The Pearl

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It was all over social media and the news.
'local teacher to be in court over sex allegations with students'

"Clearly one of the parents or student thought screw it." said Lyla as she sat on the conservatory floor with all the newspapers spread.

Tablets and laptops all open with Cheryl's face plastered on the screens.
Snapchats of students talking about it filled their phones.

Laken sat on the sofa with a beer, Lyla a smirnoff and Pearl herbal tea.
She wrinkled her nose at the smell of the smirnoff "jeez Lyla you still drink that stuff" she laughed.

"it's a blessing from the gods, kindly off you fuck." Lyla said laughing and taking a swig.

Footsteps were heard in the kitchen approaching them.
Chase arrived looking dishevelled, his eyes tired, but somewhat sexy thought Pearl.

His v neck t shirt hung loosely with his typical boxer shorts peeking out of his low hung jeans.

His hair was messy, slightly longer than when he was a TA. He ran his fingers through his hair and let out a low breathe.
"so... The mystery gangs together again." he half joked with a soft laugh.

Laken stood up and passed him a beer and motioned to the sofa, the furthest point away from Pearl.

"so shaggy, what's the doo?“ asked Lyla so seriously Pearl didn't know whether to laugh or stay silent.

" Chez is in custody now, she was arrested late last night. And for some reason I was her phone call from jail... One of the parents decided to press charges. They doubt however she will be sentenced for abuse...." he trailed on with his eyes focused solely on Pearl who was sat cross legged on the floor." technically because we were all of age of consent they say we had understanding of the nature of the relationship. So.. " he took in a breath and leant back into the sofa running his hand through his hair, his shirt lifting slightly above his belly button showing off his hairless abdomen.

Pearl glanced momentarily at this sight, her pussy hummed, almost a low growl before she silenced it in the back of her head and returned to the laptop. Her face felt hot but she concentrated on the problem in front of her.

"more than likely she will receive probation with a delayed sentence I think... Basically if she's caught again type situ. Problem is, she's hell bent on taking me with her."

Pearl looked up and their eyes met this time as she leant back on to her hands.

" I'm really sorry Pearl. " Chase said leaning forward to her.

" Nothing will happen. " Laken interrupted in a soft but deep voice.

" how would you know Fred? " said Lyla, again so seriously Pearl didn't know whether to laugh or stay silent.

"they met online, they're both consenting and technically they started something before he was a TA." laken said pointing at Chase. "Pearl called it off when she found out he was engaged etc..."

"but we had sex when i knew he was a TA." Pearl spoke up quietly, looking at Laken.

She could feel from the other side of the room Chases eyes burning into her. Her breasts, her thighs, It was like he was sucking her life force out of her and her neck began to prickle with the heat.

"I need a drink, hang on." she said and began to climb up to the sofa.

Lyla exited the room with a little smile as she left.

Lakens cool hand touched her forehead, and she closed her eyes momentarily. "you're super hot." he said whilst blowing cool air on the back of her neck.
This sensation started to turn her on madly. She crossed her legs hoping the humming in her pussy would calm, she could feel her knickers dampening and her breasts were heaving.

A cold water was put in her hand and she drank, dribbling it down her self.
Laken laughed then kissed her cheek, as she started to moan at the sensation of the water calling her down.

There was something amazing about burning up and cold, ice water sliding down your throat.

"I'm sorry, I just.. Felt weird then." she said breathlessly.

"we had sex... After..." she motioned to Laken & her stomach.

"You're definitely sure the babies not mine right?" Chase piped up from the corner of the room. He was leant back, arms over his head having drank in Pearl's semi anxiety/ orgasm attack.

"No, it is not yours." Laken snapped, protectively placing his hand on her stomach.

"come on gang, we're getting off topic." Lyla said, arms folded tapping her foot in annoyance.
"you guys had sex, we get it. Then we posted about everything to snap chat."

"I think we just come clean." Pearl said.

"really?“ Laken & Chase said at the same time startled.

"If we say something first, own it, I'm not filing charges, so nothing will occur. Right?“ pearl said to all in the room.

"Plus I'm the only one, so this would be considered bad judgement on your part" she pointed at Chase "and silly girl on mine" she shrugged.

"That's if you're the only one" Laken hissed at Chase.

Chase ran his fingers through his hair, Pearl held her breath "its just you Pearl. There was never anyone else, still the case now."

