The Pearl

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Pearl got up quickly and dashed to put her tracksuit back on.

Laken got up with a heavy sigh. She turned to him and said playfully "stay there"

He looked surprised but smiled and laid back on the bed, naked.

"This won't take long, leave it with me"

Laken nodded, he had no clue what she was going to do but enjoyed this powerful woman standing in front of him taking control.

Pearl headed to the front door and opened it.

Her heart hit the bottom of her stomach as he she saw Chase standing there. He looked worried, scared but also guilty. He pushed past her hurriedly into the house, no invitation to enter just expectation.

"Chase I don't want you here." Pearl said softly. This was going to be harder than she thought.

They both stood in the hallway, the front door partially open.

"I'm going to end it tonight, prove you all wrong. I don't know what he's said to you Pearl but Miss Richards isn't a bad woman."

He looked at her furlornly.

"Yes, we hooked up when I was an student, she was a teacher. We had a blip and she slept with that thing" he waved his hand nonchalantly.

"I thought she was what I wanted but after seeing you" he held his hand over his heart "I just knew"

Pearl felt slightly romantic at this gesture, but still couldn't shake Lakens words.

Chase stepped towards her and Pearl took a step back finding herself against the hallway wall. He stepped forward resting his forehead against her and slid one hand down into her bottoms. "Come on, please trust me" he said softly.

"Ouch" Pearl reacted to his touch on her clit. She was raw from her sex with Laken and was swollen.

Chase stopped, pulled his hand out and stepped back. His face grew red with anger.

"Has he touched you? You're fucking mine." His grew raised and his fists balled.

"Chase I want you to leave." Pearl said.

"She asked you to leave." Said a deep voice from the stairs.

Lance stood there clothed, but pumped as if ready for a tackle.

"Are you fucking kidding me Pearl?!" Chase shouted at her, he threw his hands to head and looked backwards and forwards.

"Him over me? Are you serious?" He stumbled over his words looking in horror at the pair of them.

Lance went to the front door and opened it wide "leave or we will report you both" he commanded. Pearl was highly aroused at his authority.

At the doorstep stood Lyla, mouth open.

"Well this is awkward" she said with a laugh finishing her sentence.

Chase stumbled to the front door passed Lyla and turned to say something, then walked away. Lyla walked in and shut the door.

She looked at Laken, then at Pearl "so I'm guessing you know about Miss Richard's now then?" She asked Pearl.

Pearl looked at Laken " she can't get away with this, it's illegal and a breach of trust"

Laken sighed and took Pearl in his arms for a hug, "they won't listen to us, I told my parents they don't believe me - they all think I'm a waste of space. If you reported him, only he would get in trouble- not both."

Lyla interrupted the embrace, "we can go undercover?" They both looked at her quizzacilly.

Lyla continued "Laken, you can record yourself hitting on her. See if she slips up, get her to talk. Evidence then."

A pang of jealousy hit Pearl in the chest, she didn't know what this was with Laken but she liked it. She also knew if they were gonna bring justice it had to be done.

Laken & Lyla both left after a few hours of scheming, drinking and smoking. They had become this unlikely trio. As they left Laken kissed Pearl gently on the lips and said "see you tomorrow snow."

He had created a new nickname for her, and she liked it.

She shut the door and breathed our a long, drawn sigh. She felt bad for Chase, she felt he was a victim of something beyond her knowledge but also felt stupid for allowing it to be her that got caught up in his web of lies.

10pm had reached and Pearl was ready for bed. School had to commence tomorrow and she needed to go back to help the guys with the plan.

Her parents were out again working late and the door knocked.

She peeked through the eye hole as no one was expected and she saw Chase, soaking wet stood on her doorstep.

She opened the door and he turned to her." I did it, I called it all off and left her, I told you I would."

She beckoned him in. He was shivering and pale.

She took him up to her room, she had an ensuite and guided him in to her bathroom. Silently she gave him a towel and left him. It wasn't rocket science he needed to warm up and a shower would help. She was angry but not heartless.

Pearl took out her phone to text Laken, she knew he would hit the roof but she didn't belong to anyone, not yet.

"He's here apparently he's ended it. I'm okay, please don't get angry- if she's vulnerable tomorrow this could work with the plan."

Laken texted back and angry emoji then said "remember you can have the world and you can have it with me if you want. This could help us tomorrow. Night Snow x"

She liked the nickname he had given her and smiled.

"So you like him huh?" A soft voice said from the ensuite doorway.

Chase was wrapped in a towel that hung loosely at his waste. Pearl sensed a low feeling of lust within her but tried to shake it from her head.

"Yeah I do. Problem?"

"He can't give you what you want. You want the world Pearl and you can't have it now, things take time. That's called being an adult."

She looked at him surprised, did he know what Laken had said? Why was he the complete opposite, he just made her mad.

"Chill here, I'll go to my parents room. When your clothes are dry, you know where the front door is." She said quietly, this still hurt and she didnt know why.

"Was he rough with you?" He asked her back as she turned.

"We had good, powerful sex Chase - even though it's none of your business. Don't be making out he hurt me, he didn't." She said over her shoulder.

Chase grabbed her arm and turned her round to him. His towel had dropped and he was naked, hung low in all his glory. He was beautiful, but this was just lust.

He pushed her up against the wall and kissed her hard, his body pressed against her. She smacked his shoulders trying to get him off but secretly enjoyed his touch.

He reached down her pants again and slid one finger into her lips and over her clit. She was annoyingly wet and moaned softly at his touch. As much as she fought his touch was incredible and sent electricity through her.

"I've left her for you" he said "I've done it all for you and you won't open up for me because of him"

Pearl looked at him sadly, "because I don't know who you are Chase. "

She pulled his hand out and motioned to his clothes on the radiator.

She then undressed knowing he was watching her and put on her pyjamas and got into bed. He put his pants on then joined her, she didnt fight him she was too exhausted and he wrapped his arms around her stroking her hair. She could feel him hard and stiff pressing into her back but she remained still and fell asleep next to his warmth.

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