The Pearl

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The weekend passed in a hazy blur. Pearl hadn't heard from anyone, she had contacted anyone either but still the silence was eery.

She had stayed in bed the majority of the day, lying on Chases jumper that was left from their night of mania, it still smelt of him and occasionally sniffed it.

"get a grip hun" she said to herself again before rolling over and allowing Netflix to go to another episode of Queer Eye.

Her phone finally beeped. Pearl was reluctant to read it fearing any drama would ruin her solemn calmness. The message read Lyra, Pearl rolled over from her pit and opened it....

"Dude, can't get hold of Laken and school email has gone out... Miss Richards suspended until further notice.... They couldn't even fire her with all the shit we had smh"

Pearl replied back hesitantly "I can't get him either, we kinda fell out..... Smh standard."

She watched the bubbles appear with Lyras fast typing..

"You fell out? You okay? What about?"

Pearl left the message on read for a few minutes, upset and confused she wasn't sure how to explain to her best friend what she had done.

"I ve hurt him, badly and I don't think he will forgive me. Nor do I think you will. But I think he's disappeared for a while."

Pearl began to get emotional at the sheer gravitas of her actions.

The dreaded speech dots appeared, disappeared, re appeared then stopped.

Finally a message came through " dude, you didn't? Tell me you didn't? Man Laken was spot on as well and you had to go chasin the Chase.... HUN WHHHYYYY...... Argh.... Fuck it. As long as your happy I'm happy but dude don't make me say I told you so yeah?"

Pearl could rely on her best friend to set her straight, she knew she was pissed but at least she knew she had some support amidst her mistakes.

She layed back into her bed and closed her eyes, mind beginning to wander to her night and morning with Chase, then quickly shutting him out.

A loud screech was heard from her kitchen "Pearl, there's a car here blocking me in, I've got work can they move it?" Pearl rolled her eyes and went to look out the window.

Chases headlights were just switching off in the driveway, Pearl smiled a big toothy grin and flung open the window "hey, mum's gotta leave can you move your car?"

Chase looked confused then spotted her mum impatiently heading to her car and waved a sign of apology before swinging out again.

He eventually made his way into the house, Pearl had headed downstairs to meet him in the kitchen. She didn't want to let on she was happy to see him just yet, punishment was more fun.

"hey" he said quietly heading towards her, kissing her softly on the forehead before moving away.

"hey stranger, so how did everything go with Cheryl?" she replied quietly.

"it's okay, uh, yeah... Like it is what it is." he said while scratching his head. He looked wounded, confused and tired.

"Doesn't look fine, do we need to talk?" Pearl now became concerned, she hadn't anticipated the reunion to be so awkward or tense, her arms were folded and slowly beginning to drop with anxiety.

"I'm not leaving Cheryl" he replied bluntly. Pearls mouth dropped open, tears immediately gathered in her eyes he hands moved to her chest as he breathing eccelerated.

"No... Why?" she asked, quietly with a droplet of innocence as her heart began to shatter.

"she needs me now, you.... I'm just gonna fuck you up Pearl. I'm a mess and she can control it, whereas with you, you let me be free and I can't do that. I hurt too many people." he said staring at the ground.

"you don't need controlling Chase, you're your own person and I love you for who you are." Pearl whispered.

Chase finally looked up at her "I love you so much it hurts, but we just can't do this... We are destructive, I am, this will only end in heart break and I'm not prepared to hurt someone who I care so much for."

Pearl looked confused "so you would rather stay with someone who you don't love, so you don't hurt me? Why are you denying me this?" she motioned the space between them.

By now the tears were unstoppable, her arms hung by her side as her whole body began to cave into the wave of heart break that consumed her soul.

" We are intense and powerful, but that has to stay in the bubble. Not together, together we are chaos..... We will always have the bubble Pearl."

"I don't understand." she sobbed.

"I can't explain it anymore, I have caused so much damage already.... I have to get myself right put everything right and back on a normal track." his eyes began to widen with seriousness and mania.

"but you're not normal, we're not normal..." pearl replied.

Chase let out an exasperated sigh "Pearl that's it there is nothing more to say." he said sternly before heading towards the door.

"I'm sorry Chase" Pearl said instinctively behind him, she wasn't even sure why she said it, but she felt it.

"you have nothing to be sorry for Pearl, this is all on me." be said finally before closing the door behind him.

Pearl sank into the kitchen floor, arms wrapped around herself, rocking backwards and forwards. Tears streaming down her face, her mouth making a cry a sob she had never heard before.


Monday morning arrived and Pearl was filled with dread, she pulled herself out of bed, threw on the comfiest, slouchiest, loosest black jumper with black leggings. Her pulled into a loose bun and her big rimmed glasses. She usually wore contacts, but today was a hide as much of your puffy eyes as you can kinda day.

She headed into the sixth form area and sat deliberately away from everyone, hiding her head and burying herself into her book. Barefaced, her pale skin seemed to glow brighter among the crowd than with a face full of makeup. She felt a hand slide around her shoulder and Lula held her, quietly, just holding her best friend. Pearl buried her head into her shoulder and cried silent tears of woe and sorrow.

"have you heard from Laken?" Lyla asked.

Pearl shook her head.

"look..." Lyla said pointing to across the room, the head of sixth form stood in front of the teachers board.

All the images of staff were on there, except now with two spaces blank and names removed.

Pearl put her head down in guilt and anxiety.

Both Chase & Cheryl were gone, and that was the end of that.

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