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Chapter 15

Logan POV

I’m sitting across from my dad tapping my foot on the floor, I’m just waiting for Vanessa to arrive and then we need to clear all this up once and for all. I hear a soft knock at the door and then her voice, my heart starts to race as she walks towards us. “Hi, Mr Harris” my dad looks to me and then to Vanessa. “Please Miss Hartman, take a seat. So would you both like to explain to me what this meeting is about?”

I just rip the band-aid off. “Dad, I would like you to meet my girlfriend” My dad looks at me and I can see his frown line form on his face. “I thought this was done?” I hold Vanessa's hand in mine. “We had a chat over the weekend and cleared everything up! I promise it won’t affect work, we can keep this professional!”

Vanessa gives my hand a gentle squeeze. “I don’t want to complicate things so I will remain on the finance floor and we won’t cross paths during working hours.”

My dad nods his head and looks at us both with a warning in his eyes. “Just so you are both aware once this comes out staff are going to start talking are you ready for that? They won’t buy into you two meeting before you started here son.”

I sit up straight in defiance. “I really don't care, my private life and professional life are just that, separate.” I reach out to hold Vanessa's hand again, she squeezes it tight.

My dad gives us a small smile. “Well I respect you both for being honest I will go to HR and inform them of this, the fact it did start before you officially worked here is your one and the only loophole so don’t mess up”

Vanessa leaves and heads to her desk, I watch her leave as I look back around I see my dad looking concerned. “I hope you know what you are doing? Your only Twenty Three she has a lot of baggage, are you sure you don’t think this is just one of your phases!”

I shake my head frustration rising in my body. “Fuck sake dad you make it sound like I’m a kid! I’m twenty-three but I know exactly what I’m doing and what I want, you already had me at my age. I feel bad for her Derek demanded she comes over to his place tonight to discuss the custody agreement.”

My dad stands up coming over to me. “Is he doing this for genuine reasons or is he pissed she has moved on?” I shake my head. “I don’t know what his game plan is, but I don’t trust the bastard.” My dad pats me on the shoulder. “Just watch your step, son.”

When I'm finished work I walk down to my car I see Vanessa with Jasmine. “Hi Logy” I smile at her. “Hi jazz, how are you?” she waves a piece of paper at me. “Very well I drew a picture today” she hands me it. “Wow, it's amazing” Jasmine rocks back and forth. “Yeah, I hope you like elephants” I look at her drawing. “I love elephants he looks just like Dumbo.” Jasmine gasps in shock “Do you love dumbo too? I lean down to her level. “It’s one of my favourite Disney movies!” Jasmine smiles at me “Mine too, will you watch it with me?” I give her back her drawing. “Of course we can watch it together, just name the day, I will call you later Vanessa. Bye Jazz” Vanessa smiles but there is something in her eyes I haven't seen before with me, almost hope that this between us with Jasmine could work. “Bye logan” Jasmine whips back around to me. “Bye Logy.”

I watch as she drives away, I start to pack my stuff up I get to move into my new apartment this weekend the contract went through quicker. Vanessa agreed to help me move in. I’m drinking a beer when my phone goes off feeling uneasy knowing she was with Derek I look down and see her message.

He now wants 50/50 I’m glad for Jasmine but gutted I will miss her so much. He was actually stupidly nice about it.

I reply back. so it went well there was no secret alterer motive?

Vanessa texts back right away. No, and Cora wasn’t there either

I smile glad that it went well I know it was stressing her out.

Glad it went well sweetheart, I will let you go see you soon.

The next few days go by so quickly, Vanessa has been having a rough few days at work since the news came out about us and I feel helpless.


Everyone has been whispering behind my back. After working as long as what I have they should no better. I go to the bathroom and lock myself in a stall. I won’t cry. They won’t get to me. I hear the bathroom door open and two women carrying their conversation into my space. “Well talk about fucking your way through management.” I hear the second woman ask. “You think she had them both?” I hear a scoff. “Well, why else would she work as his PA, then as soon as she shags the son moves back into her old position any money says she will be Logan’s PA soon.”

I fight back the tears as the conversation continues. “Logan can do so much better, she’s too old for him, he needs someone young and fun!”

“I bet you he will stray he can’t be faithful dating a mum she doesn’t have time to date and she's probably too tired to screw.”

