The Pearl

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Morning came quickly, Pearl awoke to herself in the bed. She could hear the shower running.

She rolled out and headed to the bathroom. She could see his lean body inside the warm, steamy room. She wasn't fully awake and didn't know entirely what possessed her but wanted desperately to get in with him.

She took off her clothes and opened the shower door, she was lucky to have a big bathroom. A tropical rainforest shower head and space to fit three people. Her bath tub was her favourite, stand alone Chadder & Co. Grey and black squares covered it making it glitter in the steam.

She slid open the door and stood behind him, he hadn't noticed her enter. She wrapped her hand round his waist, she was trembling with worry and guilt. She just couldn't resist.

Chase stopped washing his hair and stood still, turning around eventually. He pulled her under the running water, their bodies touching and her hands ran over his smooth chest. She wanted him so badly but had no trust in him. It made the situation more dangerous.

He cupped her face, the running water cascading over her lips. He leant in and kissed her so softly, it sent electricity through Pearl's body & she whimpered with the power. She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him in, the water dripping over them. His hands held her lower back pulling her wet core to his rock hard member. They stayed kissing in the moment for a while, tongues encircling each other, moans from both and enjoying the momentary bubble of just the two of them.

Chase switched the shower off and pushed Pearl back to her room. Still taking moments to kiss, no words spoken, they moved with each other. He quickly grabbed his towel and threw it onto the bed pushing Pearl roughly onto it.

Chase grabbed her ankles pulling her to the edge of the bed. The moment was taking over Pearl and she became fearful, she was giving in and if she did this she was just as bad as him. But she didn't belong to anyone.

He pushed her thighs up and lowered his rock hard cock to her wet, soaked pussy.

"Chase, no stop. This is too much."

"You're killing me Pearl." Chase said in one deep tone. He pushed himself into her, pearl cried out in pain- she was still raw from her time with Laken. "Chase stop it, no!" She said panicked. This hurt her and she could feel him pushing further.

He threw his head back and continued to push himself further into her, trying to break down her wall, when a sudden blow to his chest knocked him a few steps back.

"I said NO Chase." Pearl growled at him. She knew it was her fault tempting, but this whole mess was his. She got up, went to her dresser, grabbed her knickers and bra from the draw and spotted a phone.

Not her phone.

His phone.

"Bingo" she thought to herself.

She slid it into her hands and stormed to her bathroom. Chase stood still, he was still rock hard but wasn't going to get in the way.

Pearl put on her underwear then sat down and started to click into his phone.

It was a finger slide password, Pearl held the phone under her bathroom light and could see faint grease Mark's of a shape. It was down, along then up.

"Not hard really" she thought to herself proudly and copied the pattern.

The phone lit up to life. Background photo of a dog, "cute dog, but too small" she thought of the pomeranian.

She hit FB messages, nothing extraordinary- a few comments from friends. Not what she wanted.

She hit messages and held her breath.

Cheryls name appeared at the top, with the most messages. She opened them and began to read.

The last message from 11.30pm -

"Night night baby, have fun with Colin & see you at school xx " Pearl sat back shocked.

She continued to read the others from yesterday and nothing sounded remotely concerned for him not being at home, nor the fact the wedding was cancelled. If anything there were more plans-

6:02pm " remember caterer - thursday salmon or beef?"

8.09pm "can't believe you get to go out with the lads and I'm at home packing the invites - boo you, no bj for while baby 😉xxxx"

10.20pm "hope you got there safe, I'm at home on my own with the rabbit 😘😉"

It wasn't broken off. He had lied. Flat out lied to her face. She quickly took a screenshot and emailed the texts to herself.

Miss Richards had wronged people, but she was innocent in this. About time she knew who she was engaged to.

She started to type, "your fiance wasn't with the boys last night, he was with a girl saying you're not together. About time you had a chat with him and definitely no b j s for a while."

She pressed send.

Then felt her heart and anxiety rise.

"Fuck, I've just started this war." She thought to herself.

The door knocked and Chase spoke through the door "pearl, what are you doing?"

Pearl opened the door.

"If you would let me I would happily take you now." He said whilst taking her in just wearing her underwear.

