The Pearl

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Pearl tried to push Chase off her, but he was holding her in tightly. She had her hands on his chest, gently trying to push him away. She didn't want to be the mistress, the home wrecker or the dirty little secret. It wasn't fair the decision was being made for her.

Chase eased slightly away and took a quick glance around the art room, he then turned back to Pearl, traced his hands lightly over her hips and grabbed them pulling her closer and hoisting her to his waist.

She let out a soft giggle, but also felt the fear rise inside her. Chase walked her through another doorway and then into the pitch black. The photography room.

The most peaceful, secluded room of the whole school and Pearl felt slightly saddened that if something was going to happen here, her memories would be changed forever.

Chase placed her down on one of the drip tables. Pearl couldn't lean back as there were developing photographs behind her, she pushed Chases shoulders roughly.

"I'm not doing this Chase" she whispered "We can't, everything about this is wrong."

Chase looked into her eyes with a hint of sadness and ran his hands up her leg, her thighs and towards her heated centre.

"I'm so pleased you only have this dress and boots on today." Chase whispered in her ear gleefully.

His fingers were circling the edge of her knickers, pulling and tugging at the sides moving the fabric to get to her.

Pearl felt herself being filled with his fingers, two gently pushed in with no pain this time. Warm kisses were littered across and over her neck while Chase ran his thumb over her clit, massaging gently.

Pearl could feel herself tensing, she wasn't relaxed nor happy about this situation. "Chase I'm not doing this." She said roughly pulling his hand out from under her. It took all of her might to say no to the pleasure but she had had enough.

He stepped back, looking genuinely hurt, then guilty.

"This is bullshit and you know it", she said hopping off the table top. "You're getting married in a months time and fucking around with a sixth former on school grounds, when you're now a fucking teacher" she hissed the last part. Remembering where they were.

"I'm not playing your game and I don't want a part of it, deal with yourself before coming for me" she savagely spat at him.

Chase stood silently, then watched as she turned her back to move away.

He put his arms around from behind, holding her waist. He brushed aside her hair and kissed her neck- he knew he was pushing it. "I fell in love with you the moment I saw you sing think of me-you will love me Pearl."

With that he bent her forward across the table, she let out a deep breath fear and lust was taking over her. He pushed past her pants with his fingers again, and this time royally fucked her with his hand.

He twisted and pulled at her clit, sliding his hand over and in, repeating and massaging.

Two fingers were buried deep inside and moved his whole arm with force. She was so wet and warm inside, getting more and more open and leaking with every slide out he took. He held her back against the table so she couldn't move, he needed to prove that he was going to make this up to her and sort this mess out.

Pearl whimpered and moaned. Her breathing was heavy, her legs wanted to drop but Chase had pinned her to the table. Two fingers inside, the other rubbing along her clit simultaneously. She could feel herself relaxing, giving in and her body began to buck riding on his fingers. He slapped her on the ass, which made her jump and "ooh" in glee. With that she awoke from her fuck day dream and clenched her pussy walls. Clenching so tightly around his fingers she could hear Chase as he was unable to move them inside her.

"Ah fuck" he said surprised by her actions.

She quickly turned around while his guard was down and grabbed his hand with her juices flowing, sucked his fingers then kissed him with all her energy. Her tongue shoved deeply down his throat, and two hands on either side of his face.

Chase lifted her up back onto the table and pulled her soaking pussy towards him. He started to make his way down towards her centre but she pulled him up grabbing his belt buckle and swinging it open. She roughly pulled his raging dick out, thick & long with a slight curve. She rubbed her clit with his penis and Chase let out a growl of pleasure. He leaned into her pressing his tip at her base when he realised he had no condom.

He looked at her and she smiled playfully, as If daring him to do it without. He circled his tip over her clit again and said "I can't have sex with you for the first time in the photography room, but I will make you orgasm."

Pearl looked at him disappointed but slightly relieved, she was testing him after all. Playing with him, bringing him to his weakest and finding out what kind of a man he was.

He held her forward and slid his fingers in again whilst rubbing his thumb over her clit.

Her breathing sped up, eyes closed, mouth partially open and head tilted back in pure bliss and Pearl orgasmed over his pumping fingers. "Yes, fuck yes Chase oh, yes" She convulsed and held onto his shoulders while her whole body rammed his fingers inside her, riding them until every last wave was gone.

Chase helped her off the table and Pearl reset her outfit. Her legs wobbled, but she held herself together. Chase still had a hard on, but was clearly not too worried about it.

He held her at her waist and said "Don't ever test me like that again." In a deep voice.

She brushed him off, again confused with all the mixture of emotions and walked back to her desk for things.

"Don't just say nothing Pearl, we've got this me and you." He said hurriedly behind her.

Pearl walked towards the art room door, luckily no one had bothered with the room at lunch time.

"If you don't tell her, I will" she said looking him straight in the eyes then leaving the room and shutting the door.

"Fucking prick" she said as she walked the steps down to the social area, she didn't want to be social so she thought fuck it, I'm out.

Walked to her car and drove off.

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