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Chapter 13


Dean talked me into going out tonight and after the week I have had I decided fuck it, I need a night out, what I wasn’t expecting was where he decided in his wisdom to take me. We walk into the strip club. Girls are waiting on tables some giving lap dances, Guys giving striptease’s and a stage right at the top with a pole a girl working on it. I go to a bar and order a drink. I then hear over the mic “Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you for one night only... Vixen” Lady Marmalade comes on and a soft spotlight hits a woman. I cannot take my eyes off her, she is lost in the song and loving every minute of it, Dean is waffling in my ear but I couldn’t give two shits what he is saying, for the full song she has my attention, her body sways, holy fuck her flexibility is insane. The outfit clings to every inch of her luscious body, black leather from head to toe and a masquerade mask covering her face the only thing visible is her stunning eyes and plump lips.

I’m struggling to calm myself down thankfully the club is dark enough. When the song ends I look at Dean and he just smiles at me. “I knew this was the right place to take you! She was incredible what I would do to her, given the chance.” I nod at my friend “Yeah, ok you where right, I was wrong. Thanks for cheering me up”. Dean, hands me a drink “You look like shit, was it that bad?” I down the drink and look at Dean “Between Taylor drugging me, Vanessa no longer willing to give me a chance and friend-zoning my ass, she’s not even working with me anymore she transferred. Yeah, it's that bad, I’m going to get another drink you want one?”

Dean nods his head. “Yeah, please.” I’m waiting for the bartender when I see a face I wish the fuck I didn’t see, why is he here? As I look the other way I catch a glimpse of her, my heart starts pounding. All the girls rush over to her and start squealing at her, she looks stunning. I see the girl who was on the pole when we first came in she walks over to Vanessa I can’t make out fully what she says over the music but I hear the word money maker and she hands her an envelope... it can’t be. Vixen can’t be Vanessa. I start replaying the body on the stage, her sway her confidence I can’t stop looking at her. When I catch myself, I look behind her and it would appear dickless has possibly worked out what I suspect too.

Victoria catches a look at me and I see her mouth. “Oh fuck!” Vanessa starts making a speedy getaway for the exit. I want to go after her but when I move I see some random guy grab her waist. I just stand there and watch their interaction, wondering if I should intervene.


My body is completely betraying me right now when I said I wanted to focus on myself. I know who it is behind me and after my performance, I am feeling so horny and pumped on adrenaline I am in a mood for bad decisions!! I slap myself back to reality when I realise that not only is my ex-husband here but the guy I was seeing literally a week ago is also here and the guy I am supposed to be currently on a date with right now is digging into me with his impressive rock hard cock to my back.

“You look so sexy right now!” My body acts on impulse and I gently rub my body to his. “I thought you wouldn’t be here?” Christian starts to let his hands wander over my body. “I wasn’t supposed to be but some incredible women decided that she wasn’t really up for my company and my friends told me to call into work for a drink. So here I am, some might call it luck or fate. Vixen you have no idea what you do to me!”

I turn around and look directly at Christian. “How did you know it was me? I need to go!” Christian grips me tighter pulling me back to him. “I told you before no-one has ever got my worked up as much as you when I saw you last time. I memorised every curve of your body. Are you sure you don’t want to stay? I can always leave.” I let out a soft sigh. “No, it’s not like that, just remember last weekend and all my drama. He nods at me “Yeah, I remember, why?” I whisper to him “Well all my drama is here!” Christian lets out a laugh. “Vanessa, you have zero luck.” I try to get myself closer to the door hoping I can get out of here. “I swear it’s stressing me out, I’m supposed to be on this girls night with my sister and my ex’s are ...” I try to finish my sentence when I hear my sister behind me. “Vanessa there you are, are you ok? this is so many levels of fucked up.” I smile at my sister. “You can stay, enjoy your night but yeah I need to leave!” My sister starts to pout at me “Nooooo stay please”

I wave my hands pointing behind me. “Do you see who’s here?” Victoria flings her hands in the air. “Fuck Derek and fuck Logan it’s girls night...” My sister loses her train of thought when she notices Christian. “Well hello there handsome! I remember you vaguely from last week, were you the bar-guy?” Christian smiles at her. “Yeah, good memory” Victoria tilts her head and puts her fingers to her lips tapping them. “Did I not get your number or something?”

I decide I don’t want to be apart of this awkward conversation. “Right well as fun as this has been I’m leaving now, Vic enjoy the rest of your night. I’m sure I will have you crash at my place with food tomorrow, so see you then.” I’m starting to get my phone out to dial a taxi, I’m standing outside ringing the taxi company when someone walks up behind me. “Hi there Vanessa imagine seeing you here?” I look at my Ex-husband with disdain “Where exactly is our daughter tonight? What’s the point in you having custody if you’re not with her!”

