesitantly headed towards him and he pulled her onto his lap.

Facing each other they hadn't said a word, but could feel the heat rising, her breathing getting faster.

He began to undo her tracksuit, freeing her breasts and torso, he moaned taking in the sight of her. Chase leant forward and licked her chest heading towards her nipples.

Pearl's eyes rolled into the back of her head, the suspended pleasure began to seep through her. She couldn't bring herself to talk, she knew this was wrong but the chemistry between them was undeniable.

He sucked and tugged at her nipples, holding her waist steady as she bucked instinctively.

She hastily began to pull his top off and planted a strong, wanting kiss on his lips. Chase pulled at her bottom lip and flipped her over in a swift move.

He undressed himself, standing proudly in front of her, his member stood to attention and whisked her trousers off in one pull.

He laid inbetween her legs, fingers entwined and pinning her arms back. They're eye contact remained focused on each other staring intently. His member was rubbing inside her folds, along her clit and she could feel her juices dripping.

Without moving his hands he guided himself into her, he eyes widened and mouth opened as she stared intently into his eyes.

She was so wet he slid in easily, no pain, no stretching just perfectly- like he was the perfect fit.

"Ooouh Chase" she moaned into his mouth. Chase smiled then began to rotate his hips, slowly and meaningfully he moved watching every expression she made.

He kept himself fully inside her and slowly pumped her, ensuring she was always full and taking it all in.

He released her hands and she clung to his back, wrapping her legs around his waist.

Any guilt she had felt had long disappeared as she remained in this tantric pleasure.

His hand held her face, the other wrapped under her shoulder blades. He held them close together, nipples rubbing chests, sweat building, lips just touching.

Pearl submitted fully to him, allowing her body to enjoy every moment of drawn out pleasure. Relaxing and releasing every moan, every gasp.

"Oh god Pearl, I've wanted you for so long." Chase moaned breathlessly.

He started to pull himself out, then fully pushing back in, softly and gently causing Pearl to cry out "oh god Chase ..... fuck me... ooohh"

He continued to gently fuck her, rotating, pulling out, filling her then repeating all while holding her head keeping the eye contact.

This wasn't a quick shag, this was a long, drawn out, sensual fuck that was blowing Pearl's mind.

Everytime her eyes rolled and her back arched Chase would grin, enjoying pleasuring her.

She moved her hands to his bum cheeks feeling him move up and down, round and round and began to run her nails up his back. Chase shuddered and kissed her lightly on the lips, then inserting his tongue into her mouth. She willingly accepted and reciprocated the invasion, tongues entiwining, bodies moulding.

Pearl gasped feeling the pleasure beginning to build inside her. "Chase, I'm going to cum" she said starting to panic, he kissed her again lightly and whispered "me to, let go."

His pace quickened slightly, they held onto each other keeping the soft momentum going.

"Ooouh.... oh Chase" she moaned breathlessly "I'm gonna... ohhh ...." her mouth opened wide, she held her breathe, he eyes felt so deeply burrowing into her skull, her back arched and she let out a giant cry if ecstasy "ChhhaaSSSEEE" she cried, "chase" she repeated, out of breath and swallowed by the pure ecstasy of her orgasm.

Chase stopped momentarily as he felt her walls tighten around him, barely being able to move, she pulsed around him, gushings of juice leaking from her. Once she had loosened he gave a final push and unloaded into her.

"Oooh Pearl" he moaned into her ear.

He briefly kissed her neck before sliding off of her, both bodies collapsed and fulfilled from their orgasms.

They laid there sweating and panting, flustered and hot. Pearl could barely move and curled into Chases arms before closing her eyes and beginning to fall asleep.

Chase brushed the hair from her face, pulled the duvet over them both tucking them in.

Before finally picking up his phone.

Several messages from Cheryl were lined in his notifications, all pleading, begging... he replied to her with a simple "go fuck yourself chez." And proceeded to delete all trace of her.

Pearl moaned in her sleep and Chase smiled to himself, noticing a ping from her phone. Laken had replied and Chase raised his eye brows.

A few attempts at her pin ended up being her birth year, opening the message "hey, I'm fine- it's been pretty crazy... but I love you and thank you. Night my snow x"

Chase took Lakens number and tapped it into his phone, sending an anonymous text "Not your snow anymore, she's my pearl."

Hitting send, he leant back into the bed holding Pearl and watched her sleep peacefully.

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