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Vanessa Heartbroken and newly divorced Vanessa has to start all over again. When a night out in a bar leads to something more it's only supposed to be a one-time thing, sexual fireworks explode when she bumps into him the very next day. Escaping Logan turns out to be damn near impossible. Logan Fresh out of university and back home, until one night he meets the most amazing woman he has ever come across, not a girl a sexy woman, he couldn't help himself and then she just left. Turns out certain people are supposed to be in your path and she was never far from his. They say age is but a number but can Vanessa and Logan make it work? Can love conquer all?

Erotica / Romance
Lily Rose Stories
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Chapter 1


I married Derek when I was twenty-three, I thought it was forever and that we would be together until we were grey and old. Yet here I am eight years later divorce papers in hand, surrounded by boxes in my new house. My sister convinced me to move closer to her so she could help me with Jasmine. I am getting the last of the boxes from the van when I hear my sister yell. “Nessa why the fuck you keeping this?” She has in her hands one of Derek’s jumpers. I hesitate “Emmmm.” Throwing it into a pile she smiles at me. “We are burning it.”

As I focus on the boxes in the van I try to ignore the hurt feeling sitting at the pit of my tummy, I see someone approach me out of the corner of my eye “Hello, Neighbour!” I plaster a fake smile on my face. “Hi there.” I set down the box and wipe my hands on my top. “Welcome to the neighbourhood, I’m Marie.”

I point over to my sister who is standing at the door. “Hi, I am Vanessa and this is my sister Victoria, I just moved here.” My sister never missing a chance to make new friends bounces over “Hi.” Marie looks at us both. “Well once you get settled in you should call over to my place have a little drink?” I can’t get a word in edgewise with Victoria. “She would love that!” I glare at my sister. “I would?” Victoria smiles at me. “Well yeah, you have the weekend free since it’s Derek’s weekend.” Marie claps her hands together. “Perfect, how does tomorrow sound? Say around three?” I can’t help it I need friends and Marie seems really warm and friendly. “Yeah, sure, why not?” We head back into the house and I’m moving boxes to the rooms for unpacking.

I hear Victoria huff “Right, bored, we have done enough, I know a bar, let’s go get ready.” I sigh. “I’m not in the mood.” Victoria being Victoria doesn’t like the word No and at times I love her for it this is not one of those times. “Well get in the mood, it’s happening.” She helps me get ready, she has me in this skintight dress that barely covers my modesty, my makeup and hair done as if we are hitting a club. We are in the taxi, chatting when we arrive at the bar, we walk up and take a stool placing our order. For a Friday night, it’s quiet. My sister takes a sip of her cocktail. “So how’re things with Derek and the Divorce?”

I scoff, “Well he apparently moved his tart in with him, before he drew the papers up but the divorce is finalised.” he wanted it quick and easy, I was just happy enough to close that chapter of my life. Turns out my husband is a dirty lying sack of shit, I got home early to find some skank in my bed fucking him. Now that little tart has my husband, my home and what was my life. So here I am in a bar with my sister, who is trying to get me laid.

“You need to get yourself some, you haven’t had a new cock in years.” I nearly choke on my wine. “Vic I appreciate the concern but I don’t need a cock when I have a good book and my vibrator!” I hear someone cough and splutter behind me. I can feel the heat creep up my face. “Fuck.”

I look behind me to see some very attractive much younger men behind me one gives me a bright smile. “Don’t let us put you off, we didn’t intentionally eavesdrop.” Victoria puts out her hand. “Hi, I’m Vic this is my sister Nessa.” he takes her hand in his “I’m Dean and this is Logan.” Dean is tall, dark and handsome but Logan is more my type if I was 10 years younger. Tall, muscular with bright brown eyes and blonde hair that he keeps sweeping away from his face. “Hi.”

