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Chapter 14


I watch as Vanessa walks away with the guy I jump in a taxi not long after. Dean flaked on me again. I wasn’t really in the mood anymore, As I paid for the taxi I walked into my house. I finally move out at the end of the month. I got myself my own place closer to work. My mum is gutted to be on her own but she understands my reasoning. I’m standing in the kitchen drinking a beer when I see headlights stop next door. I watch as Vanessa walks up to the door with this guy, it hurts seeing her with him but they could just be friends... right? He walks away heading back to his truck, I feel happy that she didn’t bring him in, I need to talk to her and I can’t wait any longer.

I walk out the back and head towards her door, fuck she never went in, I see her pushed up against his truck and they are kissing. I am gutted to see her with him. I’m jealous as hell but my feet won’t move. Deep down all I want to do is move down there rip this guy from her and claim her as mine. I can’t move, my body is frozen, eventually, she pulls away and watches him drive away. I watch as she moves back to the house looking up she finally sees me standing, waiting. “How long have you been standing there? How much did you see?”

“I’m sorry, I just needed to talk to you, I know you said ...” I watch as she shakes her head. “Stop Logan, let’s ...” I plead with her. “No please I really really like you, I fucked up massively” Vanessa sighs. “Can we do this inside please!” She opens the front door as she walks into the kitchen, I follow her. “Can I get you a drink?” I nod. “Yes please.” She pulls out a bottle of wine and pours us a glass each. “I really need to ask you a question” Vanessa sets her glass down. “Ok, go.”

“Are you.....Were you Vixen tonight?” Vanessa laughs at herself. “So much for keeping it a secret and no one knowing, the three people I have been involved with worked it out and the one and only night I decide to do it you are all in attendance!”

I set my glass beside hers “Why did you do it? I mean you are incredible it was kinda a punch to the face for me!” Vanessa tilts her head. “Derek said some shit earlier, your actions, what you did last weekend. I just needed to take the control back.”

I nod. “It was just a kiss you have to believe me, the first one was a mistake on my part it wasn’t even a proper kiss more a lingering peck. The rest I seriously can’t remember but to see your face the next morning I saw how much it hurt you. I would never intentionally do that. We have only known each other a few weeks but I really care about you, those feelings are not going away, this last week has really taken it out of me. I actually have a new place, I’m moving out the end of the month, to give us both space. Vanessa ...”

I look at her she can't bring herself to do the same. “Look at me.” She does as I ask. I start to walk towards her and lean into her body my hand goes to her hip. “I’m so sorry for everything, I just wish I could take it all back it would never have happened she was an old friend I never thought she would betray me in such a way, not after Dean.”

I start to walk to towards the door I look back at her she’s looking down at her hands, I never believed when people told me that when you love someone you would just know, that in most cases it's instant. I needed her to know, if I never said it I would live with the regret. “Vanessa I ... I love you.”

She looks up at me when I say it, I can tell she is battling with herself. I’m battling, not to make a move. I don’t want to leave but I don’t want to overstay my welcome. I grab the door handle. I don’t hear her follow me and I sink my head down, the next thing I feel her body heat on my back I slowly turn around and look her in the eyes.

“Don’t go!” I kiss her like it's our last, pushing her up against the wall, I let her down sliding her body down mine. I start to trail kisses down her body, she moans as I remove her clothes, letting my hands glide over the silky skin she smells of coconut, I can’t get enough. “I will never get enough of you Vanessa. Please don't tell me to stop”

Vanessa looks at me with lust glazed eyes. “Logan I want you.” I pick her up and carry her to the bedroom. I slip my hands into her underwear and let my fingers dance along her opening. “Vanessa you are so wet.” her voice comes out as a sultry whisper. “Logan I have missed you.” I break away from her and smile. “I missed you too sweetheart.”

I dip two fingers inside of her, I watch as she arches her back and moans, fuck that is music to my ears. I make a promise to myself there and then, not to fuck this up she is everything to me, after such a short time I just can’t be without her. “Logan I’m going to ...” I keep stroking and licking. “Come for me baby.. this is just the start.” She comes undone around my fingers. I watch as she comes down from her orgasm and I place a condom around my hard cock. I lift her so she's in my lap and I lower her onto me inch by inch, I feel everything. “Fuck Vanessa you feel so good.”

She starts to pick up the pace and moves up and down my shaft. I’m kissing her softly enjoying every second this is so different than the other times we have had sex I’m pouring my heart into this. I take my time worshipping every inch of her until I feel her close. “Ohhhhh Logan right there” I can feel my balls tighten and I know I'm not going to last much longer. “Vanessa I’m going to come...” I feel her breath on my neck and hear her soft voice. “I’m right there.”

We both come and I can barely focus as I slow my movements to a near halt, I’m panting hard with her forehead to mine. I don’t want to move her I just keep her there a little while longer. “Vanessa...”

