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Chapter 10


He nods over to the door. “It’s all yours.” I walk over to the door what have I got to lose no one will know, I can see if it does it for me. I walk into the room and there is Destiny waiting she’s stunning curves in all the right places, long black hair, green eyes and olive skin, she starts her dance placing her breasts in my face and moves to the beat of My Neck, My Back by Khia, holy shit she’s flexible, she has both her legs hanging over my shoulders! She then brings her self back up and gives me a wink and starts rubbing her ass into me. The music starts to fade away and she gives me a smile before walking away.

I walk out of the room a little flustered and make my way to the bar. The bartender is watching me tentatively “Well?” I don’t have time to answer when I hear Vic run up behind me. “Sis, did you see that oh my god, he had me in the air, I want one, where can I get one who can do that at home?” she finally comes up for air and spys the bartender. “Oh hi, can I please have a jägerbomb?”

I notice when he smiles he gets dimples. “Coming right up.” Victoria downs the shot. “Ok, so the girls want to hit a club for dancing, you up for it? I nod. “Yeah, why not.” Victoria turns her attention to the bar before shouting. “Hey, do you know any good clubs? he smiles at her. “Actually yeah there is Bamboo it opens to six am, it’s the spot we normal hit after work. Decent music and a great VIP area tell them I sent you and they will give you a spot.”

Victoria smiles at him “What’s the name?” he comes over and puts his hand out. “Hi, I’m Christian” she takes his hand and gently shakes it. “You’re cute, you single? I mutter under my breathe “Jesus Vic” I didn’t think they could hear me but Christian is smiling at me “Yeah, actually I am.” Victoria smiles. “Can I have your number?” he starts to move away “Actually...” Victoria does her best pout. “Come on, it’s my birthday.” He laughs and he takes her phone and puts his number in it she takes the phone back smiling at him. “I will call you.”

Victoria rounds up the girls while I stand by the bar. “Right come on girls, I need to dance.” We are walking around the bar towards the exit. I’m grabbing my phone out of my bag planning to text Logan when I hear his voice. “Cover me a few minutes Sam.” I feel a hand grab my arm. “You look like you’re about to make a bad decision?” I cock my eyebrow. “Nope, I’m making a decision that involves telling someone to fuck off.” Christian comes closer to me. “You didn’t tell me how it went?” I feel my cheeks blush. “She’s so hot and so flexible my god...” I pause for a minute and he pushes me more “But?” I sigh. “But all I could think was could I do that for a man, it was such a turn on. I like cock too much, no getting around it” he looks at me biting his lip “Give me your phone” I look at him puzzled. “Why?”

“Don’t be mad!” I smile “What cant I get mad about?” he takes my phone. “I gave you sister a fake number” I can’t help but laugh “She will kill you!” Christian hands me back my phone. “She won’t remember, I wanted to give it to you.” I look down at my feet. “But you said you don’t fuck with clients?”

I poured your drinks, I never danced for you, you sweet little thing was never my client.” I roll my eyes and try to walk away. “Yeah, bet you say that to all the girls?” He gets down on his knees and crosses his heart ” I have never given my real number out before.” he smiles at me and stands back up. ” Yeah right, I know that’s a fake in my phone your just trying to make me feel good considering how shit I have had it, I don’t need your pity.” Christian comes closer, I can feel his breath on my neck. “I told you, I don’t judge. I fancy the fuck out of you and I would like a date, no fucking required. Go ahead ring the number.”

I call the number, I look down as I hear his phone ring!! Still unable to work out why this good looking, young guy is doing this. “Yeah right, I bet you have that guy behind the bar ringing your number making a tit out of me.” I gasp as he takes my hand and puts it near his dick, he is aiming for his phone. “Now turn around and watch him.” I turn around he keeps my hand where it is and he whispers in my ear “Call my number” I ring it and his phone starts to vibrate! “See I didn’t lie.” I turn around to face him our lips mere inches from one another. “NESSA HURRY UP, THE BUS IS HERE, IM DYING OF THIRST! I am trying to focus barely getting the words out. “Ok ... I’m coming”

Christian slowly lets go of me. “I will see you soon Vanessa.”


What the hell happened last night? I didn’t drink that much I have been a huge dick. Vanessa is never going to forgive me! Taylor and I have known each other for years, we were friends that became more. To be honest we were better off as friends so I have no idea what the hell I was playing at when I kissed her. I should have left but we are friends and there was nothing in it for me! I hear her voice and I cringe.

“Morning sleepy head” I snap at her. “What the hell happened?” she comes over to the bed and smiles. “We had a few drinks then came back here.” I try to get the distance between us “Why am I naked? I didn’t drink that much and after getting in the elevator, I don’t remember shit, what the fuck have I missed."

