The Pearl

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The hot bath enveloped Pearl's body, soothing all aches she was experiencing. She knew worse was to come from having read the pregnancy books, but still her body was cooking a being.
The bubbles covered her body, hiding her almost from the world.
She closed her eyes momentarily thinking about the future when a gentle cough startled her.

Laken stood in the doorway, topless, his 6 pack covered with flecks of paint. Arms folded and his lips pouting at her. His grey pyjama pants hung loosely showing off his V shape with his hairs trailing from his belly button downwards.

"any reason why you've given me nothing to look at except mountains of bubbles?“ he smiled softly from the door way.

Pearl sunk lower into the bubbles and mocked his pout.

He laughed then stretched, walking into the bathroom and lowering himself down the side of the bath, his hand dropped into the water as he started to play with the bubbles.

"I heard you had a visitor today." laken said softly.
Pearl looked at him, she was shocked briefly then rolled her eyes and let out a sigh.
"I didn't see the importance of telling you, because the conversation wasn't important."

Laken trailed the bath with his fingers and found her nipple, looking slightly pleased with himself.
"it's okay, Lyla told me the details. But we are changing the locks and buying cctv." he said whilst concentrating on the circling of her nipple.

"nothing will jeopardise this family, ever." pearl said seriously, leaning into his face and brushing her fingers over his chin.

"another 6 weeks and we know if youre a buddy or a buddette." he said talking to the mid area of her body, seeing as he couldn't see any of her beneath the bubbles.
"and I passed my apprenticeship by the way..." he said as he stood up and moved to the doorway.

Pearl beamed with happiness, everything was coming together.
She sat up right in the bath and began to make her way out.

"oh my god! That's amazing news, well done." she said as she kissed Laken squarely on the mouth, she pulled him close to her body.

"you're soaking wet." laken said in between kisses, pulling her body even closer and wrapping her in a towel.

He pulled her body harder, moving her into the bedroom, the new bedroom. Since taking over her parents house they had now gained the master bedroom.
He guided her down on to the bed, still the pair of them kissing and giggling with a euphoric happiness.

Landing on the bed Pearl moved her hands into Lakens hair, slowing them down. The kisses became longer, more intense and deeper.
She started to feel the heat rising from her thighs to her breasts, their lips moved together, Laken sometimes nibbling and pulling them making Pearl moan.

He moved from her lips to her neck, softly pressing light kisses along her.
Pearl closed her eyes and took in the euphoric state of completeness she felt in her life finally.

She realised Laken had moved further down her body, seperating her legs gently and began to kiss her at the top of her opening. Pearl giggled slightly lying her hands over head as she knew the pleasure she was in for.
Lakens hands slid under her bum cheeks, separating everything to get the best view of her clit and core.
He took his tongue and ran it's entirety from her entrance to her clit and over.
She inhaled a long gasp at the drawn out pleasure.
He was using his entire tongue and teeth only to Flick, pull, rub and lick inside her core and over her clit. With every change of direction and nibble her body flinched and buckled with pleasure. Making her legs twitch and toes curl.
"jeeesus laken" she moaned deeply as they were already 10 minutes in to continuous sucking of her pussy.
She was already wet before he had started, now she was beginning to leak her juices.

Laken paused momentarily, his face still buried in her wet pussy "just enjoy snow yeah? My baby mama deserves this." he said before diving back into her.

Pearl was taken aback by the long, drawn out pleasure of only herself but sure as hell was not going to complain.

His tongue pushed inside her briefly as his thumb slid towards her clit. He started to push in and out only with his tongue, fucking her with it.
Pearl was holding onto the pillows, her breathing rapid, her back slightly arched at this pleasure. She would feel Lakens hand tighten on her ass to remind her to breath and lie flat ensuring she enjoyed it all.

His thumb was circling with just enough pressure on her clit making her moan harder.
"Oooh Laken" she hummed into the back of her hand.
He pushed her legs back further but raised her ass higher, giving him the best view in order to continue to fuck her with his mouth.

His tongue circling and pushing at her entrance making her want to ride him like an animal, the pleasure was torture.

"oh god laken... I can't...ooh" she moaned at the ceiling.

