The Pearl

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Pearl awoke from her exhausted slumber, her fingers trailed the muscly chest of the sleeping man next to her. He looked peaceful, content with a pout of innocence.

She leaned over to her phone, there were no new notifications. She sighed leaning back into the bed.

All confusing thoughts trailed in her head,

"Why hadn't Laken called?"

"What had i done?"

"Is this called cheating?"

"Am I in a serious relationship?"

"I fucking gave in so quickly"

"But it felt soo good"

Her breathing started to rapidly increase, her hands went to her forehead as she started to process what happened the night before.

She felt movement next to her and light kisses trailing her neck.

"Good morning beautiful" said Chase as he leaned in to her neck, wrapping his toned arms around her.

"Did we do the right thing? She asked meekly into his hair.

Chase looked up with his hazel eyes and stroked her face, "did it feel right?" He replied.

Pearl smiled and palmed her face at the same time. "I feel good, but guilty- I gotta talk to Laken."

"Has he spoken to you?" Asked chase calmly.

"No..... well I haven't heard anything." She replied.

"So then- you don't need to talk to him." Chase said running his finger tips over her nipples. They began to stiffen and perk.

Pearl looked him in the eyes biting her lip, "Miss Lightning, you do that again I will punish you so hard you won't know what to do." Chase said teasingly.

Pearl giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Is it over, really over with Miss Richards?"

"My last words to her were go fuck yourself chez. I think that would be fair enough to assume its over." Chase replied with a cheeky smile.

"By the way, do you actually have parents or are you always home alone." He asked quizzically.

"Don't worry, my parents work all times, they're pretty much split and I don't really exist if I cause any trouble." Pearl said bluntly.

"Well then, if we're home alone and it's a Saturday..." Chase trailed off smiling slyly.

He climbed on top of her pulling the duvets off. "Fuck it's cold Chase!" Pearl giggled.

He slipped down to her stomach and started to kiss softly around her belly button, down towards her centre. Pearl let out an excited groan anticipating the pleasure to follow.

Chase pushed her legs flat down beside him and pulled her folds apart, beginning to kiss her clit.

"Aaaaahh" she moaned her back arching with the want of more.

He pulled her clit with his teeth, sucking and nibbling moving one finger inside her. Pearl giggled and writhed on the bed, letting the pleasure take over her.

He moved inside her slowly, curling his finger up towards her g spot- something no one had found before whilst flicking her with his tongue.

"Relax for me" he said quietly, Pearl looked down at him slightly confused but laid back and relaxed all her muscles just as he asked.

Chase moved his first finger inside her wet core continuing to pump and slide another finger down to her bum.

Pearl gasped as she realised what he was up to. "Nope, nope I'm.not sure" she said tightening up.

"Relax, trust me please" chase said muffled, face buried inside her. His words vibrating against her.

She took a deep breathe and relaxed her entire body when she felt a new sensation pushing inside her bum. It felt odd but weirdly right as both holes were filled.

With this Chase leant back, wiping his mouth and held her flat to the bed with his other hand, while the other pushed and pumped in both holes.

Pearl began to relax and the sensation took over her. "Oh wow.... chase this" she said while hanging onto the nearest pillow for her to bite.

Just as she was getting used to this, Chase removed his fingers and positioned himself in front of her. He was raging with a hard on and Pearl knew this wasn't going to be a soft ride as the night before.

He inserted himself into her, making her gasp as she stretched around him. She bit her lip giggled and arched back taking him in.

"Tell me if I'm too rough okay?" He said whilst staring at her body, drinking her in.

"Huh?" Pearl replied but hadn't quite taken in his warning.

Within seconds he had slammed himself into her. "Ow fuck!" She cried as her body jolted up right to meet him, he kissed her strongly and pushed her back down flat on the bed.

"I told you, you keep biting that lip I'm going to punish you." Chase said with a devilish grin and slammed her again making her cry out.

He took her legs and raised them over his shoulder, holding onto her ankles he slammed her core repeatedly, pulling himself out and ramming it back in, filling her with every thrust.

Pearl was falling into ecstasy again and using her hand she began to rub her clit whilst Chase thrust into her.

He smiled and pumped her again repeatedly, he loved feeling her stretch and contract around him.

"Jesus Chase.... fuck...." Pearl moaned.

Chase pulled out, flipping Pearl onto her front. He pulled her bum up towards him and angled her body down. Cocking his leg up he pushed himself back in again while Pearl's face was buried in the bed.

"Fuck...fuck...Chase" she moaned, it was so much rougher than yesterday but felt so good.

"I can't hold it Pearl" Chase moaned, Pearl felt a slight pang of disappointment as she hadn't cum yet. Chase held her bum steady and unloaded himself into her.

"Fuck Pearl, I love you." He groaned as he pushed and jolted inside her.

Pearl lowered herself and he slid out collapsing on the bed. She sat quietly contemplating what he had said.

She was confused, emotional and shocked by his sudden outburst.

Chase lifted his head breathless "hey, come here" he motioned to his chest.

Pearl leaned in unsure now with concern filling her rather than cum. Yesterday she was pronouncing love for Laken, today she was fucking Chase.