Vanessa catches her breath and grabs my face with both hands and looks into my eyes like she is trying to see into my soul. “I love you too, It’s crazy I was so angry last weekend but we weren't exclusive and you never lied to me, you told me the truth right away... please if I give you my heart don’t break it!”

I gently kiss her. “I have learnt my lesson the hard way I will never do anything as stupid again!” I sigh a little with relief. “Vanessa, do you forgive me?”

Vanessa nods her head and gives me a smile. “I forgive you, Logan.” I lean her back on the bed and kiss her tenderly never wanting to let her go. Eventually, she cuddles into me, her head resting on my chest. I feel as she draws circles with her fingers on my chest. I move my fingertips up and down her back. I can hear raindrops hit against her window, We just sit in silence listening to the pitter-patter of rain. If this was my heaven I would be a happy man.

I wake up to find Vanessa still cuddled into me she sleeps so beautifully I can’t take my eyes off her. After a while, I feel her start to waken. “Good morning sweetheart”

Vanessa looks up and smiles. “Hey, handsome.” I bite my lip not really wanting to ask this question but I have to know the truth “So any regrets?” Vanessa shakes her head and I feel my body ease. “None at all!”

Wanting to clear everything up and leave nothing unresolved I spill my heart. “I want to do this right Vanessa I know we said last time you wanted to take things slow because of Jasmine, but I’m ready for you, with everything that comes with that, I know you think my age will get in the way but I promise you I am ready just give me a chance, I will not let you down again.”

Vanessa looks at me a thousand questions written all over her face. “What are you saying?” I take her hand. “Vanessa Hartman be my girlfriend” I take off my bracelet and wrap it around her wrist, I lean in kissing the top of her forehead. Vanessa looks at the bracelet tracing her fingers over it. “Ok, let's give this a proper go!” She gets up and gives me cheeky wink before grabbing my hand and leading me into the shower with her. The water and soapy bubbles cascade down our body’s. I have my chest to her back. I slightly bend her over so I can enter her from behind, her hands grip the tile wall and I fuck her hard and fast. Her walls clench around my cock and I feel my balls tighten unloading inside her. I turn her around to look at her. “You are incredible!”

Vanessa stands on her tippy toes giving me a quick peck. “I’m really hungry now” I laugh. “How about some breakfast my treat an Ulster fry!” Vanessa cocks her eyebrow at me. “What is that?” I smile at her. “You are in for a treat one of the joys of having Irish in the family here let me take care of you.” We both get dressed and take her out to a place that looks after Irish food the Pit Stop.

I order us two Ulster Fry’s, the waitress sets the plates in front of us and I watch as Vanessa takes in the food in front of her. “So what exactly is all this?” I grab my fork and point. “Ok, so you have bacon, eggs, Irish soda bread, Irish potato bread, pancake, sausage and tomato all fried and a decent cup of hot tea! Taste of home! I will have to let you try a lunchtime delicacy of Tayto cheese and onion crisp sandwich you haven’t lived until you try one of those”

Vanessa looks at me and giggles, she tucks into the breakfast and moans, “Omg the potato bread is a new love of mine." I laugh “Life-changing right?” We chat over breakfast. It’s just like it used to be no awkwardness at all, its like the slate got wiped clean and I am the luckiest bastard alive. “Vanessa, if you are free would you like to have a date day?”

Vanessa finishes the last of her tea and sets her cup down. “Ok what you have in mind?” I carefully think about what I want to say next. “Actually I was hoping, we could include Jasmine I was thinking a day at the amusement park would let me get to know her, I know you are hesitant to let her get close to anyone you're dating but I really don’t plan on going anywhere.”

I see the sadness in Vanessa's eyes as she looks at me. “I don’t know, I want to say yes but we just got together can we maybe just give it a few weeks please, it’s not a no it’s just a later.” I can't lie a pang of disappointment flickers in me but I understand her concerns. “Ok I can respect that, I’m going to have to tell my dad about us though with the whole fraternising in the company. Are you comfortable with that?”

Vanessa takes my hand. “Yeah, of course, I don’t want to get in trouble it’s not like we met there.” I give her hand a little squeeze. “So Monday morning we can go to his office and have a chat and just make it clear.” Vanessa nods and we leave the cafe.

For the rest of the weekend, we spend the time together, I was about to leave when Derek arrives with Jasmine. He just looks at me like I am a piece of shit on his shoe. “What the hell are you doing, did you not get bored?”

Before I get a chance to give him a smart ass comment back Jasmine comes running up to us. “Mummy, mummy, daddy said he is going to buy me a pony for my birthday”

Vanessa looks at Derek “Did he now”

Derek glares back at her. “I need to talk to you about our custody order!”

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