Taylor places both her hands on her hips looking pissed at me. “Don’t take that tone with me, Logan. I told you I missed you, I kissed you and then you rejected me. I know deep down you wanted me so I just tried to help you.”

My head starts to pound. “What are you talking about helping me?" Taylor waves her hands at me. “I slipped a little something in your drink, just to loosen you up.” I lose it with her. “You fucking drugged me, you crazy bitch!” Taylor comes closer to me. “Oh, please I just thought that you needed a little encouragement we use to be so good together I just wanted that back.” I get out of the bed scrambling for my clothes. “You fucked Dean, then you fucked my dad! We broke up, I don’t want you anymore... EVER” she tries to grab my hand. “Dean was a mistake, I told you that and your dad I was lonely.”

I grab the last of my things “I can’t be here right now.” Taylor rushes to the door stopping me from leaving. “If you had of just giving me what I wanted. I wouldn’t have had to go to extreme measures. You were useless and such a turn-off, you couldn’t even get it up and kept saying some other girls name. I love you and your moaning another women’s name.” I rub my hands down my face “Jesus Taylor are you hearing yourself right now I should go to the police, you pretty much just admitted you fucking tried to date rape me.”

“You wanted me, Logan.” I walk towards her “No I didn’t that first kiss was a mistake, after that, I had no idea what the hell I was doing!” I move her from the door I need to get the hell away from her I’m so angry. I am about to close the door when she grabs the handle. “You’re not going to tell anyone about this, are you?” I don’t answer I just grab the door slamming it, I go back to my room get showered and get into clean clothes, I get my phone out to text Vanessa.

I miss you so much, I don’t want to worry you, but I really need to talk to you Logan xox

I see that she has seen the message but doesn’t reply, I leave it a while before I try to call her.

I’m sorry the person your are calling is unavailable please try again

I text my dad to see where he is, he replies to tell me he is in his room. I walk to the door and knock. ” Logan you look like shit” I know I look like shit, I feel exactly how I look. “Thanks, dad.” I walk into his room. “So what happened last night did you and Taylor have a late one?" I start to pace his room. “Dad I’m not dating Taylor now or ever.” I go on to tell him everything including me knowing about his liaison with Taylor he admits it only happened the once and he wasn't thinking, then I talk about yesterday the parts I can remember, he just looks at me like I have 6 heads. “Jesus Christ son she is crazy.” I scoff. “You think, what do I do?”

My dad looks at me “I have no idea what you should do, my advice, stay away from her. You could go to the police but it would be he said she said, the drugs would be out of your system and technically nothing happened!” I get angrier the more I think about it “If this was the other way round it would be a different story.” My dad puts his hand on my shoulder “You’re right Logan it’s up to you.”

I sit in silence until my dad breaks me out of my daze. “Let’s go downstairs for a bite to eat pacing this room won’t help”. We walk down to the lobby and I see a familiar face walk towards me. “Hi Logan” I am shocked to see her here, I stop moving. “Vic, what are you doing here?” she gives me a quick hug. “Oh, this is where we are staying for my 30th.” Panic sets in. “Wait, is Vanessa here?” Victoria nods at me. “Yeah, she will be down in a few minutes...actually there she is now.” I watch as Victoria walks over and pulls her sister in for a hug I can just about hear the conversation. “Hi, Nessa hows the head? Vanessa looks tired but her face is emotionless “I’m ok took some water and tablets before bed you ready for today?” She blanks me and keeps walking towards the front door, I chase after her and reach out to her arm she spins around and looks at me ... F*UCK.

“Don’t you dare touch me, I seen you and her, here yesterday doesn’t take a genius to piece together what happened.” I plead with her. “Please let me explain, I texted you telling you I needed to talk. I messed up, Taylor kissed me I did kiss her back but I came to my senses and stopped it. I then agreed to keep her company over a few drinks.” Vanessa looks hurt and then anger spills out “STOP I don’t need you explaining your way out of this... leave me alone.” I try to reach for her to make her listen. “We have been friends for years, we dated when we weren’t right for each other, there was nothing in it the kiss was just habit, it meant nothing...”

“I am not stupid I saw you both with my own eyes getting into the elevator.” Before I can get the next words out Taylor comes walking up to me she smiles. “So about last night...” Vanessa rushes away and regroups with the girls then leaves the hotel. I am so angry right now she won’t hear me out and I don’t blame her if I saw her with another guy I would be livid, we weren’t exclusive but there is a respect for not dicking around. I turn around and lose it.

“Taylor I’m going to say this once, stay the fuck away from me.”

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