"I can have the world and I can have it now. Yours is about to fall apart" Pearl said with anger yet vengefully. She pushed the phone into his chest and said "get out of my house" in a low, growling tone.

Chase starred at her then at the phone, it lit up with Cheryl's name. "What have you done?" He said in horror.

"What you promised you'd done, now get OUT!" She shouted at him, pushing his chest towards the door.

He grabbed her by the wrists and pushed her back. She slapped him around the face, a hard, full palm slap that also clocked his ear. He stepped backwards as if taking the hit and Pearl was shocked at herself. She had never smacked someone before.

He moved forward and she slammed her fists onto his chest "you fucking LIED TO ME!" she screamed like an animal at him. He grabbed her wrists and held them in front of him.

Within moments the door opened with a force and Laken bolted through. He stepped towards Chase and pulled his chest back towards the wall. He stood there towering him with pure hatred in his eyes.

"She said get out." He growled quietly.

Chase took a look at the pair of them, a disgusted look as if they had cost him something. He grabbed his car keys and walked out silently.

Pearl sat down on the bed, head in her hands. She was shaking, why had she put herself in such a shit position?

Laken knelt in front of her, moved her hands and whispered " hey, it's okay- I'm here."

"I texted Cheryl, didn't say who- just she ought to talk to him about where hes been. I didnt get anymore info. I screen shot some and emailed them to myself. But that's all I got. " she cried with tears flowing down her face. "It's all my fault, I should have shut the door on him." She howled.

"Did he touch you?" Laken said.

"A little but I kicked him in the chest to get him off" she was shaking with adrenaline. Fearful of what Laken would think of her.

"Promise me you won't ever put yourself in this position again." He held her head in his hands. "Plus I don't like to see you cry."

She leant forward, both forehead to forehead. "I'm so sorry Laken."

"We've got them moving now, that's all that matters snow." He leant forward and kissed her so gently on the lips. She took in his scent and kissed him back roughly.

He flipped her on her front and pulled down her black lace panties. He stayed fully clothed, but leant down on top of her, she looked over her shoulder at him and he kissed her on the cheek. Slowly she felt him push his way in to her. All the drama had taken her energy, so her body just took him in. He pushed her legs together while he was still inside and leant down on top of her, his fingers inter locked hers and he pushed himself fully into her wet core. This was a new position to her, but it was intimate and dominating. He was completely lead on her moving delicately with her legs practically shut. She pulled his hand into her chest and he held onto her boob whilst smothering her neck in wild kisses.

She could feel herself about to cum and began to react to his rhythm, he bum started to lift up but was pressed firmly down by Lakens body. He sped up, pounding her faster and whispered in her ear "I fucking love you Pearl, you're it for me"

Her whole body relaxed at those words and tears left her eyes again, relief and security took over her body and she just reached her peak to cum with those words. "Fuck Laken, yes, I love you to. I love you."

Laken quickly pulled out and flipped her over onto her front. She had just started to reach her tipping point when he had stopped, almost torturing her. He rammed himself back into her, she took in a gasp and he pounded, harder and faster. One hand behind her head the other on her thighs pushing them down.

"Say it again Pearl" he said breathlessly and looked her in the eyes.

Her orgasm was coming high again and she lifted her body up, reaching his lips and whispered "I love you Laken." Laken let out a big growl and a deep moan as he thrust himself hard back into her and her head fell back in ecstasy. She screamed the house down with a raging, prolonged orgasm where she felt her whole body convulse. Laken had cum at the same time, his juices were filling her and seeping out down the sides. They took in a long, inhaled, deep kiss and Laken leant back looking at his girl.

"I'm looking at my girl while shes just orgasmed through the house, can I call you my girl?" He playfully looked at her.

"You're crazy and your rep is horrendous, you only wear black and you gave me an amazing orgasm. You sure as hell can call me your girl. " Pearl laughed as she spoke. All tension and worry disappearing.

"We gotta go school, we got shit to burn" Laken joked at her. He passed her pants and laid down on the bed watching her get ready.

School was in 30 minutes and he was right, shit was going to burn.

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