She covered her face to stop Chase from seeing the guilt that covered it.

He kissed her forehead and moved onto his side facing Pearl as they both laid there, hot, naked and sweaty.

He moved his hand to her pussy and rubbed the juices left around her clit and entrance.

Pearl looked into his eyes sadly and Chase kissed her tenderly.

He held her mouth with his as he slowly again started to rub her clit.

" more Chase." She mouthed mid way through the kiss.

Ignoring her he slid his fingers over her clit pinching her and rubbing gently.

She moaned into him again, feeling the heat rise. She moved her head into his shoulder biting at his neck with every wave of pleasure.

He continued to circle her clit, gently, softly her breath tickling his ear as it quickened.

He held her close, skin to skin, her hand on his heart feeling every beat.

He started to rub side to side and her legs twitched "hmmm Chase" she moaned into his ear and he applied pressure. She wriggled to get away but he held her close feeling every jolt, twitch and breath she took with coming so close to an orgasm.

"Ooohhhh yes, yes" she groaned as she came into his hand, her legs closing together trapping his fingers, her juices flowing.

Pearl bit into Chases shoulder as the pleasure surged through her.

"Hey, let go vampire" he said laughing, looking at the hot mess lying next to him.

Pearl collapsed into the pillow as Chase looked over her.

"Is every morning like this going to be the same with you" she laughed.

"It can be if you wanted." He said seriously.

"I heard what you said and I want you to know that I hear you, but I can't love someone I don't know yet. Do you understand?" She said sadly.

Chase took it in but smiled "it's okay, you will know me- I promise."

They took in their moment in their bubble, their safe space before a bang was heard downstairs. The pair shot up, Pearl shouted "hello?"

"Just me darling, I'm only bobbing in then heading out to the market- you're friend is here in the kitchen!" Screeched her mother before another bang was heard.

Pearl looked at Chase questions running through her mind "what friend? Who?"

Pearl jumped up and quickly threw on her tracksuit while chase lounged in the bed.

"Get the fuck up!" She hissed.

Chase slowly began to rise and Pearl rolled her eyes before leaving the room as she headed downstairs she was still questioning who was here and why on a Saturday morning.

She headed to the kitchen confidently, she didn't want to appear like she was hiding anything. At the stool sat a figure with their hood up, Pearl was un easy and the stool swivelled around.

"I knew I looked young, but I didn't think I'd pass as a student" said the woman's voice.

Pearl's jaw dropped, Miss Richards sat at the breakfast bar, disheveled, puffy eyed and not in her usual teacher attire- hoody and Jean's.

"The fuck you doing here?" Pearl growled.

"I'm trying to find my fiance, have you seen him? Or rather fucked him?" Cheryl said with a grin and biting into some toast left by her mother.

"Who is it?" Chase yelled from the hallway.

Cheryl's eyes widened, eyebrows raised "Only me bunny" she yelled back.

Banging footsteps came hammering down the hallway and Chase joined Pearl in the kitchen.

"The fuck you want Chez?" He snarled at her.

"Just to talk, we got shit to sort ya know? The wedding, the house etc" she waved her hand as if nothing else phased her in this current situation.

"Get the fuck out OF MY HOUSE!" Pearl screamed.

"I could say get the fuck off my cock but that looks too late.... so instead I found you both. I suggest Chase you come with me to sort things out or were really gonna have a problem soon..." she replied coldly before pulling out her phone.

"He's on speed dial ya know?" She said staring at Pearl, smiling manically "he came and told me where Chase was, rather which bed"

Pearl frantically looked at Chase and then back at Cheryl "how? How the fuck?" She stuttered.

"You really ought to use 141 before sending an anonymous, threatening text Chase, come on that school kid shit" Cheryl laughed.

Pearl stood back and looked at Chase with rage in her eyes "please don't tell me you texted Laken about this."

Chase didn't look at Pearl, his eyes were glaring through Cheryl's. "Were you gonna tell him?" He replied blazé.

Pearl grabbed her chest and stepped backwards into the kitchen sides, her breathing quickening she felt like she was going to have a panic attack. Of course she would have told Laken, but when it was right not while they were fucking, fucking!

"I suggest Cheryl you leave now, I'll be home in two hours and we can sort whatever shit you want" Chase said threateningly.

"Excellent!" Replied Cheryl hopping off the stool "word of advice Miss Lightning, he will be back, because they always do." She hissed before turning on her heels and exiting.

Chase moved to Pearl but she backed into a corner. "Get the fuck away Chase" she said with her hand raised and the other holding her chest, trying to breathe.

"Listen to me Pearl, listen..." he started "I said GET THE FUCK AWAY CHASE" Pearl screamed before pushing him aside and heading upstairs.

She frantically searched for her phone to find the message from Laken, read... even though she knew she hadn't. She dialled his name - "this number is no longer available" the automated woman said.

"FUUUUCCCCKKK" screamed Pearl before putting her head in her hands and collapsing on to the bed.

She didn't cry, it was her fault and she knew she had messed up. She just wanted to minimise the hurt.

The front door banged and she stood up to the window, Chase had left and was climbing into the car. He looked up to her window with no emotion then drove off.

"Fuck" thought Pearl "this is a mess."

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