The Pearl

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This wasn't the Laken she had heard about or thought she knew. Admittedly she had never paid attention to him due to his reputation, but this was new.

She relaxed into his arms as she felt a different sense of security. This was alarming but safe. His whole vibe was a protector, dominant guardian. Not a bully.

"Why do you care Laken" she muffled into his shoulder.

Laken tilted her chin up to his face and softly spoke "You don't deserve it Pearl. You deserve the world and you can have it."

His grey dead eyes, lit up slightly with a flash of yellow. He kissed her looking straight into her eyes, softly whilst still holding her chin. She could feel his stubble brush against her face, the kiss was a pleasurable sensation. She felt protected, not confused.

He picked her up cradling her to the stairs, like a new married couple lift. Pearl held onto his neck while he carried her up the stairs. Laken was broad, rugby player body unlike Chase who was lean and muscular.

Laken took Pearl to her bedroom and gently kicked the door shut behind him. He put her down on the bed and turned to her painting. "I've always loved your paintings, they're entrancing." He said running his finger over the paint work.

Pearl was in bewilderment but knew she wanted to have wild, powerful sex with this man. Her heart hurt, but her head still remained strong. She knew deep down Chase was dodgy, the situation was totally wrong and she as Laken said, deserved so much fucking more.

Pearl stood up and Laken turned back around pulling down her hoodie zip. She had nothing on underneath, no top, no bra, just complete freedom. Laken ran his hands over her breasts, squeezing her nipples before taking one in his mouth and gently bit, tugging at her nipple.

Pearl grabbed Lakens shoulders and moaned into his neck.

He roughly pushed her on to the bed and pulled off her trousers in one go, she was completely exposed and naked to him. She didn't feel embarrassed or ashamed, she felt empowered as his eyes glazed over with an animalistic look inside them. He pulled his top off and dropped both his pants and trousers, joining her in being totally exposed together.

He bent down in front of her and ran kisses up her legs in between her thighs, getting closer to her core that had begun to drip. He reached her centre and said gently "Pearl, am I okay to do this?"

Her heart was beating, her chest rapidly heaving and she lifted her head to look at him. No one had ever asked her permission. There had not been a vast amount of lovers but a few at her young age, she saw sex as a want rather than need and found it transactional. She wanted gone of the stigma of Virgin, rather than caring about her first time- so she just did it.

She looked him in the eyes and smiled, "Yes Laken, thank you. "

He dove into her with his tongue making her back arch as she gripped onto the bed sheets. She gasped at the pleasure that soared through her. His tongue moved from inside her to around her clit, sucking, pulling & pushing. She could feel his teeth nibbling her clit while he pulled it with his mouth.

His hands were rested on her thighs and slowly moved upwards, his kisses trailing across her stomach, to her breast, her nipples, their fingers interlocking and he pushed her arms down beside her locked with his fingers. He sucked on her neck as she felt his cock press against her swollen clit. He slowly rubbed her then sat back, he took her all in visually and smiled a warm grin at her. Pearl giggled and relaxed in his presence, legs lying fully open, ready and waiting. He looked like a mythical god and she was happy to be hypnotized by this man.

He held his cock in his hand, it was big and thick, she wondered if it was bigger than Chases momentarily then quickly rejected him from her mind.

He guided himself in and pushed, Pearl gasped in awe and pleasure. She was being stretched beyond anything before. She felt tight and Laken growled with every movement. She let out a loud moan, it came out so naturally she surprised herself.

He started slowly with one hand on her hip, the other holding her hands behind her head. He thrust into her, each time getting deeper, wetter and warmer. He dug his nails into her hip, quickening his pace but making sure she was taking all of him. Her moans grew louder, more like howling. She felt her breasts bounce with every thrust and was so turned on by this power between them.

Laken looked her in the eyes and drove his dick into her harder and faster. Leaving no time for recovery and Pearl was struggling to catch her breath. She managed to release one hand from him and placed it on his cheek pulling him in to kiss her while she came. She felt her orgasm building through her as Laken started to pound her, she could hear his balls slapping against her - he was making sure she was taking every inch of him.

Her orgasm surprised her, she felt it but it exploded quickly. She let out a howl mid way through a kiss as her legs shook and she felt her cream leaking. Her eyes rolled into the back of the head as her walls clamped around him. Laken moaned back, he liked it when he could feel the walls inside a girl beg him to stop.

He rolled over onto his back and pulled Pearl on top, she was still in a daze but Laken wanted her. He had wanted her for a while, but had kept his distance and admired from afar. Most people who came close to him got hurt in some way so it was best he stayed being a loner, the rep and gossip just made him scarier so it worked for him.

He held up his cock in front of her while Pearl came to her senses on top of him, she learnt forward, kissed him with her tongue deeply in his mouth and then lowered herself on to him. She wanted him to only think of her from now on and begain to move up and down. Hands on his chest, her butt raised, she curved her hips up and down using her stomach muscles to ride him hard. Laken grinned and laid back, arms above his head, eyes watching all over, her tits bouncing, her hair stuck around her neck, her cheeks flushed and moaning like a wild woman.

"I knew she was right" he thought to himself.

Pearl rode him up and down, round and round for what seemed like an eternity. She was in a euphoric world where this touch just felt amazing. Laken ran his hands over her thighs, to her breasts and her neck pulling her down to him, she was breathless and sweating but she wanted him more. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and kissed her hard, lowering her hands by his head and lifting her ass cheeks. He slammed himself into her and cried out like a wounded wolf. He thrust upwards into her and her whole body again began to quiver, her arms shook he felt her juices running down his cock, this sent him overboard and with a final thrust holding her to him tightly with her tongue in his mouth they came together. Riding out their orgasms at a volume that no doubt neighbours heard.

Pearl slipped off his now limp dick and laid on her back next to Laken. Both sweating, out of breath, but smiling at the ceiling. Pearl wriggled to get into his arms and Laken held her. She ran her hand over his chest watching his breathing begin to slow back to normal.

He leant over and kissed her on the forehead, his hand trailing her back and giving her ass a gentle spank.

Pearl closed her eyes for a brief moment in total bliss, when there was a knock at the door.

She sat up alarmed, what time was it? She looked at Laken whose face dropped back into a serious pose.

"It's 4pm, he's here." She said.

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