The Pearl

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The Pearl, her Chase, love, sex, lies, secrecy & heartbreak. Disclaimer: I try to edit when I can so forgive me if something is grammatically incorrect.

Erotica / Drama
The Erotic Fox
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It was cold, England was always cold.

The leaves had dropped and had turned a pale orange. The trees were bare and the sharp, bitter wind made her take in a deep breathe before she got in the car.

The car was an old micra, light blue and again pale. She enjoyed all things pale in colour, she was pale hence her name Pearl. Her parents named her this after 1 minute of being born. Her skin was practically ice, white. Deathly if anything. Her eyes were a deep brown, people used to say they looked black, soulless. Her hair was black, dyed, as she loved to play on the snow white look.

Nothing fascinated her more than fairytales and all she thought everyday was when is it my turn?

As she got into the car she thought to herself "who was he" & "why me?".

The Facebook message hadn't given a lot away, it was a fake account clearly but his words were like poetry. It's as if he knew her inside out and it made her clit tingle with anticipation for the next message.

He hadn't said a lot, stalker almost, but it just got to her.

It started off with a light "Hi" , then the usual brief, undetailed, almost unwelcome conversation.

Then it changed, "I need to meet you" He typed.

She was taken aback because frankly it wasn't Gerard Way who was talking to her as the picture would insinuate.

"I don't know who you are, why would I meet a stranger?" She typed back.

She wasn't a stupid 18 year old girl, immature or teenage lustful. She just wanted to get on with her A Levels and get out of her small home town. Away from prying eyes and gossip, just like Belle. Beauty & the Beast Belle was her heroine, she couldn't understand why it was so hard to to just want what her hero had.

The bubbles of the messenger started to type & he replied "because I need you."

Nothing creepy about that at all she thought to herself & closed her laptop in a huff

She realised she was still sat In the driveway reminiscing the conversation and noted the time.


Upon walking into the social area she sat down and carried on reading her book, Tales of the Peculiar.

She didnt want anyone to talk to her, or again gossip as she noted a lot of her peers did.

She liked her books & theatre-that didn't make her a dramatic much to the annoyance of others. She stood up for herself once against a teacher and apparently that was reason to give her the nickname of a drama queen.

Her friend Lyla sat beside her "the books again I see- you will love the university course you have chosen."

Lyla was tall, taller than most and equally as confident, but not a drama queen because she didnt do drama. She had chosen not to go to university and was taking a year out to 'explore' - by her idea of explore was Magaluf and go wild for some time. Pearl didn't blame her, but she needed more stability than that.

Before she could reply, her phone beeps.

"You look beautiful today." Said the message from Kay.

A name change on the profile, not weird at all or a fake a name she thought to herself.

"How would you know?" She typed back.

"The dress is too tight on your ass, I don't like it when people can see what I want."

She looked stunned at the message, how did he know she was wearing a dress? A black body con, plain at best. Pearl was the gothic type and mainly only wore black.

"I can meet you tonight, name where and I will be there."

She wasn't the daring type, but this proposal just excited her, plus you only live once she thought to herself.

"The Swan pub"

It was out of town, quiet and private-none of her peers would be there.

"7pm, I wear glasses".

That was it? The only description she had of a potential murderer. All day she mused to herself as to why she agree to this meet up, it could be an old man, a pervert-but at least she was in public place she pondered.

Her phone pinged again and the notification said that Kay's profile location settings had changed- he went to her school, either was or did.

Now this is interesting she thought, she messaged him quickly.

"Cyclone High?"

No response for approximately 10 minutes, she tried to concentrate in class while she kept staring at the phone under her desk.

"Used to, graduated 3 years ago"

He was older, who could this be she thought?


Pearl said to her parents that she had extra curricular activities to attend to this evening hence she would be late, they acknowledged but weren't exactly the most questioning type. Plus they were going through a divorce so she was the last thing on their mind right now. She didn't resent them for it, If anything she was enjoying this lapse in freedom as an only child having felt over protected for years.

7pm arrived and she sat in the quietest corner of the pub, examining every man that wore glasses, horn rimmed, grandad style, plain but none felt right.

Then he entered and she just knew. She went hot & her cheeks blushed. Her thighs quiver and she felt her knickers slightly dampen.

Tall, rugged, short brown hair, a tight black t shirt with muscles protruding from the short sleeves. Jeans that hung softly on the hips, not low with boxers showing and eyes that were ocean blue. Shocking blue & pierced straight her very centre. Glasses were black rimmed, retro modern-day she barely saw them for the eyes that shone through.

She gasped slightly when he caught her eye, his mouth twitched while he looked her up and down. She instinctively lent back in her booth, as if she was inviting him to take her then and there.

He started to move towards her, with every step her heart sped up, beating rapidly.

He stood at the table his cock at her eye level and Pearl had no idea where to look. She couldn't help but stare momentarily at his bulge that she swore she could see his trousers getting tighter. Slowly her eyes scanned him upwards, drinking him in, his dominance and finally made eye contact.

"My name is Chase, Chase Freely." He spoke softly with a deep, seductive but strong tone. He answered as if he had read her mind which was littered with questions.

"Nice to meet you Chase Freely, I'm Pearl" she just about managed to blurt out.

"Pearl Lightning, I know who you are. I have to say you couldn't have had a better name ready for the stage." He said as he sat down opposite her in the booth.

Pearl's feelings of sexual tension had turned to annoyance, what is it with the drama connection? She looked over at the bar with no emotion to his comment, whilst she did she noticed his lip curl, he knew he had pissed her off and he had done it on purpose.

"Buy the girl a drink and then we can talk about your stalking" Pearl abruptly hissed at Chase.

Chase looked into her eyes, she felt her stomach drop again and her palms sweat.

"I'm not stalking you, I had to talk to you. I saw you in the school play and I didn't know how to...approach you." Chase looked guilty down towards his hands, this made some sense to Pearl- she had played Christine recently in The Phantom of the Opera.

Pearl stared at Chase, into his eyes, down to his nose, that cute button nose.... she gasped.

She knew who he was and the jolt of it stung her chest.

"You're Chase Freely, the Headmasters son."

Chase nodded, smiling gently..

Pearl leaned forward and snarled "You're engaged to the fucking French teacher- Miss Richards"

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