She let out a sigh of relief, his words were comforting to know... But also pointed at their current situation.

"we go to the police tomorrow, the three of us.. Not you Lyla. We talk to them and then that's it. I'm not testifying in the case, no one has asked me... So we go, we say about this... Then we leave. And you leave."
Laken pointed at Chase. "after this you don't come near me, Pearl or our baby again do you understand? “

The two guys stared at each other before Chase turned away to Pearl and said...

" 8am tomorrow then? “


"God I hate that guy" Laken said shutting the front door and exclaiming loudly.

Pearl stood in the kitchen, mulling over the conversation.
"were all gonna be able to leave tomorrow right? “

Laken pulled her towards him, his hands touching her waist ever so slightly." absolutely, he'll get some wrap but nothing huge, especially if youre not pressing charges. "

He ran his fingers through her hair and off her face, holding her chin up to him. His dead man eyes were lit up and bright. His shoulders broader with the shadows from the light in the kitchen, he softly pressed his lips against hers and held their kiss momentarily.

"I still hate him though" he said midway through their kiss.

Pearl laughed and gently pushed him off and headed towards the conservatory.
"I don't like the way he looks at you either.." he shouted from behind her.

Pearl laughed again but this time felt a pang of guilt in her chest.

"I don't like him looking at what's mine." he whispered into her ear behind her before sliding his arms around her waist. It made pearl jump and giggle as she was so lost in her thought process.

He guided her to the edge of the sofa, kisses beginning to roughen in the back of her neck, his hands moving quickly from her waist to her breasts and squeezing.

Pearl leant forward on to the arm of the chair instinctively, still processing the days events but enjoying this dominance from Laken. Her eyes moved to the spot on the sofa where Chase had sat an hour earlier.

Laken lifted her dress, pulled aside her underwear and began to rub his thick member along her core. She was barely wet when he pushed inside her quickly.

"ah fuck" she cried out, she was so tight and wasn't ready for him.

Laken pulled her ass closer to him, both hands holding her waist and rubbing her bum cheeks enjoying this view.

He pushed further into her tight pussy causing Pearl to moan in pleasure and pain. Lakens hands reached up her back to her hair tugging slightly, and arching her back towards him.

He started to fuck her roughly from behind, quick and short bursts, his balls slapping against her bum cheeks

Her hair wrapped around his knuckles as he held onto her holding her in position.

Pearl took in a sharp breath, she was loosening and getting wetter, she moved her hand down to her clit and started rubbing.
Laken quickly pushed her hand away and replaced it with his, roughly rubbing her clit in rhythm with his movements.

He loosened his grip on her hair and pushed her face down to the arm of the chair, bending her body down. Raising his leg on the sofa he was able to get deeper inside her, he wanted her completely filled by him.

"ah Laken, shit thats deep." pearl moaned.

He continued roughly pounding her and moved his hand away from her clit back to her ass and spanked her.

Pearl moaned with this pain and realised she probably wasn't going to cum right now, but Laken was making sure he would.

She held onto the chairs material and buried her face into it. Moaning with every slam he was giving her.

"Fuck, shit Pearl." he said before holding her ass down onto his cock. Releasing inside her, some leaking out and down her leg.

He pulled out of her and smacked her ass one more time playfully. Pearl re adjusted her clothes and Laken met her lips with a soft kiss, he was sweating and breathless.

"Christ I've been wanting to do that all afternoon." he said.

"why? What got you so worked up?" she said, sliding gingerly onto the sofa. Pearl was disappointed she hadn't orgasmed, but thought her hour long session of head earlier would suffice.

"Him, he pisses me off. The way he looks at you, it's like he doesn't get your mine. So I just wanted to smash my girl and I couldn't do it in front of him so I had to wait...." he trailed off as Pearl's face dropped from content to solemn...

"so.. That was a power fuck? Its not enough I'm pregnant with your child or we live together and have a life, but you needed to power fuck me to instil your alpha... Fuck me Laken." Pearl said and pushed past him.

"it's not like that snow..." laken shouted behind her.

"whatever..." she trailed back at him.

Pearl headed to their bedroom and laid on the bed. Mulling over the day and what was to be expected tomorrow. She put her hands to her head and laid there still, wishing for morning to come quickly so this could all be done with and everyone could start moving on with their lives.

Her hands moved over her stomach to her hips.

"we've got this, me and you." she said to her tiny bump and closed her eyes.
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