The Pearl

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"I was engaged to her, it's over now." Chase said quietly.

Pearl had already started her detective work, within moments bringing up Cheryl Richard's facebook.

"Oh yeah, looks really broken" Pearl sarcastically hissed at him while pointing at the sickeningly sweet, posed engagement photos plastered all over her page.

Pearl recited some of the quotes or tags for the photos in a high pitched, sassy voice "Me and you forever, this one completes me, Us 05.08.2018". Pearl paused at the last comment, calculating the dates. He was getting married in a months time. Pearl started to ball her fists up and could feel her anger rising, she just wanted to get out of this shitty home town with messed up people & didn't want to be dragged into drama.

Chase's face looked pained, "Pearl, look at me-this isn't what you think."

Pearl didn't want to listen and got up from the booth. She kept her head low, so no one could see her tears silently dropping from her face.

Why was she crying? She thought to herself, she doesn't know him and yet it hurt. It hurt and she felt lured into something false which can have big consequences.

By the time her feet had stopped her walking she had realised she was nowhere near the pub, walking past a duck pond and the car was still at the car park.

"Fuuuuck!" She shouted out.

Headlights appeared next to her and a car slowed down. The window rolled down and Chase started talking to her, "Pearl, get in the car please."

"I don't want anything to do with Cheats or Liars, I don't want to be a part of whatever game your playing" she spat back at him.

She carried on walking while the car followed her.

"Pearl, get in the fucking car and let me explain." Chase said with force and swung the passenger door open. "Pearl Lightning get in this fucking car!" He growled through gritted teeth & smacked the driving wheel.

Pearl looked at him and the empty seat, a mixture of emotions ran through her.

She was terrified of this stranger, he was engaged & yet she felt this throbbing between her legs and all she wanted him to do was kiss her.

She took a deep breath and slid in the car.

Chase drove around for a bit, silence enveloped them and then he stopped the car. In the middle of a secluded dirt track with just forest around them.

"Well this is creepy." Whispered Pearl.

Chase laughed and turned to her in his seat.

"Reaching out to you I know is wrong, but after the show I had to speak to you. Get to know you. I didn't mean to hurt you, I just thought that maybe if I did meet you- then whatever this is would disappear". He motioned the gap between them and put his head in his hands.

"I know what you think of me, but I just couldn't stop thinking about you after that night."

Pearl looked at him, he looked in pain and she had never felt such an urge to straddle and hold someone the way she felt for this man.

She put her foot up by the gear stick and leant forward to his leg and gently, carefully placed her hand.

"It's okay, I'm here" she whispered.

Chase shot a look of fear at her hand then into her eyes.

He unbuckled his seat belt and stepped out of the car. For a moment rejection hit Pearl and she thought she was going to cry again, what had she done now?

Her passenger door flew open, it made Pearl jump. Chase leant in, his face level with her and their lips brushing, he put his hand between her legs. Pearl gasped and then flew backwards.

Chase had pushed the seat back and down & then climbed into the car. Luckily it was a Landrover, the Micra would not have coped Pearl thought to herself.

He climbed over her and leveled on top. Holding himself up with his strength.

She could feel him through her tights, he was stiff and swollen. He lowered himself down and kissed her. Gently pulling at her bottom lip, encouraging her to open up. She placed her hands on his chest, as if to try and keep him at bay or some control in this situation.

Her mouth relaxed and she felt his tongue slide in. She let out a moan, which seemed to do more damage than good. Chase nearly buckled with the noise and roughly thrust himself in between her legs. He could feel how wet she was through her tights and his Jean's, he wanted to get through the layers to her but knew this was the safest option.

Pearl was struggling to keep control, she could feel her body start to loosen & stretch out. The kissing was raw and hot, it started gently and was getting rougher & faster with every movement. He started to move towards her neck, kissing and nibbling her, she moved her hands to his shoulders regaining some sense.

"Chase I don't think this is a good idea.." she said breathlessly into his ear.

He stopped his kisses mid way, Pearl felt slight disappointment that he had stopped, but she knew this wasn't right.

Chase leaned back and ran his hands down her neck, her breasts which were heaving and ripe to be sucked, towards her swollen pussy.

He cocked his head licked his lips, looked her up and down once more and tore her tights wide open.

Pearl gasped and covered her face with her hands. What the holy shit is happening?! She thought to herself. She was completely exposed, black lace knickers on show, no barrier now. If he wanted her, he was going to have her no matter what. Pearl closed her eyes to fight back the tears, this was moving very fast and she felt out of control. Her heart was pounding, this wasn't like her, she could feel her mind spinning out of control- then it hit her. She arched her back and took in a huge gulp for air, she felt possessed & went to sit up but she was pinned.

In the midst of her panic attack, Chase had watched her start to freak out. He needed to keep her calm and in one swift motion had pushed two fingers inside her and leant forward. This way he could hold her head and regain control on this situation.

She had not expected the pain or pleasure simultaneously from his fingers that were slowly gliding in and out of her. Chase was laid next to her one arm wrapped around the top of her head, the other working it's way over her clit. Tears dotted from her eyes as she whispered to him "We can't do this Chase".

Chase didn't stop moving his fingers backwards and forwards. His thumb had started to work on her clit, massaging at the same time and he knew the affect this was having with every motion her eyes rolled to the back of her head. He knew what he wanted & he was going to have it regardless of who he hurt.

Pearl held his head in her hands as he continued to pump her with his two fingers & rubbed her enlarged Clit over and over. He wasn't rough, but dominated her whole body.

"Cum for me Pearl" he whispered to her while staring into her eyes. She could feel her body giving in, her walls tightening around his fingers & her legs began to quiver uncontrollably. The pleasure begin to build through her, while his speed quickened. She clung onto his neck not wanting to give into him but he was winning this time.

"Let go baby, let go." He whispered again, this tipped her over.

Naturally her body rode his fingers, with every wave, juddering out of her orgasm and the heat rising out.

She could feel liquid under her and around her thighs. She had cum a lot and was worried by the sheer amount. This wasn't the first time she had been fingered, but the first time she had been fingered to a raging orgasm.

Her breasts & breathing slowly stopped heaving and she began to relax her grip around Chases neck. He sucked his fingers of her juices then stroked her hair and kissed her gently.

She enjoyed his deep, tender kisses. She curled into him on the seat and her left hand started to drift naturally down his muscular torso to his bulge. He groaned in her mouth as she started to rub his stiff cock through his Jean's.

She quickly unbuttoned his trousers and slid her hand down his pants to his raging hard on. He let out a whimper with his eyes closed and this just turned her on even more. She was now determined that if there was to be foul play had, both of them will be guilty- not just her.

She pulled her hand back out of his pants, licked her palm and delve back in. Chase watched in excitement at this quick exchange but she knew it was going to send him wild. She pulled his skin backwards and forwards, quickly then slowly but consistently hard while he moaned and growled in her ear.

He suddenly flipped himself up, knelt over her & pulled his pants down fully so she could truly get to see him and play.

He hung well in the dark light, Pearl sat up and pumped him hard. She thought about sucking him dry but wanted to torture him for another time. She could see his cock twitching with every pump as he neared cumming.

"Fuck, Pearl I can't do this- fuck me" Chase moaned as he tilted his head back and released himself all over her tights. He grabbed her neck roughly and pressed his lips firmly against Pearls while he came .... alot.

Pearl grinned while they kissed, she wasn't going to be the only guilty party this evening and they had a lot to discuss.

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