I hear a giggle. “What I would do to him”

I’m sitting there no longer sad and pathetic the tears no longer fall. I am raging how fucking dare they assume shit about me... fuck this. I slam open the stall both their faces fall.

“Have you something to say to me?” one of them turns to me. “We all know you fucked both, the question is who is better?” I glare at her. “How the hell would I know I was Mr Harris’ PA not his fuck toy” The second woman grabs her friends arm. “Come on let’s just go!” I turn to her “I’m guessing your friend here doesn’t know your dirty little secret?” she looks at me “Come on I’m not listening to this” her friend looks at her “What secret?” I look between the two. “I will let your friend be the gem of that information, shouldn’t go throwing stones in glass houses.” I hear her mutter under her breath. “You bitch” I walk towards her leaning into her ear, I whisper “You shut your mouth or I will start singing like a canary all about your dirty weekend !! Remember I’m the one who booked the hotel and flights. I never said anything at the time but if I catch you talking shit I will tell everyone!!”

I have no intention of doing that, Mr Harris trusted me and my discretion but she doesn’t have to know that. I give them a dirty look before storming out of the door “Now if you will excuse me I have work to do.”


I catch Vanessa storming out of the ladies. Her eyes are puffy, I look around me, I quickly catch up to her and grab her, I push her gently into a conference room and lock the door. “What the hell happened?”

Vanessa is beyond upset right now “It’s handled” I look at her imploring her to tell me what the fuck is going on “What’s handled please tell me?” she just snaps at me. “Logan I can fight my own battles, it doesn’t matter that should be that situation sorted now.”

I come closer to her. “Vanessa I’m not joking tell me what happened?” She starts to tell me all about what just happened, I reach out and grab her hips and pull her into me.

“You did that? I’m really pissed off but extremely turned on right now, fuck how you handled that, so hot.”

Vanessa whispers. “Logan we can’t” I look towards the door. “Actually you will find it’s lunch so we are on our time and I am hungry.” I start to move my hands up her legs and right towards her panties. “Shit so ready! I push her towards the conference desk, I set her on top of it pushing her dress up and sliding her panties down her luscious legs. I bunch her panties in my hands. “These are mine.” I spread her legs and sweep her entrance with my tongue. “Oh fuck” I grip her hips “This is mine, All mine” my cock is rock hard in an instant as Vanessa screams “Yes!” I tease her with my tongue. “Yes. what?”

Vanessa grabs my hair bringing me back to lunch. “Yes, it’s yours” I lap up her juices with my tongue I can feel her body quake. “Fuck me, Logan” I bite my lip. “I love it when you say my name”

Vanessa looks at me with a pout on her face. “Please, Logan” I slip out the condom from my wallet and roll it on not wanting to waste a minute longer, I slam into her again and again. “Sweetheart this is going to be hard and fast.” I watch as Vanessa tries to grip the desk. “Fuck...Me...Harder.” I slide her off the table and turn her so she is bent over the desk. I slam into her, each thrust hitting her sweet spot, she screams and tries to muffle her cries.

I feel my cock start to throb. “I’m going to come.” I hear her pant “I’m close don’t stop.” I keep pounding her as I feel myself empty my warm seed, I keep slipping in and out, her pussy gripping my cock. “You are insatiable Vanessa” She’s panting beneath me. I slip myself from her giving her ass a cheeky spank. “Sorry sweetheart back to work.” She giggles and looks up at me. “Same time tomorrow for lunch?”

I tidy myself up slipping my cock back into my boxers. “I have to say that was quite the lunch break we have to come back here.” I help her with her clothes and I sort the last bits of myself out. I look out the door to make sure it’s clear. “You can go first.” Vanessa slips out and I wait a few minutes, I step out of the meeting room my face still flushed.

I hear a voice come from behind me. “Good meeting?” I look at Dean. “What are you doing here?” Dean walks with me while I make my way back to my office, “Just wanted to see if you fancied going out for drinks after work?” I nod and shrug my shoulders. “Yeah sure, why not?” I meet Dean at the bar after work I find him waiting for me with a beer. “So what’s the deal with you and the conference room you looked awful chilled for a meeting?”

I take a drink of my beer. “Just had a lunch date that’s all” Dean cocks his eyebrow. “Bullshit, so who’s the lucky lady?” I smirk. “My girlfriend.” Dean laughs at me. “Yeah right...what the fuck, what have I missed?” I explain it all to him. “Well after the whole Taylor drama, Vanessa stopped talking to me but I couldn’t let her go so a few days ago we cleared the air and I asked her to be my girlfriend.”