Derek comes closer to me “Look me and Cora had a fight am just blowing off steam, Jasmine is fine shes with my mother and I’m taking her to the zoo tomorrow so I do spend quality time with her, so get off my back!” I can’t help myself as I look at his face and notice the bruising. “How’s the face, you want to go round two with me? I suggest you fuck off.” Derek grabs my arm “I have to say I really I’m appreciating this feisty side of you, does it carry over into the bedroom?”

I’m going to either vomit all over him or seriously smash him in the face with my fist. I feel relief when I hear a familiar voice behind me. “Hi gorgeous sorry for getting held up! My truck is over here coming?” At that moment I will do anything to get away from Derek. “No worries at all, Thank you.” Derek looks at Christian and the anger is flaring around him “And who the fuck are you, can’t you see we are a little busy?” Christian just glares at Derek “I’m sorry but Vanessa and I have plans and we are running late so if you don’t mind already taking your fucking attitude elsewhere and while you are at getting your fucking hand off her.”

Derek finally lets go of my arm “This isn’t finished, Vanessa!” Christian goes closer to Derek. “Think you will find, now it is.” Christian grabs my hand and takes me over to his truck, he looks around to find Derek going back inside the club. He gently rubs my arm where Derek had manhandled me “Are you ok Vanessa?

I nod trying to hold back the tears. “I don’t know what has gotten into him, he is actually starting to scare me.” Christian looks at me like I’m glass ready to break “Would you like me to give you a lift home? I try to pull away I hate people seeing me vulnerable. “I can just get a taxi I don’t want to put you out!” Christian smiles at me bringing out his dimples god he is something else. “I’m offering it’s fine, I promise.” he takes my hand. “Ok, thank you.” Christian opens the door for me and I climb in. We sit in silence for a little while, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable he then breaks the silence. “So I’m guessing that was the ex-husband?” I smile at him “What gave it away?”

I watch as Christian chooses his words carefully. “Because it looks like he finally worked out what he has lost when he gave you up.” I laugh him off. “I have no interest in him ever again. I have moved on from him, I feel nothing! The only thing he gave me was Jasmine.” Christian leans in taken my hand putting me at ease. “So how old is Jasmine?” I feel calm and it’s nice for him to ask. “She’s three and the best thing to ever happen to me. She comes first above everyone else. Which is why I’m sorry I turned your date down tonight. I just have baggage that a guy like you doesn’t need in his life.”

All of a sudden he pulls over and puts his truck in park undoes my seatbelt and pulls me on top of him. “Stop right now. I don’t judge you, everyone has baggage all I know is that I really like you. I’m willing to wait until your happy with yourself and then I’m taking you for a date.” I am rendered speechless my heart is literally about to burst “Christian I ...” Christian leans in and kisses me it’s tender and careful he isn’t pushing himself on me, I watch as he pulls back from me “You’re fucking amazing the first night I saw you I knew you were different... special. Just as long as you know I’m here when you're ready that’s all I need for now.”

We pull up to my house, he comes to open my door and takes my hand, we are walking up to my front door and I turn around to look at him. “Thank you so much for the lift I appreciate it plus helping me get rid of Derek, you are a lifesaver” Christian gives my hand a little squeeze “Anytime at all Vanessa, it was no problem.”

I look at his crystal blue eyes. “Well, goodnight” I go to put my key in the door, I turn around and he is almost at his car. I run down to him. Christian turns around looking as surprised as I am “Are you ok?” I struggle to find my words. “No... yes... I mean...”

I stand on my tips toes and kiss him, at first he doesn’t react and I freak out. I go to pull away but he grabs my hips and pushes me back onto his truck. He deepens the kiss and his tongue is twirling around mine, I’m so close to climbing him, his hands start to wander up my body, he is the first guy in history not to cop a feel of the ladies instead he places both hands either side of my face and pulls away from my lips resting his head on mine.

“I want you so bad but after the night you have had, I’m afraid it would be full of regrets in the morning for you, so I’m going to get in my truck, you’re going to go inside your home and when you’re ready for a date you are going to send me a text or call me, I’ll be waiting patiently.”

He pulls me back in for a goodbye kiss, I can’t help myself I moan into it he gives me a little growl. We both want this to go further but we are both resisting each other. His kiss has worked me up to another level. I’m fantasising about how good he would be in bed I have felt his hard cock press against me and that thing is so big. I was dying to wrap my hand around it but I have to remember I am in the middle of the street. Where my neighbours could see. Christian gets into his car I watch as he drives away, I touch my lips still tingling from that kiss, he is amazing and he makes me smile. Walking back up to my house I notice a figure standing waiting there.

“How long have you been there for? How much did you see?”

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