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Chapter 11


After the strip club, we hit Bamboo, five-floor levels and every level has a different type of music playing, it’s so much fun when I eventually roll into bed at about 4 am, I turn off my phone and fall asleep. I take some water and tablets to ease the hangover I know I am going to have. When I wake up I grab a hot shower trying to wake myself up. We all agree to meet in the lobby for today’s activities. I turn my phone back on to see a message from Logan. I read it but can’t bring myself to reply. I don’t want to talk to him or see him. My phone starts to ring and I look down and see his name, I send him to voicemail and turn my phone back off. I grab my jacket and make my way down to the Lobby and watch as Victoria talks to someone... oh f*uck off, why?

I hug and chat with my sister and then walk past, blanking him. Livid I start to walk off, he tries to catch up with me I can feel his hand and I turn around and give him a look that tells him not to fuck with me. He starts doing the bullshit male thing, I can explain myself... yeah out of it. I think after Derek I just have had enough of lying bastards, I don’t want to give Logan the chance to talk me around then the icing on the cake, Taylor appears all sweet smiles, I feel the tears sting at the corner of my eyes.

I can’t handle it so I just leave them, she can have him I am done. Refusing to let him ruin this weekend for us I turn around and plaster I smile on my face. “Right Victoria are you ready for today’s birthday fun? Victoria’s smile lights up her entire face “Yeah of course what are we doing?” Rachel bounces up and down. “Well after last night’s fun we decided that we would all do pole dancing lessons at the strip club from last night. So get your sexy on girls cause for one day only we are pole dancers. Victoria squeals almost bursting my ear drum “I LOOVVVVEEEE IT.”

We arrive at the club and get into our outfits. The club doesn’t open for a few hours and during the day they provide courses. I couldn’t wait to get the girls to do this and I knew Victoria would be up for giving it a go. Destiny from last night walks in. I can’t help but blush as she smiles at me. She starts talking us through the moves, we are all swirling around the poles. I am having so much fun, I get really into it and the few mimosa’s have given me an extra dash of confidence. Each of us has to do a solo performance, I go last and my nerves are getting the better of me as I stand looking down at all the girls.

I start working the pole to Baby Boy by Beyoncé. I’m loving every minute all the nerves I had melt away and I lose myself to the beat. The song fades and I hear whoops and whistles from all the girl’s. Destiny makes an announcement over the mic “we have a clear winner ladies and gentlemen, I give you the one the only VIXEN!!!!” I look down from the stage and all the girls are throwing fake money at me, I can’t help but laugh. What I happened to miss was that the other staff had started to arrive for their shifts.

Christian is standing at the bar leaning back watching me he gives me a cheeky grin before licking his lips. Holy fuck he saw me pole dancing. I come back to my seat and get my drink. My sister comes over with a new drink in her hand for me. “That was bloody amazing, Nessa holy shit you were so hot.” I feel a blush come over my body. “I can’t lie that was a bit of fun.” All the girls start singing happy birthday as Destiny and Christian carry over Victoria’s birthday cake, she blows out her candles. I try and slip away to the bathroom just needing a minute to gather myself. I hear someone come behind me.

“Well aren’t you full of surprises” I turn my head around to find Christian smile at me “I won’t be giving up my day job.” He comes up behind me and whispers in my ear. “No one has ever turned me on as much working the pole”. I can’t help but call him out. “Bullshit.” Christian gently takes my hand. “I told you last night, I don’t lie!” I can’t deny he is hot and sweet but I am not fucking him in a bathroom, this will not become my god damn party trick. “You had your phone off I tried to call you to organise our date” I smile at him. “You could have just sent a text.” He tips his head towards me. “Text you can have too much time to think, a phone call it’s instant!” I can’t help but laugh. “ Smart, I like it.” Christian pulls me closer to his body. “I had no idea you would be here today? so this works to my advantage.”

I try to flirt, I have no idea if I am even doing it right but I don’t care. “Yeah, how so?” he nuzzles my neck causing goosebumps on my skin. “Cause face to face I can read your body language and can ask you directly, Vanessa will you go on a date with me next Friday night?” I’m standing here fuck it does put you on the spot, I don’t think I just answer “Yes.”

Christian gives me a cheeky little nip of his teeth over my neck. “That’s my girl, 7 pm, Villa Italia send me your address I will come to pick you up.” He leans in and kisses my cheek and walks away, my heart is thumping out of my chest. I pull myself together and go back out to the girls. Why did I not say No? Fuck I’m such a mess. I feel I’m leaving a trail of male destruction behind me Derek cheating prick, Logan cheating prick Christian? With my track record maybe. It feels different but I’m not going to lie, I don’t trust my judgement with men anymore, maybe I could cancel the date. But deep down I don’t want to.


Vanessa hasn’t spoken to me in a few days now and there is a tension in the office now, that is no longer avoidable. I am sitting in my dad’s office and he stares at me before he asks something I was dreading. “Logan is there something between you and Miss Hartman?” I don’t want Vanessa to get in any trouble. “It’s not her fault, I met her before I started working here.” My dad stares at me with an unsure expression all over his face “What do you mean?” I let out a sigh. “We were kinda seeing each other.” My dad throws his pen on the desk. “For fuck sake Logan there is a policy in place that doesn’t allow this” I throw my hands up. “Dad it doesn’t matter, it’s over now, she won’t even speak to me”

My dad looks at me with concerned eyes “Let me guess, this is all about Taylor? I nod “Vanessa thinks I had sex with her, she saw us in the hotel it didn’t look good.” My dad is checking over the HR policy, to avoid any legal ramifications. We aren’t allowed to work alongside each other. My dad walks over to the office door. “Miss Hartman, can I see you in my office please?” I hear her voice and my heartbeat picks up the pace. “Yes, Mr Harris.” I watch as my dad leads her into the office and closes the door.

“Please come in, take a seat.” I just keep my head down, I can’t look at her. I’m so disappointed in myself, I care about Vanessa and I totally fucked it up. “Miss Hartman I am so sorry but due to the revelations that have come to my attention the PA position is now no longer available for Logan. Vanessa nods. “That’s fine, I was actually going to discuss this with you. I was hoping I could be transferred back to finance immediately. I don’t feel the PA position is working out for me. I’m sorry” My dad and I look at her and she looks away, she has tears in her eyes. She loves being my dad’s PA. This is all my fault and I have no idea how I fix this. I try to say something…anything “I ... um…” Vanessa quickly speaks “If that is everything, I will get back to work.” My dad gives her a sad smile. “Thank you, Miss Hartman, as of tomorrow you can go back to the finance department. I appreciate all your help.”

Vanessa gets up and walks to the door, I go to get up and talk to her but my dad stops me. “Let her go” I glare at him “Dad…” he shakes his head at me and I can see the disappointment in his eyes “I mean it, Logan... you have done enough.”

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