The Pearl

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Time passed, pain faded and lives moved on.

Pearl threw herself into her Art, painting some of the best portraits and surrealism she had ever conceived. She felt awakened with her experience, the drama had matured her in a short time and she was able to laugh at some of the eastenders type plot twists. Life had calmed down again and she was grateful for Lyla helping her through.

Pear also learned she wasn't a 'wallower', she picked herself, got back into her cute dresses and bounced back with a new vengeance. She was never going to be put into that position again by anyone, especially a man.

There had been no mention of Chase or Cheryl since their pictures disappeared, the school accepted what happened, parents paid or palmed off and eradicated all trace of Miss Richards. Their resignations had been accepted and nothing was mentioned since.

Pearl and Lyla sat down to lunch, discussing lessons, exams etc...

"Dude, you have to watch Grey Gardens at some point, right up your street-fucking mystical." she said with half a chip in her mouth and her arms waving.

"I'll make a note, I need some more films to watch that aren't so bleugh" she replied "I want classics, I want more, I don't want..... Trashy!"

"yeah alright, chill your beans Jane fucking austen, two bad relationships and one whirlwind fuck life and you're Alanis Morissette now." Lyla said stone faced.

Pearl spat out her drink and laughed heartily, that girl knew how to make someone laugh at themself without fully burning them.

The friends laughed and giggled before Lyla turned a more serious tone on.

" Laken messaged yesterday." Pearl froze momentarily, then carried on eating. "He is alive at least, apprenticeship as an electrician. Through his Uncle, but he's doing well."

"did he say anything else?" Pearl asked without raising her head.

"he asked how you were, so I said your okay and if he wanted to know more he could talk to you." Lyla said matter of factly.

Pearl smirked "yeah like he will do that, he blocked my number and fuck it. What's done is done, I can't take it back."

"hmmm lot of unfinished business though huh, suppose he will be in touch when he is ready. Anyway smoke?" she said whilst putting together their box trays.

"nah, I'm gonna pass everytime I smoke at the moment I get nausea. I think I'm gonna cut back, I chain smoked after everything and watched ab fab, nothing like Joanne lumley to encourage your bad habit darling." Pearl replied.

The school day ended and Pearl headed home feeling relieved for an uneventful day. She began to cook herself dinner, I Am Ghost blaring in the back ground. Pearl was feeling good, feeling herself and singing along to the music.

" I could really do wine and a smoke now." she said to herself , pouring her glass and sipping the red. She started to roll and instantly felt nauseas, she tried to brush off the feeling. She thought to herself "why do I feel like that, nerves, over done it?" then she stopped.

Her heart seemed to skip a beat as it jumped then dropped to her stomach.

"oh fuck" she said to herself and quickly began to type a message to Lyla.

She sipped her wine cautiously and stayed still in the kitchen turning off all appliances.

Lyla came flying through the front door "duuuuddeeeee you owe me..." she said loudly before handing Pearl the box.

"the fuck do you do?" Pearl said quietly. "piss on it and wait" Lyla replied shortly.

They both stared at the pregnancy test kit, stone faced and eyebrows burrowed.

"okay, gimme a few mins" Pearl said disappearing into the bathroom. Considering all the drama previously she was surprisingly calm, numb almost to anything else that could crop up and change her life course.

She headed back out laying the stick on the side. "now we wait" said Lyla.

"Pearl have you thought about who the..." Lyla started to say before Pearl waved at her to stop.

"one thing at a time, no more multiples, just one at a time hun." Pearl laughed nervously at her, it hadn't even crossed her mind anyway, there was a lot going on in her mind.

"Lyla, I don't know if I can look." she said with sudden concern over her face.

Lyla headed over to the test and peered into it..."ah, right." she said then walked away. "timer still going." she said. Pearl groaned an exasperated sigh.

"it depends on weeks, I can figure it out that way-but we gotta get it right if we do it that way as it's a tight window." Pearl said in answer to her previous question.

Lyla nodded and peered at the test again "what about if it says 6+?" she said before looking at Pearl with a wide eyed expression.

"hooolllyyy SHIT" screeched Pearl before turning and grabbing the stick. She held it up as if that would change anything, eye balling it forwards and backwards.

Pearl looked at Lyla with a mixed expression, she was surprisingly happy, concerned, nervous but oddly felt content. Her life hadn't been mapped out unlike some others her age and this she felt just happened to be another turn in the road.

"you okay?" asked Lyla nervously. "Yeah, yeah I am.. Weirdly" replied Pearl.

"right so we better make some phone calls and do some maths mama!" Lyla said with a nervous giggle and downing the remainder of Pearl's wine.

They sat and calculated, Pearl not uber present but more playing scenarios in her head, telling her parents, boy or girl, what if she miscarries, does she call the doctor?