Dean pats my back hard. “Holy shit no way! Well, I’m happy for you.” I can't stop the smile on my face. “She’s amazing I can’t imagine a day without her, she’s funny, smart and a whole lot of sexy,” Dean smirks at me speaking into his drink. “Is her sister still available?” I spit out my beer “After your fuck up last time I think you blew your chance!” We have a few beers and I send Vanessa a text.

I miss you can I call over for “dinner” I smile as I read her reply.

I’m sure I could sort you out for dinner Derek has Jasmine. I’m catching up with Victoria, what you up to?

I text. Having a beer with Dean

I hear my phone ping I’m about to check when a hand grabs me I hear two female voices. “Hi, Logan” I politely smile. “Hey” I recognise these two from the office. Dean wastes no time turning on the charm. “Hello, darlings what can we do for you?” I watch as the blonde stares at Dean licking her lips. “You can buy us a drink for starts” I don’t want to engage in this so I leave Dean to it. I check my phone there is a message from my woman.

Where you drinking we could meet up and head to my place?

I smile she is exactly what I want right now.

We are at the leaky tap

My heart speeds up knowing I will be with her.

See you soon xo

I hear a whiney voice. “You know it’s rude to be on your phone around gorgeous company.” I fake a smile at her. “Sorry I was just talking to my girlfriend” the blonde turns her attention to me. “Oh yeah and who is that then?” I know they already know the entire building has made it their business. “Vanessa from finance we have been together a while now” I hear a scoff from the redhead. “Isn’t she a bit old for you?” I take personal insult to that question. “Excuse me?”

The blonde chirps up again. “Yeah, you need someone young and fun like us” She starts to rub her hand up and down my arm I look at her hand. “I would suggest you keep your hands to yourself.”

The redhead places her hand in my lap. “Come on we know we tempt you, how would you feel getting out of here and having our own little party.”

I remove her hand and glare at her. “I think you didn’t hear me when I said I have a girlfriend”

Dean finally speaks up. “Ladies, ladies I think we can go party somewhere else” The blonde takes a drink from Deans beer and smiles. “I like that idea what did you have in mind?”

Dean puts his arm around her. “How about we finish this drink and we all come back to mine?”

The redhead looks at Dean and then to Me. “I am up for that, that could be a lot of fun, right Logan?”

I answer her question with sarcasm. “Yeah, that sounds fantastic fun.” I lean in closer to her. “But I will pass I have a better offer”

She crosses her arm over her chest with a face like thunder and I hear a voice that sends my dick into overdrive. “And that offer is standing right here, hey baby.”

Vanessa looks at both the girls at our table. “Did you two not fucking learn your lesson, I’m not above bitch slapping you both!” Dean looks at me. “Dude, what the hell is going on?” I look right back at him shrugging. “That’s what I need to know, Vanessa?”

Vanessa stands with her hands on her hips. “These are the two-faced bitches from the toilets!” Victoria walks up behind Vanessa catching the conversation. “Oh shit really?” Victoria pins the redhead up against the table. “Yeah and what you have been fucking them both, imagine shagging both the father and son your such a whore” the blonde screams at Vanessa.

My face falls and I look at the blonde. “You have got to be kidding me” she laughs. “Yeah everyone talks about it, how did you not know?” I’m looking at Vanessa and she’s looking right at me.

I shout at her. “Is it true?” I see the rage in her face. “How fucking dare you! If you even need to ask me that, you clearly don’t know me!” She storms off, I stand there looking at Victoria. I can hear the two girls laugh behind me. “Lucky escape if you ask me, we can make you feel better?”

Victoria glares at me. “You’re a grade-A asshole you don't deserve her!” she walks off shoving me in the chest. Dean looks over at me. His face says it all. “Dude seriously you can’t be that fucking stupid. Girls thanks but I think it’s safe to say I’m about to dodge two bullets” I look at my friend. “Dean what’s that suppose to mean!”

He shakes his head. “I may be an asshole but let me tell you this much women like Vanessa don’t fuck around with just anybody. Even I know that she would never fuck your dad, can’t believe that you even hesitated. I think you have screwed every chance with Vanessa now.”

He walks up to the bartender and orders another drink. What the hell have I done?

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