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Chapter 17



When I first came to New York I did go off the rails with drinking and sleeping around. I slept with women just because I wanted the company I always imagined Vanessa when I was with the women, no one meant anything to me it was just a fuck. We have had zero contact since I left, Dean was able to tell me about her, as he started to date Victoria. To say I was shocked was an understatement but Dean really matured in the last two years.

Dean came out to visit me after a few months and gave me an update on how everything was back home. I was so annoyed when I first heard what Derek did to Vanessa, not long after I left, he called Vanessa saying he urgently needed her, she thought something had happened to Jasmine, apparently, when she arrived he was in the house by himself he tried to fuck Vanessa, but she had enough of his shit so she played along, he guided her to the bedroom where she got him to strip, blindfolded him, handcuffed him to the bed, she then marked his torso with lipstick, sent a text to Cora on his phone and walked out.

I spat my drink out when Dean told me I was so impressed by her. Mum has started dating a nice guy called Robert she brought them both for a visit a few months back. I gave her my blessing he treated her well and I was glad she had someone to make her happy.

Dad is still a workaholic and has been back and forth to make sure New York was being handled well, it was rocky at the start with my drinking and womanising but I finally wised up and started to focus on my career. Dad is actually due to land any minute we have a huge meeting today and if I land this contract it’s a game-changer.

“Hi, Logan are we all ready?” I smile. “Of course everything is ready!” We go into the meeting and my dad lets me take the lead. I get my game face on and blow it out of the park. My dad comes up to me and congratulates me. “New York has been the making of you, how do you feel about being here or do you want to come home?” I think about it. “I like New York, there would only be one reason I would come home!”

My dad looks at me and his face tells me I have missed something significant. Recently Dean and I had lost contact, we still chatted for a while just not as often and then it just stopped. “I take it you are talking about a certain Ex”

I nod. “Yeah I haven’t moved on, I have had women but nothing serious.” My dad gives me this look that screams I thought you knew. “Aww fuck, Logan, Vanessa resigned a few months back and moved away.

I freeze hearing the news. “I don’t understand what happened?” My dad tells me everything. “Derek and Cora got married and she had a baby, Derek doesn’t bother with Jasmine anymore, Vanessa didn’t want to have to deal with him, it broke Jasmine’s heart and the judge ruled that she got full custody. She now runs her own accountants firm and doing very well for herself.”

I look down at my hands. “Oh, I didn’t know. What about ...” My dad knows exactly what I want to know. “From what I saw she just looked after Jasmine and didn’t date. Especially since Derek was no longer looking after Jasmine she didn’t have the time.” My heart sank even if I ever came home she has a new life, she moved away.

My dad just looks at me and smiles at me. “You can think about it and let me know.”

A few weeks later...

James and I are sitting in a bar having a few drinks. “So have you decided are you going to go back home or stay here?” I take a drink. “Mate I’m not too sure still, the reason I would go back things changed and I didn’t know.”

James gives me a sad smile. “Let me guess a woman?” I shake my head. “Is it that obvious?” James nods. “I have known you for two years and you have never had a girlfriend, yeah lots of pussy but no one has grabbed your attention and you have never fucked the same girl twice.”

Logan looks at James. “It’s such a long time ago and I really should move on but I loved her.” James pats my back. “Past tense maybe you’re ready for someone else!” I sit and ponder his words. “I don’t know, maybe. Look I’m going for another drink you want another?”

James points to his empty bottle.“Yeah, mate a beer would be good.” I’m walking up to the bar to place my order. When I hear a voice-over mine. “Hi, can I get 2 beers please, “Hi can I have a gin and tonic.”

I turn around finding the owner of the voice she is classically beautiful long blonde hair, baby blue eyes, long legs and a cracking smile. “Sorry, you go first. Didn’t mean to talk over you” She flashes her smile at me. “That’s ok” she puts her hand out. “I’m Carmen.” I take her hand in mine. “Logan.”

Carmen smiles again at me. “That’s quite the accent” I smile back at her being polite. “Thank you.” Thinking the conversation is done I hear her voice again. “So what do you do?” I grab my beer and take a sip. “I am the CEO of my dad’s company.”

Carmen bats her eyelids at me. “Good for you” I lean in a little closer. “Well still learning the ropes it’s my dad’s company.” I politely ask. “What do you do?” Carmen looks at me. “I’m a model” I look back at her. “Of course” her eyes dart at me. “Really?” realising my mistake. “Sorry that didn’t come out right your extremely beautiful” she tucks a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “Thank you not so bad yourself”

Carmen takes a sip of her G&T. “So are you single?” I near spit my beer out. “You are full of questions aren’t you” she bites her bottom lip sucking it in with her teeth it’s pink and plump very kissable. “I like what I see, just would like to know more about you?” I smile at her. “Yes I’m single and you?” Carmen’s eyes rake over me. “Very single.” I nod. “Good to know.”