Lyla handed to her a piece of paper with dates and names totted up, "you sure you don't wanna.... Ya know...." she gestured to her belly "I'm not asking to be a dick, I'm asking as a friend and you have a choice."

"no, you know what.... For the first time in a long time I'm okay." Pearl said with a small smile. "I'm gonna be okay"

They both pondered over the details, made a conclusion and Pearl dialled a number that went to voicemail.

"hey it's me. I know you probably don't want to speak to me-but we need to talk pretty urgently. Can you come to the house? ASAP, would be great..... But yeah um see you soon." she hung up and exhaled a big breath.

"are you gonna call him and tell him what's going on?" Lyla said pointing at the other name on the paper, "no, we've worked it out.... It's tight but it makes sense. There is no need for him to be involved." Pearl said confidently.


Lyla left shortly afterwards, there was a sense of nervousness in the air and Pearl headed to the conservatory. She sat in silence whilst thinking about her plans now including a little one. She wasn't sure about university anyway, her parents would freak, or maybe not as they weren't exactly present in her life, the house was always empty so she could use the spare room as the nursery, money..... The money....

"one thing at a time, we got a long way to go" she thought to herself quietly whilst placing her hand on her stomach comfortingly.

She heard the front door open and close... "in the conservatory" she said loudly whilst lying back on the sofa. Her parents were both working away for the evening, father another country, mother night shift so she knew the house would be quiet for a long while.

She heard the footsteps make their way into the kitchen, stopping for a moment...

She had left the test in there, no reason as to why, forgetfulness or another -'test', would the steps run the other way or come to her.

They then quickened in pace to the conservatory..

"hey" she said wearily, cautiously.

"hey Snow" replied Laken who was standing in the archway, test in hand.

"if this is a joke you, I'm not game" he said quietly but sternly.

Pearl shook her head with a few tears escaping her eyes.

"are you sure about everything" he said looking awkwardly, she knew he didn't want to ask directly about genetics, but understood he had full right to.

"yeah I'm sure" she said quietly holding back her emotions that were beginning to creep up on her. Having not seen him in so long her heart had ached more knowing the pain she had put him through, but also the fact she did indeed adore him to another level compared to Chase.

Laken stepped forward and kneeled down to her level. "I forgive you for what happened, but don't ever jeopardise this family again." he said quietly.

"our family?" she said with tears now beginning to run down her cheek.

"of course" he said with a grin appearing, he leant in and kissed her tenderly on the lips. "I've missed you" he whispered his forehead resting against hers.

"I'm so sorry, for everything." she whispered back before cupping his face in her hands and kissed him back forcefully.

They began to mould into each other, her arms wrapping around his neck, his wrapping around her waist and onto her hair, pressing into each other feeling their heat excelarating.

"I'm not going to hurt you am I?" Laken said in between kisses.

"never" she said mid way through a kiss and smiling.

He pulled off her top and glided his mouth around her neck, nibbling gently, his hands running along the top of her bra.

He pulled her up and quickly switched positions, he undid his pants while she removed hers only leaving her bra on for now. He moved his hands over her thighs as she stood in front of him and leant in to her stomach planting small kisses along her belly button. Pearl smiled and leant on top taking in the sight of him again. She had fucked up and missed him dearly, there was no way she was letting him go again.

She moved her hands across his chest and began to lower herself on to him. She was wet and ready, beginning to stretch around him. Laken let out a hiss and bit his lip as she slid onto him filling them both.

She let out an animalistic moan as her body began to relax on him and she slowly rotated her hips. His head leant back with her movement and one hand stayed on her hip while the other travelled to her face, holding her in place. They leant in together and kissed passionately, his body beginning to beg for more from her small movements.

"jesus pearl.... I've missed you" he said through a deep moan of pleasure.

He pace quickened, backwards and forwards, riding him while she held onto his neck. Up and down, round and round, she enjoyed this new found confidence and making sure her man was fucked and satisfied.

He pulled her closer to him and lifted her slightly while beginning to smack himself in to her, the noise of skin slapping, juices leaking turned them both on enough to begin to climax.

"fuck Laken.. Ooohh." Pearl moaned into his neck feeling herself begin to peek.

"yes pearl ooohhhh" Laken moaned back with the pair of them beginning to shake and shudder with their orgasms.

Laken filled himself into her with a few hard thrusts as Pearls legs quivered and her grip on him tightened.

"fuck YESSS" Pearl cried as her orgasm raged through her body.

Laken held onto her tightly as she rode it out, his cum already leaking between them and feeling a new level of ecstasy from them both.

They collapsed into each others arms breathlessly and Pearl slid off, both sporting a grin and looking at each other.

"is the baby okay?" Laken asked quickly with concern.

"yes I'm fine, we're fine" Pearl replied with a giggle.

Laken ran his fingers through his hair, "we got a lot to do." he said still grinning maniacally.

Pearl smiled fully for the first time in while, content and excited as to what may happen in the next few chapters of her life.

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