He stopped momentarily moving back onto his knees, pulling her body to him. She sat perched at the end of the bed, her entire wet pussy hanging off with her legs over his shoulders. She ran her fingers through his head as he whispered up to her "this okay?"

"yeah, don't stop." she smiled and laughed.

He burrowed his tongue back into her and this position meant she could ride his tongue and face easier.
Her toes curled on Lakens back as her hands gripped into his bleached, growing out, messy hair.

"oh god laken..." she heaved with a sigh and then another "oh god laken!" as was shocked by he surprised entrance of a toy.

They had never used one together before, but she had found the look of them interesting.
This was a simple dildo with some vibration settings that she could feel humming inside her.
Laken giggled into her pussy after causing a surprise.

He slid it in and out of her at a slow pace matching his sucking of her clit, but once inserted fully he started to pound her hard with it.

He held her back into him, keeping her core in his face while he felt her body and her juices flow enjoying the pleasure.

Pearl began to moan loudly and could feel her orgasm start to build in her body, she was completely lost in the pleasure and had forgone any dignity she may have had left.

She started to lean back into he bed and Laken followed her, making sure he wasn't away from her clit and the dildo remained pumping in her rhythmically.

Pearl felt like this pleasurable torture had been hours and her body began to buck and move with the fucking she was receiving, meaning she was close to climaxing.

"Oooh laken... Oohhhh" she moaned deeply, her voice stuck at the back of her throat.

"come on baby, cum, cum on me." moaned Laken in between sucks.

Her back arched and her body buckled, her orgasm startled to ripple through her when suddenly they heard vibrating.
She looked down at Laken slightly puzzled and he shrugged with his tongue still firmly wrapped around her clit.
The vibrating continued getting louder and louder, repeating and repeating annoyingly.

"Christ sake it's my phone." huffed Pearl.
Laken leaned off the sucking but continued to move the dildo in and out gently.

"the fucking thing won't stop." she growled as she leant over to get it.

Her stomach dropped when she saw the name flashing on the screen. "it's chase." she said looking at Laken solemnly.

"answer it. What's he got to say? Remember nothings gonna ruin us now, he's just prolonging your orgasm." said Laken devilishly.

Pearl bit her lip at him and laid back answering the phone.
"yes?" she said.
"hey, uh we need to talk." chase stuttered down the phone.
"no we don't, i thought I made that clear earlier."

Meanwhile Laken pulled out his thick, erect cock and started to run it up and down her folds and over her soaked clit.

Pearl's eyes widened with the thought of finally getting to ride her man's cock and she let out a soft giggle.

" this isn't funny Pearl, seriously - shits gone down and we have to talk it through."

"no chase. Fuck off and leave me alone." pearl said sternly with her eyes rolling back into her head with pleasure. Laken had begun to fuck her slowly, pushing himself into her bit by bit until he was fully in and could feel her pulsing around him
"fuck yes Laken." Pearl moaned as the phone slipped from her hand.

They kissed deeply, tongues shoved deep and hands wrapped around each other as he fucked her deep and hard.

"fuck pearl I love you so much" moaned Laken loudly, his balls slapping against her soaked skin with every thrust.

"ooooooh laken.... I'm gonna.." she moaned into his ear.

Both simultaneously letting out loud, deep, orgasming moans into each others hot, sweating bodies as they both came together.

They collapsed together enjoying the pleasure and the moment before Laken slid off and held Pearl in his arms.

"ow" he said "there's something under me" he pulled out Pearl's phone from under his butt.
He looked at it, then put it up to his ear, then looked again...
"are you still on the fucking phone Freely? “ he said much to Pearl's horror as she shot up, her hands covering her mouth.

" the fuck is your problem, you can't have her so you listen?? What the actual... Okay calm down... Shut up...calm down man. Okay fine. Talk....." laken said rolling his eyes and running his fingers through his hair.

His eyes widened when Chase continued to talk.

" come round in 2 hours. " he said before putting down the phone for good this time.

Pearl smacked her hands to her head" the fuck laken, I don't want that man anywhere near me, baby or us. "

Laken put his head on his hands, resting his chin.."theyre going to sentence Cheryl for abuse of minors."

Pearls heart stopped.

"They're going to take her to court for what she did to us all, but this also means... Its gonna come out about you and Chase, she's threatening him she's gonna tell."

Pearl sat back on the bed.

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