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Chapter 2


I watch as she struts out the door. I know that the one-night thing was kinda implied but... what the fuck just happened? normally that’s kinda my line, girls my age normally want to cuddle or organise a date after we fuck, but she just got hers and left. I go back out to find that Dean messed up with Vic, she was going to leave with him but she caught him chatting up a barmaid and walked out. Dean pats me on the back while downing his drink. “Right it’s time for the club let’s go lads.”

We head to the club and it’s packed, girls throwing themselves at us and it’s just not doing it for me, I just keep thinking about Vanessa, she was incredible. What a night, the boys and I are pretty drunk as we pile into the taxi when I arrive home, I look over to see the lights on next door, looks like we got new neighbours, I pick out my keys and rumble in the door. “Logan, what state is this to come home in?” I slur my words “Hi mum, sorry I was trying to be quiet, we got any food?” my mum shakes her head at me. “Go to the kitchen and I will make you something, you’re going to suffer in the morning.”

The next day I wake up my head is pounding, I look over at my clock, holy shit it’s the afternoon. I get up and take a hot shower, slowly starting to feel human again, I walk downstairs my mum is getting some drinks and food together. “Expecting company?” my mum glares at me. “Oh, look who’s back from the land of the dead, yes Logan I invited our new neighbour over. So be nice.” I shake my head. “Sorry, no can do I’m heading over to Deans soon, so you have the place to yourself, trying to enjoy my freedom before Monday as we know dad is going to bust my balls.”

My mum had me young, my dad is around but he works a lot, when she fell pregnant they broke up but have remained friendly, so I went to university to study Business and Finance the plan to go work alongside my father and learn the ropes to later take over. I hear my mum chatting to someone in the garden. That must be the new neighbour, I then hear rattling in the kitchen fridges so I head in “Right mum that’s me away don’t wait up.”

I see a body half out of the fridge, that is not my mum, the legs go on for days. My dick is excited to see the rest. As the door closes and I get a full view of the new neighbour. Long legs, long brown hair in soft curls, plump lips and big doe eyes. Holy fuck Vanessa stands looking at me in shock and she starts blushing hard. I start to walk over to her when my mum comes in the back door.

“Hi did you find the bottle ok? Oh, Logan, I would like you to meet Vanessa, Vanessa this is my son Logan.” Vanessa’s body is rigid like she is afraid to move. After a brutal pause, she finally speaks up. “Hi Logan nice to meet you.” I have the biggest smile on my face as I look at her. “Likewise, it’s lovely to meet you.”

I put out my hand, she stares at it before eventually taking it. I can’t help it, I hold onto her hand a little longer than I should, enjoying the feel of her soft skin. My mum grabs the bottle from Vanessa and makes her way back out, before turning back. “Are you heading out now?” I look at my mum, before smiling back at Vanessa. “Actually, I think I’m sticking around here a bit longer.” My mum smiles at me. “You should join us, considering she’s our neighbour.” I stare at Vanessa who looks like she wants the ground to open up and consume her “I actually think that’s a great idea.” Vanessa bites that plump bottom lip reminding me of last night “Emm yeah ok.”


I close the fridge door when I see him in the doorway this is not good, thankfully Marie comes in and snaps me out of my shocked state, I was only able to take in part of the conversation as my mind whirled to images of last night, Logan was leaving but then he said he was l sticking around... this is not good. To make matters worse he is joining us for drinks, Marie leaves to go back onto the deck as the door closes, I’m trying to reach the door when Logan places an arm around my waist and whispers in my ear. “That dress looks like we could do a lot of naughty things without being caught.” I feel a lump form in my throat. I remove myself from his arm to make my way out the door. Just as I am about to open it I hear his voice filled with lust “You know you want me again.” I turn to look at Logan who is standing there with a smug look on his face. “This isn’t over Nessa.”


She opens the door and walks out that floaty dress she is wearing is not helping my imagination, deciding to not to waste any time I follow her out, we both pull a chair to the table I purposely sit beside her. I can’t keep my eyes off her, my mum is asking her all sorts of questions I’m not listening to half of what’s being said, I decide I want to tease Vanessa, I slip my hand under the table and find her knee. I start to draw circles, slowly moving my hand up just as I near reach my destination she squeezes her legs closed, my mum excuses herself to the bathroom this is perfect timing.

I look at Nessa with a big grin and cock my eyebrow she frowns back at me. “Please stop, last night was a one-off, I don’t normally do things like that. The plan was not to see you again.” I lick my lips moving closer to her. “I was all down for a one-night thing but here you are with my hand between your legs and we know if I get in your panties you are one going to be ready for me and two begging for me to touch you again.”

I start to move closer to the edge of her panties, I move closer to her she turns her head towards me and I lean in. I’m so close to her lips, she crashes down onto me and pulls away so quick it catches me off guard, my mum is coming back out the door. “Deans here honey.” I get up and make my way to the back door part of me is raging to be disturbed part of me relieved my mum didn’t catch my antics. Dean stands in the kitchen looking pissed at me “Seriously dude do you ever check your texts?” I glare back at him. “Sorry, I was being polite and meeting my new neighbour.” Dean smirks at me “Oh really is she hot? Dean runs over to the kitchen window for a peek. Deans mouth hits the deck “Logan you sneaky fuck that’s one of the women from last night.”

I decide to play dumb “No, is it? I hadn’t noticed and she didn’t mention anything about last night.” I haven’t told Dean anything I would never hear the end of it and thank fuck I didn’t cause right about now you can bet your sweet ass he would have a field day dropping hints in front of my mum. Dean just looks at me like he wants to believe I don’t remember her, but I don’t think I convinced him. “Right so are you ready to go or not?” I nod. “Yeah just let me quickly say goodbye,” Dean shouts over his shoulder. “I will meet you in the car.” I go back out to say goodbye to my mum and Vanessa. “Bye mum.” As I hug her, a phone goes off. My mum raises her phone to us “I am so sorry I have to take this.”

My mum goes back into the house and I make my way back over to Vanessa. I can’t stop myself I pull her in to kiss her, dipping my tongue into her mouth, her smell is intoxicating, she pulls back and looks me dead in the face. I don’t see it coming, her eyes full of lust her voice comes out sultry. “You want me, you know where I live.”

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