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Chapter 21


I quickly rush out the door. I run into the restaurant, she’s never going to be here. I have been trying to call Dean, why the fuck did I not leave my dads place sooner? We would be on our date and the Carmen bombshell wouldn’t have happened and mess everything up! I check the restaurant and ask one of the waiters he said that there was a single woman that left about 15 minutes ago.

I hear my phone ring and look down to see Dean’s name as I answer it I hear a pissed off female voice. “What did you do, yet again?”

“Victoria I swear I know this looks bad, but there is an honest explanation I love Vanessa, I need Vanessa. I’m at the restaurant she’s not here please tell me where she is right now.” Victoria scoffs. “What was so important that you stood her up?” I spill everything. “Carmen happened, the girl is mental. She tried to tell me she was pregnant. It’s not true I swear but it’s a long story and I need to tell Vanessa, I won’t lose her. I’m not walking away again.” Victoria yells at me. “I swear to god I don’t even know why I’m doing this, she is at the hotel, room 416, Jasmine is with my parents, she’s going to kill me. I like you Logan but if you don’t sort this out I’m going to cut off your dick. As for Carmen if I ever have to see her again I’m kicking her ass.”

I try to calm myself down. “I promise you Victoria this is it! I don’t need any more lives I will fix this. Carmen held me up I should have left sooner but she wouldn’t let me leave, can you please give me her number?” Victoria sounds surprised “Logan you have it, we gave it to her earlier and she texted you! You text her back!”

My heart stops. “I never ... that fucking bitch it wasn’t me! She must have lifted my phone when I was distracted, I gotta go Victoria I’m jumping in a taxi have a nice honeymoon.” Victoria gives me a warning. “Don’t fuck this up, Logan, I believe what you’re telling me, so go get your girl!”

I’m in the taxi and on my way to the hotel I’m trying to ring her but her phone is off. I finally get to the hotel and run out getting into the elevator, I reach her door and knock. I hear shuffling on the other side. She opens the door and goes to close it again, I’m not going down without a fight, I gently push the door open against her and fall to my knees right in front of her. “Please hear me out I swear, I have changed I went to the restaurant I know I was super fucking late but Carmen happened. I swear I wasn’t standing you up and I never sent you that text even though I have no idea what it said!” Vanessa crosses her arms over her chest

“Logan how many more times is this going to happen like really I can’t take this anymore, I have no more tears left for you!”

I look up at her beautiful face. “You will never shed a sad tear for me ever again I swear to you. Long story short Carmen showed up told me she was pregnant with my baby, that was not possible we hardly had sex and when we did I would always use a condom. My dad overheard the conversation and started saying about involving lawyers and shit, she admitted she was lying it was her way of trying to keep me, Vanessa Hartman I love you, please forgive me?”

Vanessa tries to stop a tear from falling. “I was humiliated, Logan.” I plead with her. “I swear I was always coming for you, I’m here now kneeling in front of you, you are my world Vanessa, Jasmine is my world, I can prove it to you both every day for the rest of our lives.” I watch as Vanessa looks away from me “Logan I can’t...”

My head sinks to the ground and a tear falls to the floor. I have fucking lost her. “Get up Logan!” I pull myself up and look at her “I can’t be without you Logan, my head is saying run but my heart is screaming I can’t live without you anymore.” I pull her into me wasting no time, I push her up against the wall and strip her from her dress. She’s standing in front of me as beautiful as I ever remembered. I can’t keep my hands off her I literally rip her panties off and drop to my knees I take her clit with my tongue over and over again, she arches her back and moans my name. “Fuck Vanessa you keep doing that I’m never lasting.” Vanessa whimpers “Don’t stop please Logan”

I dip my two fingers into her, she’s so wet, I finger fuck her until I feel her legs shake and she yelps some words I don’t even understand. I pick her up and place her on the bed. I strip myself down, Vanessa hasn’t taken her eyes off me, I pull my boxers down and stroke my hard cock. I pull Vanessa so that she is at the edge of the bed. I line myself up to her. I slide the tip in. “I love you, Vanessa.” She grabs my face with both her hands bringing my lips to hers. “I love you, Logan.”

I sink deep inside and take the pace nice and slow, I haven’t had her in five years, I’m not rushing this. I take my tongue and caress her nipples, she moans and grips the sheets. I start to go a little quicker with my pace, kissing up to her neck and then finding her lips, I glide my tongue along her lip before delving in, I kiss her with everything I have, I start to feel her clinch my cock. “Logan I’m coming” I pant. “Vanessa wait not yet” I slam into her. “Oh fuck I’m so close, come with me, Vanessa.”