Carmen starts to write something on the napkin “I have to get back to my friend but here’s my number call me some time.” I give her one more look over. “Enjoy your night.” I walk back to James. “Sooooooo who was that?” I tell him her name. “Carmen” James’ eyebrows cock. “And???” I set the napkin down. “She gave me her number” James smiles. “You going to call?” I shrug. “There might not be any harm in it”

I sit there looking at my beer and pick the label of the bottle, I don’t know what to do whether to stay here or go back home. I look at my phone ... fuck it I send a text.

Hi, it’s Logan, do you want to meet up?

I put the phone back in my pocket, after a few minutes it vibrates!

Hi Logan nice to hear from you, yeah I would really like to see you xo

I’m sitting at the restaurant bar waiting for her. I am so nervous my knee keeps bouncing, I feel a tap on my shoulder ... “Hi, thanks for agreeing to see me!”

Carmen takes a seat facing me. “Thanks for asking me, wasn’t too sure I would hear from you!” We sit and have dinner conversation flows and I enjoy her company, I’m actually surprised how much I am enjoying myself. It comes to the end of the meal. I kiss her goodnight and we go out separate ways. Over the next few month’s we spend more time together I like her, she is the first woman that I have slept with and haven’t thought of Vanessa I don’t even think of her at all anymore my thoughts have been consumed by Carmen. My dad gave me a bit more time to make my decision about my location.

“So have you finally made your decision Logan about where you want to be located?” I shake my head over the video call. “Yeah actually if you don’t mind I think I’m going to stay here and make a go of things. I actually would like to introduce you to my girlfriend Carmen next time your over.” My dad nods his head. “I respect your decision and yeah I would like very much to meet Carmen. So I’m guessing you are finally over Vanessa?”

I sigh. “I will always care for her but we haven’t spoken in a few years now, it’s not fair for me to put my life on hold for something that never will be.” I try to stop the memories flooding back and lock them back in the vault. “No, I understand that, well as long as your happy, I’m happy. I should be flying over I’m the next few weeks we can organise a dinner together.”

I finish my call with my dad and meet Carmen for dinner after work. “Hi baby, how was work?” I kiss her cheek. “It was good how was your photoshoot?”

Carmen smile dazzles me. “Yeah it was great I have to go to London for a shoot next week for three days. Would you like to come with me?” I am about to answer when something knocks me off-kilter. “I wish I could but it’s so...” It can’t be, there is no way she just walked passed me! I sit frozen.

“Logan ...Logan!!...LOGAN !!!!” I snap up looking at Carmen. “Sorry what?” she looks at me a little annoyed. “I was asking you if you wanted to come with me?” I shake my head. “I am actually really busy maybe next time?” Carmen crosses her arms over her chest. “Yeah ok” I excuse myself. “Would you mind I have to use the bathroom.”

I get up from my seat and make my way across the restaurant when I spot her. She is more beautiful than ever. I forgot how stunning she was how could I forget. I walk to the bathroom I need to gather my thoughts what was she doing here? Would she be happy to see me? It’s been so long should I say hello? “Catch a grip, Logan.”

I walk back out of the bathroom and walk directly into someone. “I am so sorry.” I look up. “No I am sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was going.” Oh fuck she hasn’t spotted me yet, she is bent over collecting her bag and the contents that spilled out. I bend over and help collect a few of the bits, she looks up and our eyes lock, I don’t know how much time passes. I feel like time stops and I can't move. My trance is broken when I hear her voice.

“Logan?” I give her a smile. “Hi, Vanessa.” We keep looking at each other I pass her a lipgloss that belongs to her and our fingers touch, it was crazy after all this time and she still causes me to feel a jolt of electricity run through my body, I know she felt it too, she snaps her hand back, I was about to ask her how she was when reality came back to me.

“Baby there you are, I thought you got lost?” I look up to find Carmen staring at me. “Sorry ...” she looks at me with a puzzled expression. “Everything ok?” I try to explain myself “Emmmm, yeah I just bumped into...”

I look back around and she’s gone, there is no way that my mind was playing tricks she was here, we touched there were sparks. I quickly stand back up, Leading Carmen back to our table. I desperately try to find her searching for her but it’s no use I have no idea where she went.

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