Deans call over the bartender. “Hi, Carl can I get 2 beers and .... would you both like a drink? I feel I owe you an apology after that!” Victoria smiles at him. “Yeah two white wines, please.” Vic and Dean are chatting away, Logan is just looking at his beer picking the label but every so often stealing looks at me. Dean starts to walk away “Sorry ladies but we got to get back to the guys, they are going to think we got lost but Vic here’s my number call me!” Victoria gives him a cheeky wink. “I will think about it.” he laughs at her “Bye.” Logan looks at both Vic and me, somehow holding my gaze for longer. “Bye” Victoria turns and smiles at me. “They are so hot, why didn’t you try with Logan he looked like he could show you a good time.” I cock my eyebrow at my sister. “Jeez Victoria he is too young” Victoria giggles at me. “What? he is legal, what’s the problem?” I slap my sister on the arm. “You need to stop talking.”


We go back to the guys, they are sitting in the corner at one of the booths. I’m able to see the bar from here and I can’t take my eyes off her, she is so sexy, she’s a little older but I’m thinking of all the things I would love to do to her, I catch her looking over a few times, Dean is dying to get back over to Vic, he has been back and forth to the bar, every time flirting with Vic, it’s these moments that I find me and Nessa catching each other’s stares, the night is nearly over and the drinks have been flowing and I’m feeling a little more confident. She’s all woman I have been used to girls my age. I have just finished university and I am back living with my mum temporarily talk about killing your sex life. I keep looking at Nessa she’s a whole different level, the boys are talking about moving to a club soon. If I don’t make my move now I’m never going to, Dean is again back at the bar ordering his last drink, Nessa leaves the bar and heads toward me, she has to walk past me to get to the restrooms. She looks directly at me as she walks pass me a sway of her hips and a smile on her lips, not faked in any way that’s just how she carries herself.


The night is close to coming to an end, Dean is back again for Vic it’s fun to watch. I forgot how young men can be, loving a chase, it’s all about sex, Derek stopped chasing me I tried, I dressed sexily, I kept in shape he just lost interest it was always me who chased him. I always instigated sex we had a great sex life at the beginning because of my high sex drive. Then somewhere over the years, he stopped looking at me like I was his everything, I missed that feeling.

Logan keeps looking over every so often and we keep catching each other gaze, I have had a few drinks now and I’m feeling things and thinking things I shouldn’t be. I need to go home and sort myself out. I lean into my sister. “Vic I’m thinking of heading home now.” Vic smiles at me “Well actually I’m going back to Deans place. Can you get home ok?” I scoff at her. “Vic, I’m 31 safe to say, I know how to get home.”

I decide to call a taxi and get myself home before I do something to embarrass myself. I need the bathroom first, I leave the bar and head to the restroom I see Logan watching me intensely. I can’t help but watch him I smile at him as I walk by. I make my way through to the hall where the restroom doors are, opening the door, I feel hands on my hips pushing me in, I turn around and find Logan locking the door, I’m up against the sink counter he smiles at me and I bite my lip I don’t know what comes over me, the next thing my lips crash into his, my hands are in his hair and he has his hands slip up between my thighs.

It’s frantic as I undo his belt and release his hard cock I don’t want to overthink I just want to over feel. I whisper into his ear “condom?” he kisses me gently biting my bottom lip before pulling away and taking one from his wallet, I take it from his hand and rip it open, rolling it down his hard shaft, he slips my panties down and I line him to my wet slit, with one thrust I can feel him fill me. I hear Logan utter “You feel so good.” It’s not long before I feel him throb inside me, I know he is close. I take my hand and begin to rub my clit looking for my own release. I feel Logan move my hand away. “Let me do that for you” he moves his thumb over my clit increasing pressure as he glides over it. I lose control over my body as my orgasm rocks me to my core. “Oh fuck.” I pant trying to pull my focus back when I hear Logan. “That was incredible..... look can I ....” I quickly slip off the counter collecting my panties slipping them back on, I don’t even look at him as I speak. “Logan that was great, but it’s a one-time thing, thanks.” I unlock and walk out the door leaving him there.

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