“Oh Logan, OOHHH FUCKKKK” We both ride our orgasms together. I keep kissing her nipping at her lips. “You are mine forever Vanessa” she looks in my eyes. “Forever Logan, no more fuck ups!” I laugh and smile at her. “You have my word!” I wrap her in my arms, I graze my fingertips up and down her back. We talk the entire night until the sun begins to rise. Our eyes get heavy and we drift off to sleep at some point. I wake up a few hours later and watch her sleep. Her hair is splayed all over the pillow she looks so content. I slide out of the bed and order room service. She is still asleep when the door knocks I accept the trolley of food and make my way into the bedroom. I grab the Rose from the trolley and make my way to the bed. I trace the Rose over her back peppering her with kisses to follow. She starts to stir and smile.

“Morning Logan” and smile at her. “Morning honey, this is for you” I hand her the Rose and she sits up and wraps the sheet around her chest. “You really didn’t need to cover those up I will gladly eat my breakfast off them.” Vanessa blushes and seductively whispers. “Really that sounds interesting.” I bring some of the food over to the bed. There is some syrup for the pancakes I give her a cheeky grin. “Don’t even Logan!” I gently lay her back down and remove the sheet. I smear some of the syrup over her naked breasts. I lick slowly over her tits. “So much better than the pancakes.” I go back over to get a bit of toast and look at her smiling. “Tease” I come back to the bed. “Oh, honey I’m just letting you refuel as soon as this is done I’m fucking you in the shower.”

Once she eats her breakfast I do exactly as I stated I made love to her in the shower then fucked her on the bed. “I have missed this Logan.” I kiss her. “I missed this too, so after last night I really want to take you on a date. One that we can bring Jasmine on. I mean it when I say I won’t let you both down. How does a trip to the zoo sound?” Vanessa, nods. “I think we would both love that” We get ready and I borrow my dad’s car. We collect Jasmine from her grandparents. I wait in the car as we haven’t gotten round to introductions just yet. We make our way to the zoo. Vanessa is standing looking at the Red Pandas.

Jasmine pulls my arm “So Logy what are your intentions with my mum? I should be shitting myself but I really like Jasmine. “Well, Jazz with your permission, of course, I would like to treat your mum like a queen and date her.” Jasmine crosses her arms she really is like a mini version of her mum. “Are you going to make her cry again?” I stall over the admission. “Emmm ...” Jasmine cocks her eyebrows at me. “You’re not convincing me!”

I come to her level. “I promise I will only give her happy tears.” I reach my pinky out and she gives me hers. We both say at the same time. “PROMISE!” Vanessa walks over to us “What are you two doing?” Jasmine smiles at me. “Nothing, come on I want to see the Seals.” Jazz grabs her mums hand and runs off to the Seal enclosure. We have a great time me and Jazz chat away, she is an absolute credit to Vanessa. We go out for a bite to eat and are enjoying our dinner. It feels really nice, we are already like a family unit. I am driving the girls back to Vanessa’s parents, she checked out of her hotel room this morning. “So I have to go back to New York in a few days to clear everything up.” Vanessa looks sad but pulls herself back quickly. “Ok.” I grab her hand. “How would you feel if I moved back?” Vanessa bites her lip. “But your life is in New York” I shake my head. “No my life is here with you, my dad asked me if I wanted to come back a while ago. It’s time New York was handed over to James. I can come back here we can really give this a fair go.”

Vanessa, fiddles with her hands “I don’t know what to say” shes quiet for a minute and my heart sinks is she already changing her mind when she finally breaks the silence “... Yes... yes come back.” I grab her hand and give it a kiss, I look in the rearview mirror Jazz has fallen asleep. “Vanessa, can I ask you something?” Vanessa smiles at me “Anything!” I swallow finding it hard to say the next words. “Would you want to have more kids someday?”

Vanessa sighs. “I always wanted a sibling for her Derek put a stop to that. Then I didn’t really move on with anyone else. I’m older now but you know I have time left, I hope.” Sadness fills her face at the possibility it won’t happen. “That’s good to know as you know... I want kids. I love Jazz and will treat her as my own. Just making sure that we could have that in our future even if it’s adopting or fostering.” I pull up to her parents and Jazz starts to stir. “You want me to lift her in?” Vanessa looks around at Jasmine. “If you wouldn’t mind.”

I gather her out of the seat and Vanessa shows me where her room is. I tuck her into the bed and turn out the light. Vanessa stands watching me. “You are good with her Logan”

I suddenly feel sick as it dawns on me. “So I’m heading back tomorrow afternoon, do you want to get breakfast together? I think we need to plan the logistics of all this until I get myself back over, I will try and clear everything up should be a few weeks honey.” Vanessa gives me a sad smile. “We can talk about it tomorrow.” Vanessa walks me back to my car and kisses me goodnight I reluctantly let her go and head back to my dads. I have no idea if Carmen is still using my hotel room but I am going nowhere near that place I can just call the hotel directly and find out the damage that way. I pull out my phone.

I miss you already see you tomorrow, love you

My phone vibrates and I look down to see Vanessa’s name

Sweet dreams see you tomorrow morning love you xoxo

I won’t let anything stand in our way, this is me, all in.

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