The Pearl

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The alarm kept sounding, Pearl jumped at the burst of music and quickly snoozed her phone.

She laid in her bed, eyes open, replaying the night before. The touches, the kissing, the guilt she felt afterwards and the pure lust she had experienced for the first time in her life.

She needed to get ready for school, but couldn't face moving firstly as she felt so raw down below and secondly she just didn't want to face anyone. She wanted to stay in the memories of the previous night.

The night ended quietly, considering all the noise they had made in the car. Chase after having cum all over her tights stayed quiet for the rest of the journey back to the pub. Pearl didn't say anything either, she wanted him to suffer a bit.

As she got out of his car he leaned over and quietly said to her "I'm sorry and I'm going to sort this."

Pearl had no doubt "you know where I am when you do." She replied sarcastically, but truthfully.

She felt used, but bizarrely okay with it.

She rolled out of bed and made her way to put on another black outfit of the day when her phone beeped.

She saw the fake name Kay at the top of the screen and ignored it. She thought to herself

"If he's that into me he can work for me."


Pearl arrived at the social area and sat down gingerly, her vagina was still swollen and tender from the night before. She wasn't a virgin, but also hadn't be as sexually pleasured as that by any boy before.

"I suppose that's the difference" she thought to herself, "Chase is a man."

There had been no other messages from Chase yet, but the day had just started and she headed up to her form room.

Art class began and she continued to paint her piece she had been working on for a while, a solar system of colours, planets, stars & the galaxy. She enjoys the deep, rich purples, blues & black that swamped the canvas and was able to relax into the painting. Headphones in and My Chemical Romance blaring through them she was in her 'safe' zone, no Chase, no sexual thoughts, no messages from strangers. It was just very rela-

"Fucking jesus wept!" Pearl shouted out. The light tap then rub on her arm and elbow made her jump out of chair and the hairs on her body stand on edge. She turned around and lowered her head phones.

"Language like that will not be tolerated in the class Pearl, plus I don't think I'm that scary." Miss Richard's purred, "Just wanted to say that this is a wonderful painting, but maybe more yellow?" She said as she pointed at the painting with a quizzical look on her face.

Pearl's fists clenched and through gritted teeth she said "Thank you for your advice Miss Richards."

Miss Richard's was tanned, tall, leggy, blonde and make up pretty. Not natural, she needed the extra blush and concealer with her straight but voluminous hair. She just had that body that every girl wanted & boys craved. Petite, but moved in and out of all the right places. She was wearing a red peplum dress with black heels, Pearl wasn't jealous of her nor craved the body like others- she thought Miss Richards was gorgeous on the outside but the inside was filled with bitterness and sassiness towards her specifically.

There was history between them, student & teacher but it was also personal. Pearl felt that Miss Richards had covered up another students bullying - due to extra marital affairs. Apparently the rumour was she had an affair with Laken Heaths father.

Lakens Heaths Father was on the school board, with money. Laken Heath was a bully. The affair ended the Heaths marriage, and then Miss Richard's magically became involved with the Headmasters son-Chase.

She was a trophy to herself in her eyes, but Pearl wondered if Chase believed the rumours or even if he had been with her at the time. Plenty of rumours were to be had about male students and Miss Richards, but yet as per normal nothing was done about it by higher up. Hence why Pearl snapped at her one day. Laken had cornered Lyla, making her cry, to this day Lyla still won't tell Pearl what was said. Lyla said however there was a witness- Miss Richards whom completely denied involvement and claimed Lyla was struggling because of her home life. Pearl called bullshit & threw a paint pot at her the next time she saw her.

Pearl suffered the 2 week suspension and the apology she had to endure but she didn't trust this woman, not one bit.

Pearl wondered "How would she feel if she knew that the dick she most likely sat on this morning, I serviced the night before- also this bitch teaches French why is she here?"

Miss Richard's was still eyeing up the painting when a brief smirk flashed over Pearls face.

"I don't think the extra colour is necessary Miss Richards, the dark, moodiness of the colours makes it seem like it's a never ending story." A soft, deep voice said from across the room.

Pearl knew that voice and was instantly wet within her pants, they weren't the best of knickers today either - bridget jones would have been proud.

The figure came walking towards them both, staring intently at the painting. Pearl daren't look up from her hands but she could see that tight ass of his. The fitted trousers hung neatly on the hips.

Miss Richard's spoke proudly & loudly addressing the class "6th Formers- this is Mr Freely he will be your new Arts Teaching Assistant alongside Mr Hydes."

Mr Hydes was an old, but wise teacher and didnt look entirely thrilled by 'aid' he had received. The class looked at each other, the boys paid minimal attention but the girls softly giggled and Pearl could hear a few pretend to swoon.

Pearl finally summoned the courage to look at Chase in the eyes directly. She felt her knees weaken when he looked at her straight back as if directly through her soul. No words left her mouth, but thank god the bell rang.

Everyone began to pack up, leaving the room quickly. Pearl let out a small breath and turned away slowly packing her pieces up. The room began to grow quieter and Pearl had heard Miss Richards click clack of heels leave the room so she was no longer concerned about her.

She turned with all her items packed away and stopped in her tracks. The door was shut and Chase was leant against. His tall, muscular, heavy body just casually leaning and looking. He was staring at her as if ready to pounce, his lips were pursed together and his eyes were slowly running her body up and down. Pearl panicked and looked around the room, praying someone else was here. They weren't.

"We need to talk" said Chase, taking a step towards her.

"I have nothing to say" Pearl croaked back, why the hell was her mouth so dry?

"You didn't answer my texts, so I took measures." Chase said whilst taking another step closer.

"No, Chase, this isn't fair. You started this, I don't want to carry on." Pearl whimpered taking a step back.

"I will sort this all out, I promise- I need you to trust me." By now Chase and Pearl were face to face and he stroked her cheek as he whispered "but you have had me worried and I can't be feeling like that, I'm sorry."

Pearl thought briefly this was such an odd comment to make and then inhaled as his lips brushed against hers and he gently planted a soft kiss. His hand wrapped around her head holding her in, she didn't succumb but allowed his tongue to enter. She didn't want to give in, but she knew he wasn't going to make this easy.

He roughly pushed his tongue further into her mouth, she moaned slightly at the sheer pleasure of the dominance and she felt him smiling.

"I will make this up to you I promise" he whispered resting his forehead on hers.

Pearl suddenly tensed, when, how & what


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